Supreme Uprising Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 No Turning Back

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In a secret realm in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Xuantian Zhaoxin rapidly made the power in his body rotate. Even though this wouldnt be of much use to Xuantian Zhaoxins level of cultivation, he still persisted.

He couldnt let go of any opportunity that would allow his cultivation base to rise.

Luo Yunyang had progressed greatly in a single step. Not only had he become the hall master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but his combat strength was now comparable to a Taichu Yuan Venerates.

Xuantian Zhaoxinhad had originally thought that he and Luo Yunyang were on the same track. However, he now realized that the disparity between him and Luo Yunyang was very difficult to bridge.

Xuantian Zhaoxin had known very well that he was very far from Luo Yunyang in terms of power but he had always harbored an obsession in his heart that one day, he would become a Yuan Venerate before Luo Yunyang did.

However, this obsession had stayed in his heart. He had never voiced it out loud. After all, people would consider it a joke if he were to say it.

Furthermore, he would be laughed at for overestimating his capabilities.

Even if this was a joke, Xuantian Zhaoxin still persisted. After all, this was Xuantian Zhaoxins last hope of standing tall. In any case, he had to protect his pride.

Therefore, he wouldnt give up a chance to increase his strength, even if it was minute.

He was at the peak ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. Just one more step and he could become a Yuan Venerate!

Even though this step was really difficult to take, Xuantian Zhaoxin had confidence that he would definitely get through it.

Just as he was slowly experiencing the change in his own power, he sensed a nomological law power suddenly enveloping his body.

This nomological law power had come really suddenly. However, as it enveloped him, Xuantian Zhaoxin felt as though his body was going to fall apart.

This feeling was extremely unbearable.

This nomological law power left just moments later, but Xuantian Zhaoxin could sense how powerful and magnificent it had been!

Someone had broken through to the Yuan Venerate!

A thought that Xuantian Zhaoxin hadnt hoped for sprang up in his mind. The person who had broken through to the Yuan Venerate Only Luo Yunyangs breakthrough could have produced such impetus.

Luo Yunyang had already broken through. How could he have broken through? Xuantian Zhaoxin felt dispirited.

As he felt his emotions churning, he received a call from Li Jiuyue. Is this Hall Master Luo?

Its Hall Master Luo. Xuantian Zhaoxin had subconsciously changed Luo Yunyangs name to Hall Master Luo while replying to Li Jiuyue.

Li Jiuyue was silent. Xuantian Zhaoxin thought that Li Jiuyue would end this call but was surprised to hear her reply.

He was never on the same path as us.

Xuantian Zhaoxin looked slightly lost when Li Jiuyue said this. Even though he wasnt willing to admit it, it was definitely true.

Some stuff he had been stuck on was instantly resolved. He even felt that his cultivation had experienced some improvement.

The Right Hall Master was having a game of chess with Yuan Venerate White Crane when he sensed Luo Yunyangs advancement. As their life expectancy stretched and their cultivation progress became difficult, many Yuan Venerates would spend time on leisure activities.

He broke through! How swift! The Right Hall Master tossed a white chess piece onto the board as he lamented.

Yuan Venerate White Crane clutched the black piece in his hand and said, Right Hall Master, Hall Master Luos breakthrough is actually a very good thing for Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

After all, his breakthrough to the Yuan Venerate means that he will be able to inhibit those unconvinced by him and there wont be more of those incidents in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The Right Hall Master glanced at Yuan Venerate White Crane and nodded his head.

The Left Hall Master, the Divine Elder, and the others also sensed Luo Yunyangs breakthrough. However, they all had different expressions on their faces.

As the Hong Meng Sacred Hall powerhouses were discussing Luo Yunyangs breakthrough, a sound started to reverberate within Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

It was a bell that summoned all Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples. Only the hall master had the authority to ring this bell in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Even though some people were still unconvinced with Luo Yunyangs appointment as hall master, they still quickly rushed over to Hong Meng Sacred Halls main hall when they heard the bell.

In just a few moments, practically the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall had already gathered in the main hall.

Luo Yunyang was sitting in the seat reserved for the Middle Hall Master. He currently didnt conceal his own cultivation base. His destructive intent shrouded his surroundings.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, who had been one of the people against Luo Yunyang, felt displeased with Luo Yunyangs breakthrough. Now, he felt apprehensive when he walked into the main hall.

