Supreme Uprising Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 All Paths Return To One

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In a secret hall in the center of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang sat in a lotus position. Black and yellow Qi surged all around him, making the whole scene look hallowed.

At the moment, 330 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystals were placed around him.

Even though Si Yun had expressed some unwillingness, Nalanyes staunch resolve had caused the Ancient Six Families to make the decision.

300 pieces of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal had been delivered by Si Yun. Of course, in the end, these Space-Breaking Sky Crystals had been sent to Luo Yunyang via the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts clone embodiment.

Luo Yunyang, who already had control of half the Divine Creation Disc, knew very well that the reason he hadnt completely gained ownership of the Divine Creation Disc was because his bodys cultivation hadnt yet broken through.

Once he broke through to the Yuan Venerate, the Divine Creation Disc would recognize him as its master. Even though his own fighting strength wasnt inferior to an ordinary Taichu Yuan Venerates, there was still an issue of prestige.

Without the prestige of being a Yuan Venerate, it was very difficult to fully control the Divine Creation Disc.

Through his accumulated experiences with the Mysterious Underworld Race, Luo Yunyangs cultivation base had already reached the peak of the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

If he slowly continued to accumulate and gain experiences, he would absolutely be able to break through to the Yuan Venerate in a hundred years.

However, with such a large amount of Space-Breaking Sky Crystals, Luo Yunyang didnt have to slowly wait for a hundred years to pass.

He had already learned how to utilize the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal thanks to the Da Qian Master. He felt a sense of eager anticipation as he looked at the sparkling Space-Breaking Sky Crystals.

These Space-Breaking Sky Crystals were the fragments of supreme laws controlled by Taiyi Yuan Venerates, so some fragments were suitable and others werent.

Some ninth-level Heavenly Venerates that obtained a Space-Breaking Sky Crystal might find that it wasnt suitable for them and they couldnt break through to the Yuan Venerate in the end.

Space-Breaking Sky Crystals were memory fragments of Taiyi Yuan Venerates. Even though these fragments werent complete, the more fragments available, the better it would be for Luo Yunyang and other martialists that needed to break through.

Luo Yunyang picked up a purple Space-Breaking Sky Crystal and gently urged the power in his body. The Space-Breaking Sky Crystal flickered and Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness entered a sea of purple light.

In this purple light, Luo Yunyang sensed that he had seen a finger. A finger that gently descended from above the nine heavens.

The finger wasnt big but as it descended, many things that were beneath this finger were completely shattered.

Sky, land, suns, moons, stars. Everything and anything was completely shattered by this finger.

Luo Yunyang didnt see the fingers owner. He also didnt see this owners opponent. All he saw was the descending finger.

However, just witnessing this scene allowed Luo Yunyang to benefit greatly. Some aspects he hadnt been too clear about before were now totally clear.

To put it bluntly, everything crumbled and the cosmos shattered just because of this one finger.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang didnt see the finger land, which made him feel some pity.

As the purple light quickly flowed into Luo Yunyangs mind, the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal in Luo Yunyangs hand disintegrated.

If a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate used the laws contained within this Space-Breaking Sky Crystal as a foundation to create a new law unique to oneself, then that person would be able to immediately ascend to the Yuan Venerate.

After all, the law power contained within this Space-Breaking Sky Crystal would actually incorporate itself into the mind of the user.

This was why the Ancient Six Families and the five great sacred halls considered the Space-Breaking Sky Crystal so important. Practically every piece of this crystal could create a Yuan Venerate.

Even though a Yuan Venerate that was created this way would be massively flawed and forever stay a Taishi Yuan Venerate without exceptional opportunities, this was still a shortcut to massive progress for an ordinary ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang didnt immediately pick up the second piece of sky crystal. Instead, he slowly tried to gain insight into the nomological law power contained in this finger. After a period of comprehension, some nomological law fragments that werent used were expelled from his mind.

Even though these fragments of nomological law would be seen as extremely valuable by many people, they would cause Luo Yunyangs cultivation to be less pure and effective.

