Supreme Uprising Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Dazzling Luminescence

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The Left Hall Masters suppression shocked all the Hong Meng Sacred Hall martialists. Even though Xuantian Zhaoxin and the other Shengzis werent very affected by this, many of them felt nervous as well.

After all, an entity like the Left Hall Master had been suppressed just like this. Who knew how many future similar incidents would occur due to Luo Yunyangs intent.

While many people were still processing what had happened, Luo Yunyang had already left the Hall Masters throne and concluded this meeting.

Even though Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was a Yuan Venerate, he felt the most uneasy. He didnt know how he was going to leave this great hall.

After all, everything that had happened already had exceeded his expectations by far and the path that awaited him was dark and murky.

Sir Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow, Sir Middle Hall Master invites you to have a meeting with him, someone informed Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow respectfully just as he tried to brace himself for what would come next.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was alarmed when he heard this and felt his knees going soft.

Even though ones spirit had to go through endless tempering before one became a Yuan Venerate, not everyone was able to keep calm in this sort of situation.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow had always been high and mighty but he didnt hope to be quelled or suppressed either.

Even though he put on a faint smile, this forced smile was even uglier than he would have looked if he had been crying.

Greetings, Hall Master! Even though he resented Luo Yunyang, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow absolutely couldnt come across as though he was trying to provoke Luo Yunyang right now.

This wouldnt benefit him. Instead, it would put him in a dangerous spot.

Luo Yunyang was calm as he watched Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow pay his respects. He was sitting in a chair made of black jade and speaking unhurriedly. Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow. In your opinion, what do you think I should do with you?

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was startled. At the same time, he looked pleasantly surprised.

He had attained his current status because of his cultivation base and his brains. Upon hearing Luo Yunyang, he immediately sensed that a way out had appeared!

He wasnt someone who wouldnt submit. Even selling out his loyalties in order to continue enjoying his current status wasnt that big of a deal.

Hall Master, your subordinate is stupid. Please state what you mean explicitly!

Even though he acted like he didnt know anything, Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows was now even more respectful and careful.

Luo Yunyang smiled when he saw Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow behaving so cautiously. I believe that there is no need for me to mention your relationship with the Left Hall Master. As for your punishment, I think that nobody would object even if I were to kill you.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow felt his heart jump to his throat when he heard this. He didnt wish to die, neither was he willing to.

However, as Luo Yunyang had said, he would have no chance of making a comeback if Luo Yunyang really wanted to kill him right then and there.

Based on what he knew, not many people in Hong Meng Sacred Hall would really fight for justice if Luo Yunyang really wanted to sentence him to death.

Perhaps there wouldnt even be a single protester.

Sir Hall Master, I have always been devoted to Hong Meng Sacred Hall. I plead you to pardon me this once for the many years of service and loyalty Ive rendered to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows stance dropped even lower. Right now, he understood why Luo Yunyang had called him over and he felt scared.

He knew that Luo Yunyang needed a subordinate of the Left Hall Master to rely on and calm everyone down. However, he wasnt his first choice.

If he didnt perform well and lost this opportunity presented by Luo Yunyang, then Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow would really be finished.

Even though Luo Yunyang didnt like people like him, he needed to make use of such a person.

The entire Hong Meng Sacred Hall couldnt fall into a state of disunity with him at the helm. In any case, Hong Meng Sacred Halls strength was still very decent.

Alright, since you are so devoted to Hong Meng Sacred Hall, I shall give you a chance. As long as you are able to testify and provide evidence of the Left Hall Masters collusion with the Ancient Six Families, I will let you become the head of the seven great emissaries.

Luo Yunyang didnt mention what would happen if Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow couldnt do this. After all, he felt that there was no need to mention it.

Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow only hesitated for a moment before quickly making a decision. He had supported the Left Hall Master for the sake of his own status.

Now, there would be no price to pay for selling out the Left Hall Master.

In just a day, huge changes happened in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. The original Right Hall Master became the Left Hall Master, Yuan Venerate White Crane became the new Right Hall Master, and Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow became the head of the seven great emissaries.

