Supreme Uprising Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Capturing The Left Hall Master

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In the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Left Hall Master had always been famed for being emphatic. Even the previous Middle Hall Master had always respected the Left Hall Master.

There had even been many times when the previous Middle Hall Master would give way to the Left Hall Master for many matters.

The three hall masters that existed side by side was an aspect of the past Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Now, Luo Yunyang, who was a newly-ascended Yuan Venerate, had used incisive methods to open fire against the Left Hall Master, making many people wonder if he was being too impatient.

However, what was even more shocking was the Left Hall Masters counterattack. The moment this was said, there was practically no turning back.

If the new Middle Hall Master didnt give way, there would very possibly be an internal conflict within Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

This was very bad!

Many people even felt that this would cause Hong Meng Sacred Hall to split thoroughly. After all, the Left Hall Masters cultivation base wasnt weak. The scheming Left Hall Master had also groomed a lot of power to support his cause.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was feeling inexplicable excitement. He didnt fear Luo Yunyang opening fire on the Left Hall Master. What he feared the most was the Left Hall Master compromising with Luo Yunyangs demands.

Once the Left Hall Master compromised, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow would be susceptible to Luo Yunyangs attacks.

Right I want to blame you for colluding with the Ancient Six Families! Luo Yunyangs tone was calm and emotionless.

The Right Hall Master was very anxious. He had already shown his support for Luo Yunyang, so what he least wanted to see was a division in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

After all, nothing good would come out of Hong Meng Sacred Hall being divided. It could even be said that Hong Meng Sacred Halls power and position would change greatly the moment Hong Meng Sacred Hall split.

This would be extremely disadvantageous for Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He hurriedly shot a look at Luo Yunyang when the Left Hall Master spoke to make Luo Yunyang exercise restraint. It would be best if the two of them could jointly keep the Left Hall Master in check, just like he and the previous Middle Hall Master had done.

However, Luo Yunyang had deliberately pretended not to see and immediately responded.

Luo Yunyangs attitude hurt the Right Hall Master. His kind intentions had actually been ignored, which made him feel a little upset.

However, this unhappiness disappeared very quickly, as the Right Hall Master knew that his priority right now was to help Luo Yunyang inhibit the Left Hall Master.

The Left Hall Masters face had turned ashen. He was considered an elder in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, and even the previous Middle Hall Master would still accord him some form of respect.

However, Luo Yunyang had just come and acted in this manner. He actually didnt care about the solidarity of Hong Meng Sacred Hall!

He he Middle Hall Master, perhaps you arent fully clear-headed. After all, you just came out of seclusion.

The Left Hall Master slowly stood up. I suggest that we wait for the Middle Hall Master to sober up before we discuss the future of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The Left Hall Master had a haughty, unbridled look on his face as he said that.

The surroundings became extremely silent, and even Yuan Venerate White Crane and the others didnt know what to say.

You colluded with the Ancient Six Families, nearly caused the destruction of the Longlin Great Cosmos, did not confess your crimes, and you are now talking all this drivel. You are seriously unforgivable. Luo Yunyang threw a punch at the Left Hall Master as he said that.

This punch wasnt the self-created Tyrannical Fist, but the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

However, while Luo Yunyangs previous use of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes had contained the might of ancient almighties, the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes Luo Yunyang used right now seemed full of his own style.

It could even be said that the current Thousand Era Imperial Purposes radiated Luo Yunyangs personal aura.

Even though there were differences between the two and it couldnt be said that Luo Yunyangs aura was superior to the ancient almighty that had created the cultivation technique over a long time, the technique used by Luo Yunyang was the most suitable for him.

It even allowed Luo Yunyang to best display his combat strength.

The sky, the earth, and everything else shattered as that fist struck out. The Left Hall Masters defensive techniques were also broken by this fist strike.

The Left Hall Master retreated, but as the void was shattered, Luo Yunyangs fist drew closer and closer to him.

In the end, the Left Hall Master felt that he wouldnt be able to avoid this fist no matter how hard he tried.


A five-edged halberd had appeared in the Left Hall Masters hands and it danced wildly as it met Luo Yunyangs fist. However, many people felt that the Left Hall Master had already lost.

Cracks appeared on the five-edged halberd, and the Left Hall Masters body was sent flying out of the main hall.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow and the other supporters of the Left Hall Master had been ready to act at any moment. If the Left Hall Masters circumstances didnt look good, they could react and provide assistance quickly.