Although he had expelled a large portion of nomological law fragments, Luo Yunyangs gaze was more incisive now. He inhaled slowly and picked up a second piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal.

As his spiritual consciousness entered the second piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal, Luo Yunyang saw endless flames. These blazes burned everything and turned the endless sky and earth into smoldering ashes.

The blazes were white and everything, including the void, was turned into ashes amid these surging blazes.

Even though the might of these flames was very strong, it didnt seem to help much Luo Yunyangs cultivation and destruction of nomological laws.

However, upon seeing this intense flame burn an entire void, Luo Yunyang was also able to sense a shattering nomological law power.

This nomological law power was contained in the surging flames and the endless void.

Compared to the previous Space-Breaking Sky Crystal, Luo Yunyang expelled even more nomological law fragments this time. However, he gained more from the surging flames as well.

Third piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal, fourth piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal, fifth piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal

Every piece of Space-Breaking Sky Crystal contained all sorts of different nomological law fragments.

In these fragments, Luo Yunyang saw massive ax-cleaving primal chaos, a sacred banner jolting the nine skies, a massive tail sweeping the heavens, shattering galaxies

Of course, Luo Yunyang also came across fragments that seemed to be of no use to him.

130 crystals were the most useful to Luo Yunyang. This was barely a third, but this situation allowed Luo Yunyangs comprehension to increase considerably.

Because of this comprehension, Luo Yunyangs cultivation reached a high level.

When the last Space-Breaking Sky Crystal shattered, Luo Yunyang shut his eyes slowly.

There werent any signs of life or reaction from him. Even the aura on his body had become very tranquil.

However, in Luo Yunyangs mind, the sacred images of the three supreme cultivation techniques of the Past, Present and Future were constantly fluctuating.

These separate sacred images were slowly being combined.

Break the present, shatter the past, rip the future!

The three cultivation techniques that seemed somewhat separate were like streams joining back at the ocean and slowly fusing in Luo Yunyangs body.

During this process, Luo Yunyang didnt speak or move. It seemed as if his entire self had entered a deathly stillness.

After an indefinite amount of time, the three-faced sacred image appeared above Luo Yunyang. This time, the three-faced sacred image didnt seem much different from before, but the faces were slowly being combined.

At first, the faces were on three sides that were facing all directions. Now, the three faces were combined into one.

During this process, the three-faced sacred image seemed strange, as though there were overlapping images.

However, as the three overlapping images were slowly combined, the overlapping was reduced.

The nine-level universe in Luo Yunyangs body revolved even quicker and waves of power scattered throughout the endless void before quickly flowing into his internal universe via the sacred image.

Yuan Venerates surpassed Heavenly Venerates in terms of reversing laws and creating laws, but more importantly, a Yuan Venerates internal universe underwent massive changes.

Most notably, the nomological laws at work in a Heavenly Venerates internal universe took reference from the nomological laws of an external Great Cosmos.

On the other hand, the nomological laws a Yuan Venerates internal universe contained were made of a Yuan Venerates controlled laws. A Yuan Universe!


As the power flowing into Luo Yunyangs body became stronger and stronger, the rotation of his nine internal universes became much faster. The moment the universes overlapped, they started to crumble.

As the nine internal universes crumbled, the three-faced sacred images combined into one form.

This combination made Luo Yunyangs sacred image look just like him. However, Luo Yunyangs aura seemed to have undergone a massive change.

Even though his body had been in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, there was no link to Hong Meng Sacred Hall now.

He was currently situated in a Yuan Universe of his own created nomological laws!

Even though there was only one sort of law, it was one that he completely controlled.

The sacred image and Luo Yunyangs own body had fused into one. Luo Yunyang opened his eyes slowly and muttered. All Paths Return To One.

Countless people in Hong Meng Sacred Hall were roused when the Yuan Universe was formed by Luo Yunyang. They could feel the devastating power contained within. Some had gratified looks on their faces, while others looked afraid and envious.

However, no matter what other people thought, they had to accept the truth: Their hall master had already become a Yuan Venerate!