Many people couldnt understand Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrows promotion. However, when Yuan Venerate Blue Sparrow was promoted, some powerhouses that belonged to the Left Hall Masters faction were no longer that disgruntled.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall was once again peaceful. However, the majority of Hong Meng Sacred Halls power was in Luo Yunyangs hands. The previous Right Hall Master, who was now the Left Hall Master, told Yuan Venerate White Crane while lamenting, Even though I dont want to admit it, the Middle Hall Masters methods are indeed extraordinary.

The Middle Hall Master was Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt think that these tricks were anything to brag about. The reason he had been able to overcome the disorder within Hong Meng Sacred Hall in one fell swoop wasnt because his methods were wise. It was because he was strong enough.

He had used his strength to imprison the indignant Left Hall Master. The others were slowly dealt with afterward. However, what Hong Meng Sacred Hall and the Human Race were going to face was something none of these methods would help solve.

His priority was to raise his cultivation base. Only by raising ones cultivation base could everything be settled. Otherwise, everything would be just idle talk.

Therefore, three days after dealing with the Left Hall Master, Luo Yunyang once again entered seclusion. This time, he wanted to use the methods left behind by Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky to restore the World-Shaking Sky Bell.

Even if the World-Shaking Sky Bell couldnt be restored to its ordinary condition, Luo Yunyang wanted to increase the World-Shaking Sky Bells might by any level compared to when he had used it with the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

When Luo Yunyang entered seclusion, he left behind a clone embodiment to search the Human Races territories for information about his family.

He also utilized the God Sky Conversion Technique to search in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Unfortunately, there were no traces there either.

Their communication devices couldnt be contacted, and there werent any traces left behind. It was as if his family had vanished from this world without a trace.

Even though Luo Yunyang had a vague feeling that his family was still alive and well, he couldnt sense where they were at all.

During this period, he returned to the Da Alliance to investigate everything regarding his father but was unable to get any useful information.

This made Luo Yunyang feel extremely disappointed.

Mountain peaks shrouded by clouds spread out in the hundreds of miles of the Ancient Six Families Sacred Ancestor Mountain. The whole scene was vast and endless.

The top Ancient Six Families powerhouses were buried within each mountain peak. These buried people had left behind seals within their bodies that would protect the area they were buried in from damage.

However, the six patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families currently stood in this area and 365 black massive pillars were erected all around them.

These massive pillars didnt have any inscriptions yet they formed an array formation on a mountain peak.

Fine cracks were appearing on these lofty pillars. Even though the cracks werent large, they started to increase continuously.

The Si Family Patriarch observed a pillar that looked like it could shatter at any moment and said anxiously, Even though we have already spoken with the Fei Family Elder, what happens if she doesnt do what we requested?

We would have no other option but to suppress her once again.

The Fei Family Patriarch frowned. Dont ask me. This decision wasnt made by me. Another word of warning. When meeting that ancestor of ours, it would be best not to use the Si Familys name to address her! She said she wanted another family name amongst the Ancient Six Families before she was sealed.

The disciples of the Ancient Six Families were very proud of their origins. Hearing that there was actually someone with this sort of attitude towards the Ancient Six Families names, which had lasted for so many eras, surprised the patriarchs.

Alright, theres no use continuing. The Yun Family Patriarch glanced at the worried Si Family Patriarch and said, Despite this ancestors temperament we have to do what we agreed on. All we need is for her to help us deal with Luo Yunyang.

The Si Family Patriarch didnt continue. The Lao Family Patriarch was about to speak but was stopped.

Awakening soon. Dont say anything else.

As this was said, an extremely dazzling light suddenly rushed forth from the 365 massive pillars.

Furious energy was reflected on the massive pillars for an instant before all the pillars vanished.

Not a single remnant was left!

Countless booms echoed in this domain within the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. Meanwhile, paths of nomological laws descended from the sky and gathered along with the dazzling lights in the void.

All sorts of shapes formed within this dazzling luminescence that enveloped the surroundings.

Then, a figure slowly emerged from the dazzling glow.