Supreme Uprising Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Delivering A Message

Si Yun finally met Nalanye three days later!

This wasnt the first time Si Yun was meeting Nalanye. Back then, Nalanye had merely been a junior in the eyes of Si Yun. Now, Nalanye had completely changed and become an entity that needed to be respected.

"Greetings, Hall Master Nalanye." Even though the Ancient Six Families were very proud, Si Yun still had to lower his head in this case.

Luo Yunyang felt like viciously beating the fellow who was groveling before him. This fellow had always acted high and mighty in front of the Human Race, yet he was lowering his head before Luo Yunyangs Mysterious Underworld clone embodiment.

He glanced at Ouyang Tengfei, who was standing behind him, and noticed a look of slight disdain on his face.

"No need for formalities. Take a seat, Si Familys Third Patriarch!" Luo Yunyang said casually.

As the Si Familys Third Patriarch, Si Yun was used to this kind of thing. He frequently interacted with hall masters of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, in the face of Nalanyes pressure, his whole body actually felt like shuddering.

This was a feeling of oppression caused by Nalanye. Even though this feeling made him very uncomfortable, all he could do now was endure it.

Deep down, his awe and fear for Nalanye grew stronger.

"I wonder what the Si Familys Third Patriarch wanted to see me about?" Luo Yunyang, who didnt have any friendly ties with Si Yun, asked bluntly.

The Si Familys Third Patriarch had been waiting for this to be said, so his smile brightened at once. "I have come today to discuss a matter with Hall Master Nalanye."

"The Human Races Middle Hall Master has fallen. Now, the Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race are eager to attack the Human Race. Hall Master Nalanye is at the helm of Sacred Underworld City, and now is a good time to render meritorious service."

"Therefore, I wish to invite Hall Master Nalanye to act alongside us and corner the Human Race. Not only would this boost your reputation, but it would also bring you unimaginable benefits."

As the Si Family Patriarch spoke, he looked like he was totally nagging Nalanye to think about it.

Ouyang Tengfei knew that the Si Family Patriarch wasnt up to any good by coming there.

This was an attack on the Human Race!

"He he Did the Human Races strength really suffer considerably?" Luo Yunyangs voice was sinister.

The Si Family Patriarch couldnt help but shudder.

He really couldnt understand how Nalanye had become so terrifying. He had absolutely no ability to resist in the face of Nalanye.

He actually felt that this top powerhouse of the Mysterious Underworld Race could make him shatter if he wanted to.

"Could you perhaps think that the Mysterious Underworld Race wont have sufficient understanding of the Human Race without the Golden Mysterious Lord?"

Si Yuns heart jumped up to his throat the moment he heard this. Even though the Ancient Six Families each had their resources, he would have rendered great merit if he could get the Mysterious Underworld Race to lend a hand without proposing any conditions.

He had never imagined that new City Lord Nalanye would actually be aware of the Human Races situation.

He hurriedly bowed. "Sir Nalanye, I definitely wouldnt dare fool you about the Human Races situation. Its just that our Ancient Six Families just suffered a great loss and we arent very willing to mention it."

"This cant be considered a great loss. You all just lost a Six-Saint Banner and the humans came knocking on your door, thats all." Nalanyes voice was calm yet laced with sarcasm.

Si Yun rarely faced this sort of sarcasm. However, right now, he could only take it in his stride. After all, this person was really someone he couldnt afford to offend.

"Sir Nalanye, it is because the Human Race has gone overboard that we are preparing to duke it out with them."

"The Ancient Six Families will acquire the main strength of the Human Race, while the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Divine Incarcerate Race, and the other races can use this opportunity to destroy some of the Human Races Great Cosmoses."

Si Yuns tone was filled with malice. "The Human Races Great Cosmoses are its foundations. Once the foundations are destroyed, I believe that the Human Race wont be able to sustain itself for long against the powerful attack of the Mysterious Underworld Race."

Ouyang Tengfei couldnt listen to this any longer. He would surely rush over to give Si Yun a few slaps if he continued listening to this.

Colluding with the Mysterious Underworld Race and making everything sound so righteous was simply vile.

However, all he could do was bear with it. His cultivation was way too inferior compared to the Si Family Patriarch. Furthermore, his current status wasnt stable yet.

Even though he had the favor of Deputy Hall Master Nalanye, he was still from the Human Race and did most things here with trepidation.