No, he actually felt fear. A fear that welled from the depths of his heart.

Hall Master, congratulations on advancing to the Yuan Venerate! The Right Hall Master looked at Luo Yunyang, who was seated in his throne, and paid his respects.

Even though the Right Hall Master could be considered to be on the same level as the Middle Hall Master, he knew that Luo Yunyangs foundation wasnt stable and thus showed the greatest respect possible to Luo Yunyang at this crucial time.

This show of respect surprised Luo Yunyang. Even though he had already firmed his resolve to gain control of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Right Hall Masters actions shocked him.

Hall Master, congratulations on advancing to the Yuan Venerate! Yuan Venerate White Crane and a handful of other Yuan Venerates followed the Right Hall Master and knelt down.

This was different from the time they had knelt when the Da Qian Master and the other hall masters had come back with Luo Yunyang. Their kneeling now represented total subservience from the bottom of their hearts.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow and some others couldnt help but glance at the Left Hall Master. They belonged to the Left Hall Masters camp and they naturally needed to see the Left Hall Masters reaction.

A flash of fury flickered across the Left Hall Masters eyes. The Right Hall Masters sudden actions had practically destroyed his plans and put him in a tough spot.

He was definitely very unwilling to bow down as the Right Hall Master had. However, if he didnt do so, it would be akin to falling out with Hall Master Luo Yunyang.

Even though falling out didnt seem to be that great of a deal, he still wasnt willing to butt heads with Luo Yunyang.

After mulling this over for a moment, the Left Hall Master came up with his own idea. He knew that once he lowered his head, his power within Hong Meng Sacred Hall would fall so drastically that it might even collapse.

Therefore, he laughed heartily. The Hall Masters breakthrough to the Yuan Venerate is really worth celebrating. We must announce it to everyone and let the other four great sacred halls and 36 Great Cosmoses congratulate us!

He chortled in a very unperturbed fashion as he said all this.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, who had been waiting for the Left Hall Master to speak, let out a huge sigh of relief upon hearing the Left Hall Masters words. It looked like the displeasure between him and Luo Yunyang wouldnt be easy to reconcile.

If the Left Hall Master leaned toward Luo Yunyang, then Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow would have nowhere to go. However, the Left Hall Masters way of dealing with Luo Yunyang becoming a Yuan Venerate made Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow feel that he could still survive here.

The Right Hall Master appeared disappointed. He had pushed aside his pride to make this move, but it had been easily countered by the Left Hall Master, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

The Left Hall Master was an old opponent who had striven against him for a long time. He wasnt just an ordinary wily old fox.

As he was silently cursing the Left Hall Master, Luo Yunyang spoke. Becoming a Yuan Venerate is indeed worth celebrating. However, there is something I need the Left Hall Master to answer.

The Left Hall Masters face fell when this was said. He suddenly had an ominous feeling.

The Left Hall Master still tried his hardest to maintain his smile. Feel free to ask anything, Middle Hall Master.

Good. I remember that during the reveal of the late Middle Hall Masters decree, the Ancient Six Families patriarchs were also present. They had been invited by the Left Hall Master. Now, shouldnt the Left Hall Master give Hong Meng Sacred Hall and all the Human Races powerhouses an explanation for this?

Luo Yunyangs tone was overbearing. Nearly all the Hong Meng Sacred Hall disciples felt that this wasnt going to be a small issue.

An explanation? How does the Middle Hall Master want me to explain? Those people are so forceful. If they wanted to come, I had no way of stopping them.

There was a hint of anger in the Left Hall Masters voice. Clearly, he felt some hostility towards Luo Yunyang.

The Left Hall Master wasnt going to shrink back this time. In fact, he still wanted to display his strength.

Only this way would he be able to gather the strength of the people supporting him.

Luo Yunyang glared at the unyielding Left Hall Master and said icily, You have phrased this rather casually. But how do you explain that the Ancient Six Families were supporting your bid to become Hong Meng Sacred Halls master?

Could you be about to tell me that your character is so great that the Ancient Six Families patriarchs could only choose to support you?

Luo Yunyangs tone was laced with sarcasm. The Left Hall Masters eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent when he heard this.

Indeed, it was killing intent.

He hissed in reply, Then what does the Middle Hall Master think the real reason was? Could the Middle Hall Master be trying to find me guilty of colluding with the Ancient Six Families to punish me?

The entire main hall fell deathly silent when he said this.