Supreme Uprising Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Unrivaled War Goddess

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The Human Race was preparing for war, and so were the Ancient Six Families!

Luo Yunyang s soundless bell had caused the Ancient Six Families to suffer significant losses, especially many of those buried in the Sacred Ancestor Mountain, who had been awaiting resurrection.

If these beings could be resurrected, they would allow the power of the Ancient Six Families to increase considerably. Unfortunately, they were turned to nothingness by Luo Yunyangs bell chimes.

Even though the current patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families were no longer very familiar with these beings, their deaths were still like a crushing weight on their hearts.

They felt unbearably sullen!

I will kill Luo Yunyang no matter what! The Si Family Patriarch roared with bloodshot eyes.

Even though the Lao Family Patriarch liked to butt heads with the Si Family Patriarch, he didnt say anything now.

The Yun Family Patriarch was also furious as he glanced at his angry brethren. However, as leaders, the six of them needed to remain calm.

This confrontation with the Human Race is the most stifling thing we have ever experienced. If we dont reclaim our lost face, our Ancient Six Families will just become a laughing stock amongst all the various races.

Once the various family ancestors return and see that we have thoroughly disgraced ourselves, you can all imagine the consequences.

The Yun Family Patriarchs words immediately made this angry bunch of people calm down as fear crept onto their faces.

Even though they each wielded great authority over the various families, this authority wasnt firm and unbreakable.

If just the buried beings in the Sacred Ancestor Mountain could climb out, even the Yun Family Patriarch would have to give way.

However, these people seemed to believe that it wasnt their time yet. Not a single one had climbed out.

Yun Family Patriarch, what do you say we do next? The Si Family Patriarch was most afraid of what the Yun Family had said, not because he was afraid of the Yun Family Patriarch but because he had lost the Six-Saint Banner.

The Six-Saint Banner was hailed as the ultimate treasure of the Ancient Six Families and was of great importance. They were very restless while knowing that it was in the hands of the Human Race.

The Lao Family Patriarch and the others turned their attention to the Yun Family Patriarch.

The Yun Family Patriarch said, We should prepare to go to war with the Human Race and the five great sacred halls at any moment.

We can split this process into two steps. The first step will happen within our Ancient Six Families. The Yun Family Patriarch then added, In one year, it will be time for us to reinforce the seal of the War Goddess.

Based on what has been passed down, this ancestor was temperamental and killed to her liking. However, according to the records of the Ancient Six Families, she was the strongest person beneath the Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

It was said that in the Great Era she existed in, both the Human Race and Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouses were experiencing a period of unprecedented prosperity.

However, the War Goddess dazzled and remained undefeated throughout thousands of races. It can be imagined how powerful she was.

My intention is to lend her strength to kill Luo Yunyang, retrieve the Six-Saint Banner, and if possible destroy the five great sacred halls.

The Yun Family Patriarchs words elicited a period of silence. Even though the Yun Family Patriarch had spoken very vehemently, the various patriarchs still had their misgivings.

After all, this War Goddess was supposed to be very unstable according to the records of the various families. The reason she was hibernating wasnt because her era had been destroyed but rather because the ancestral master that had awakened at the time had forcibly suppressed her.

Even though there was no record of the reason she had been suppressed, it was clear that she was difficult to keep in check.

The first person to break this silence was the Si Family Patriarch, who said icily, Look at you all. The Human Race has already forced us into this state, yet you people are still hesitating.

No matter how unyielding the War Goddess is, one thing is certain. She is our ancestor, so she would definitely stand by our side. Will you perhaps only reflect after the Human Race wipes us out?

These words made the other patriarchs make a decision. The Fei Family Patriarch said, Yes, bringing the War Goddess back is better than being destroyed by the Human Race. However, we have to discuss this with the War God Ancestor first.

Given the current strength of the Human Race, just relying on the esteemed War Goddess might not be enough to smash them. Should we make other preparations as well?

The Yun Family Patriarch exhaled. Even he had no answer when this suggestion was made. Right now, the patriarchs agreed on what was already a great accomplishment.

Naturally, besides increasing the various powers on our side, one other preparation we can make is to contact the other races. The Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race will definitely take part in a fight against humans.

The Yun Familys tone was solemn now. However, the Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race are weaker than the Mysterious Underworld Race. Our focus still has to be on the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The Lao Family Patriarch jested when he heard the Yun Family Patriarch mention the Mysterious Underworld Race. The six great underworld halls are having an internal strife. Damn it, they wont be able to send out any forces.

Wouldnt it be better to rely on ourselves than to seek them out?