There were many times when Ouyang Tengfei even felt that quite a lot of Mysterious Underworld martialists had an intent to kill when he noticed them looking at him.

This made him even more afraid. Even though his foresight showed that Nalanye would always shelter him, he already believed less in this foresight and didnt dare entrust everything just on his ability to predict the future.

"Your Six Ancient Families will acquire the main strength of the Human Race? Are you really that capable?" Nalanyes voice rang out again.

"Hall Master Nalanye, besides what we exhibit on the surface, our Ancient Six Families still have a lot of hidden power."

In order to convince Nalanye, Si Yun didnt try to hide anything. "I believe that you will definitely get a pleasant surprise when our Ancient Six Families make a move."

Luo Yunyang replied, "Sky Martial Underworld Hall hasnt yet come out on top against the traitors of Ancient Underworld Hall. Helping you might be more harmful than helpful to us. After all, we have to guard against those Ancient Underworld fellows."

Si Yun immediately spoke up anxiously. "Sir Nalanye, the Human Race is a common enemy of the Mysterious Underworld Race. If you help us deal with the Human Race, I believe that the Ancient Underworld Hall Master definitely wont try anything against you."

"Oh, speaking of that, arent you on rather good terms with the Ancient Underworld Hall Master? In that case, why dont you seek the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters help?"

Nalanyes voice was stern. "Could you and the Ancient Underworld Hall Master have made some sort of agreement that you are holding back from me? Perhaps you wish to help the Ancient Underworld Hall Master lure me out of my domain?"

Ouyang Tengfeis eyes lit up as this was said. Even though he knew that speaking rashly wouldnt be beneficial for him, he also knew that he would be missing the huge opportunity Sir Nalanye had given him.

"My lord, I have something to report. I just sensed that if my lord does what the Third Patriarch of the Si Family says, it will definitely result in massive losses for Sky Martial Underworld Hall." Ouyang Tengfei clenched his teeth and spoke firmly.

Si Yun glared at Ouyang Tengfei and had an impulse to strangle him. He would have killed him all those years ago if he had known that this fellow would ruin his big plans.

"Sir Nalanye, our Ancient Six Families have absolutely no intention of getting involved in the internal disputes of the Mysterious Underworld Race. We have come this time with great sincerity and hope that Sir Nalanye will join hands with us to deal with the Human Race."

After he said that, Si Yun said in a totally serious manner, "Sir Nalanye, please believe we are sincere and trust our Ancient Six Families."

"Ha ha ha I naturally believe in the sincerity of the Ancient Six Families." Luo Yunyang gestured to Ouyang Tengfei as he said that. "Back off, you have no right to speak here. If I hear you utter such rubbish again in the future, you will be beheaded!"

Ouyang Tengfei heaved a huge sigh of relief. Even though Nalanye spoke strictly, he hadnt punished Ouyang Tengfei.

Not suffering any punishment was a good thing for him. After all, punishment usually meant death for the people at Nalanyes side.

"Si Yun, didnt you say you will show me the Ancient Six Families sincerity? Let me see how much sincerity the Ancient Six Families have."

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "I have reached a bottleneck in my cultivation recently. I know that the Ancient Six Families have a lot of good stuff, including Space-Breaking Sky Stones, which are rare ultimate treasures."

"I wonder if the Ancient Six Families can give me 300 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystals to help me advance in my cultivation."

Si Yun was left dumbfounded by Luo Yunyangs words. He had never imagined that Nalanye would ask for such an exorbitant thing right off the bat.

300 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal? How could he say this so casually? Did he not know that the quantity of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal was also very limited in the Ancient Six Families?

300 pieces were practically the limit that the Ancient Six Families could take out!

"Hall Master Nalanye, the condition you proposed is a little too demanding. I dont have the authority to decide about this. Plus, based on what I know, our Ancient Six Families store doesnt have that many Space-Breaking Sky Crystals."

The Si Family Patriarch sighed after he said that.

However, before he was even done, Nalanye looked at Ouyang Tengfei. "Ouyang Tengfei, help me check if the Si Family Patriarch has a problem with his memory, will you?"

"My lord, the Si Family Patriarch is lying. The Ancient Six Families have at least 1,000 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal. They are just unwilling to give them to you, my lord." Ouyang Tengfei wasnt lying when he said this, as he had seen it for himself.

Nalanye nodded his head and glanced at the Si Family Patriarch sinisterly.

Si Yun had been exposed in front of everybody and beads of perspiration had started forming on his forehead.