However, the exchange between Luo Yunyang and the Left Hall Master was too quick. It was so fast that none of them could react in time before the fight ended.

The Left Hall Master was thoroughly crushed by Luo Yunyangs fist strike. Even though everyone present felt that it would be difficult for them to take Luo Yunyangs majestic strike, they all knew the Left Hall Master had really been routed.

Naturally, the Left Hall Master wasnt used to being the number two individual in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Thus, he prepared to escape as he was falling to the ground.

Even though he had been defeated by Luo Yunyang, he wasnt willing to admit his failure. As long as he could leave Hong Meng Sacred Hall, his long relationships would definitely be a huge blow to Hong Meng Sacred Halls power.

It could even be said that Hong Meng Sacred Halls strength would drop by half.

Therefore, his body turned into a purple streak of light in an instant as it prepared to escape Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He believed that if he was able to leave, Luo Yunyang would be helpless no matter how powerful he was.

Unfortunately, the Left Hall Masters calculations were wrong!

Just as he was about to escape, Luo Yunyang formed some hand seals and a giant millstone enclosed the surrounding void.

The huge millstone revolved slowly and a shadow shot out of the magnificent inscriptions. This shadow, which was wearing black robes, possessed a destructive aura. However, it was a Yuan Venerate.

While its cultivation was inferior to the Left Hall Masters cultivation, the shadow rushing out immediately caused the Left Hall Master to get stuck within the huge millstone. The Left Hall Master found it difficult to extricate himself.

He was immediately astonished when he saw that silhouette. Long Family Patriarch!

However, the silhouette didnt make a send. Instead, its attacks against the Left Hall Master became even more frantic. The slowly-revolving millstone instantly sealed up the surrounding void and the Long Family Patriarch, who was within the giant millstone, doubled his cultivation base.

The Left Hall Master felt as if he was being bound up by something unknown. Even unleashing an attack towards the weaker Long Family Patriarch was very difficult.

He was simply unable to counter the Long Family Patriarchs attacks, despite trying many times.

The Left Hall Master was actually being suppressed by a Yuan Venerate like the Long Family Patriarch. This made the Left Hall Master both furious and anxious.

However, as the millstone pressed down, his advantage shrank. At the very end, he felt unable to even release any bit of power, let alone escape from the Great Obliteration Millstone.

Left Hall Master, if you dont surrender, I will immediately ground you inside the Great Obliteration Millstone. Luo Yunyangs tone was calm yet unquestionable.

The Left Hall Master appeared sorrowful and pathetic when he heard Luo Yunyangs words. He had never expected to find himself in this situation. How could he, the Left Hall Master, actually suffer such a crushing defeat?

Even though he had many other cards up his sleeve, he believed that it was impossible to escape the slowly-revolving giant millstone.

In the end, the Left Hall Master halted, glared at Luo Yunyang, and shouted at the Divine Elder. Divine Elder, are you really going to let Luo Yunyang run amok so rampantly? Hong Meng Sacred Hall will one day be destroyed by Luo Yunyangs hands.

The Divine Elder had been calm all this time, as if everything that had happened had nothing to do with him. However, as the Left Hall Master shouted, many people looked at the Divine Elder expectantly.

Although a lot of people werent aware of the origins of the Divine Elder, his status in the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall was unquestionable.

It could even be said that he was more trusted than the Left or Right Hall Master.

The Divine Elder glanced at the Left Hall Master and said, You should indeed give the entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall a justification for the Ancient Six Families showing up.

At this point, he turned to Luo Yunyang and said, I completely support the Hall Masters decision.

The Left Hall Master and his compatriots lost their last hope when these two sentences were uttered. The Left Hall Master scoffed. Very well. Luo Yunyang, I want to see how you will deal with the Ancient Six Families counterattack in the future.

As Hong Meng Sacred Halls Left Hall Master, I will give you a piece of information for free. The Ancient Six Families arent as simple as you think. The Six-Saint Banner isnt the only treasure they possess.

Luo Yunyang smirked at the Left Hall Master. His hands came together and the Great Obliteration Millstone started to fold up. In an instant, the millstone had already shrunk to the size of a palm and returned to Luo Yunyangs hands!