The Si Family Patriarch and the Fei Family Patriarch nodded as well. Yes, our channels within the Mysterious Underworld Race have reported that over a hundred Heavenly Venerate powerhouses have fallen. Their losses are tremendous.

If the Mysterious Underworld Race continues fighting this way, it will become a weak race one of these days. Forget about helping us fight the Human Race. I fear that they wont even dare go up against the Human Race in the future.

The Yun Family Patriarch said, I know that the entire Mysterious Underworld Race cannot possibly come to help us. However, I think that as long as the Mysterious Underworld Races Sacred Underworld City can lend a hand, we will be able to intimidate the Human Race.

After all, Sacred Underworld Hall is the heart of the resistance against the Human Races Sealed Sky City. They definitely possess great strength that is sufficient to deal with the Human Race. Plus, based on what I know, the Sacred Underworld City currently has many experts!

The other patriarchs frowned and contemplated this before the Fei Family Patriarch said, In that case, we can try to do that.

I heard that Nalanye, who is guarding the Sacred Underworld City, defeated Jiuzi Xuanming and is hailed as a rare generation genius.

If we can get this Nalanye to act, I think that we will surely lessen a lot of the pressure. It would be best if he had a match with Luo Yunyang and decided who is the strongest genius of this era.

The other patriarchs nodded approvingly at the Fei Family Patriarchs words. The Si Family Patriarch, who had personally observed the fight, was really excited about it.

After discussing some more matters, it was ultimately decided that the Si Family Patriarch, Si Yun, would represent the Ancient Six Families and meet with the Sacred Underworld City Lord, Nalanye.

After all, the strength the Mysterious Underworld Race could offer to help the Ancient Six Families was the only remaining power at the hands of the Sacred Underworld City Lord.

Si Yun knew the Mysterious Underworld Race very well, and the Ancient Six Families had a channel directly to the Mysterious Underworld Races Sacred Underworld City. Thus, in no time, he had already arrived at the Sacred Underworld City.

Even though the Sacred Underworld City was under the control of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, the lower military officers hadnt been changed so the news reached Ouyang Tengfei rather quickly.

As a human and someone Nalanye trusted, Ouyang Tengfei had already become a mighty figure in the Sacred Underworld City that no one dared provoke.

Even though he didnt have any authority, by being a trusted aide of Nalanye, he was able to rise to greater heights.

Si Yun!

Ouyang Tengfei furrowed his brows when he saw these words. However, he knew that he wouldnt be able to stop Si Yun from meeting City Lord Nalanye. After all, he knew that nothing he did could be kept from Nalanye.

Since he couldnt hide it, there was no need to try.

After playing out the forecasted situation with Si Yun, he said softly, Let Sir Si Yun come over.

Si Yun didnt dare not take Nalanye seriously, not just because Nalanyes cultivation base was greater than his but also because Nalanyes status had made him need to tread lightly.

Therefore, after walking into the large hall, he kept bowing even though he couldnt sense the pressure from above.

When he got up, he heard someone chuckle. Aiya, long time no see, Third Patriarch. You are really polite. How could a junior like me dare ask you to bow?

Even though this was said rather playfully, Si Yun could clearly hear the sarcasm in his words. He felt that this voice was familiar but couldnt recall who it was right away. However, he soon looked over coldly.

Ouyang Tengfei! What was this fellow doing here?Why Why did I just bow before him?

Si Yun nearly went out of control when he realized he had bowed. He was the Si Familys Third Patriarch. How could he actually bow to an insignificant being? This This was repulsive!

If he hadnt been in the Sacred Underworld City, Si Yun would definitely have slain Ouyang Tengfei immediately. However, this wasnt a place where he could act recklessly.

Ouyang Tengfei, why why are you here? Si Yun inhaled deeply as he asked.

Ha ha ha! Its thanks to your kindness years ago that I get to serve Sir Nalanye here. Now, I am a servant of Nalanye that helps him deal with trivial matters.

Ouyang Tengfei heaved a huge sigh of relief upon seeing that Si Yun didnt dare make a move. The smile on his face widened slightly.

I was extremely pleased to hear that the Third Patriarch had come. Thus, I invited you over to see me.

Si Yun was going crazy. Extremely pleased? He had just gotten lucky and acquired a position of power, yet he was throwing his weight around right now!

As he scoffed and got ready to leave, Ouyang Tengfei said, Third Patriarch, I have already received your message and reported it to Sir Nalanye. However, he is currently in seclusion. Ha ha How unlucky. You just have to wait a few more days!