Supreme Uprising Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 A Great Era Is Arriving

Chapter 1056: A Great Era Is Arriving
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Auspicious clouds gathered in the sky and golden lotuses bloomed on the ground. A godly figure was born in that huge area!

The six patriarchs looked envious as they glanced at the golden figure radiating with light.

Even though they were patriarchs of the various families, all the streaks representing the different attributes of nomological laws made them jealous.

However, they knew that they could only be jealous of this.

The golden lights ultimately formed a chain of golden droplets that was floating above the figure. As the golden sea of lotuses dissipated, a slender lady in golden armor appeared in the void.

Even though she wasnt wielding a weapon, the various patriarchs didnt dare meet her gaze.

Greetings, Ancestor Feng! The Fei Family Patriarch bent forward and paid his respects. However, his voice seemed somewhat shaky when he said the words Ancestor Feng.

The woman glanced at the Fei Family Patriarch and said indifferently, You are that Fei fellows descendant in this great era?

The Fei Family Patriarch wanted to reply that he was, but the woman scoffed. Getting worse with each generation!

As the Fei Familys top authority, his words had always been the law and practically nobody ever dared disobey him.

However, someone had just insulted him. This was simply a massive humiliation for him.

While the others smiled and smirked, the Fei Family Patriarch couldnt flare up. All he could do was swallow his anger and speak cautiously. Ancestor Feng loves to joke. Us descendants are actually

Still capable of knowing yourselves! the woman everyone addressed as Ancestor Feng said with a hint of praise.

However, the Yun Family Patriarch and the others found this praise somewhat unbearable. They exchanged a glance with one another before the Yun Family Patriarch took a step forward. Fei Family Senior!

The Yun Family Patriarch had used this appellation instinctively. However, he had merely said this when a palm came flying at his face.

At first, this palm was so delicate that it even felt cute.

However, when the Yun Family Patriarch saw the palm, he tried to avoid it frantically. He didnt want to let this slap land on his face.

Unfortunately, even though he felt this way, the slap still struck him. This slap seemed to contain some sort of nomological law. Thus, despite the Yu Family Patriarchs excellent cultivation base, he couldnt get rid of the palm mark.

Dont lump me together with this bunch of filthy fellows! The woman glanced at the surrounding Sacred Ancestor Mountain in disdain. How disgusting!

The Yun Family Patriarch only remembered the Fei Family Patriarchs warning now. Even though he was feeling bitter, he could only keep this in his heart.

Ancestor Fengs words have enormous weight. We have taken great risks to let Ancestor Feng out, so Ancestor Feng should do what she has promised us.

The Yun Family Patriarch knew that he would be the one to suffer if there was a dispute over this aspect. However, he quickly tossed aside the fact that he had been slapped and brought up the most important matter at hand.

Golden-armored Ancestor Feng smiled gently and, for a moment, the Yun Family Patriarch felt as if he was blissfully surrounded by blooming flowers.

Even though his mental cultivation was very high, this smile still made him feel as if he had been caught in an inescapable state of perception.

He bit down on his tongue hard and finally freed himself from these circumstances. However, he now looked at Ancestor Feng more fearfully than before.

I will naturally do what I promised and help you all deal with Luo Yunyang. Ancestor Feng then continued speaking with a hint of curiosity. You said that this genius has already gained this cultivation base despite not even cultivating for 10,000 years yet. How intriguing. I really want to see whether a certain old friend from the Human Race has reemerged.

Ancestor Feng seemed to be muttering to herself, but everyone present tensed up when they heard what she said.

Especially the Yun Family Patriarch. As the leader of the Ancient Six Families, he knew slightly more than the other five.

Werent only our Ancient Six Families able to avoid being buried along with the great era? How How can the Human Race have an Almighty from ancient times reemerge?

The Yun Family Patriarch felt somewhat nervous when he asked this.

Even though he wasnt ordinary, discovering that others also possessed his own advantages gave rise to these thoughts.

The lady addressed as Ancestor Feng replied flatly, During the fall of a great era, all things get buried along with it. Even the souls of ancient Taiyu Yuan Venerates fly away and scatter. However, you have to know that, no matter how comprehensive the fall, someone will always get away!

Naturally, during this great burial, some people inexorably had a small opportunity to survive.

The Ancient Six Families, in fact, had a portion of a small opportunity. However, the one who buried everything

As if suddenly recalling something, Ancestor Feng no longer continued to speak. There was even a flicker of fear in her eyes.

After coughing lightly, Ancestor Feng continued. There were people he permitted to survive, and also people he didnt permit to survive. The most elite Almighties naturally couldnt escape easily.

The Si Family Patriarch looked curious as he asked, Ancestor Feng, shouldnt the hope of escaping be greater the higher ones cultivation base is?

He he You are from the Si Family, so your intelligence is worrying indeed! Ancestor Feng glanced at the Si Family Patriarch while speaking.

This was simply akin to a slap in the face! The Si Family Patriarch had an impulse to go pick a fight with Ancestor Feng.

However, even if he went all out, he wouldnt be a match for Ancestor Feng.

The Lao Family Patriarch, who wouldnt let an opportunity to annoy the Si Family Patriarch slip by, said rather bluntly, Dont spout bullsh*t if you dont know anything.

Let me ask you this. When all the water in a pond is removed, will the big fish or the small fish ultimately be able to survive? Ancestor Feng ignored the Si Family Patriarch and posed this question to everyone present.

The Si Family Patriarch understood and answered sheepishly. Should be the small fish because they arent conspicuous.

You really have a worrying intelligence. Big fish cant survive without water, but small fish wouldnt be able to survive either. Without any water, small fish would have no protection, so how would they survive? Let me tell you something. The only ones that could survive are the loaches!

Ancestor Feng continued speaking solemnly. To my knowledge, the Human Races Almighties used unparalleled means to send top Taichu Yuan Venerates into an unknown dimension when the apocalyptic battle started.

Even though this was very dangerous and a lack of attention could result in those Taichu Yuan Venerates dying immediately!

However, for the person chosen, this was a chance of survival.

The eyes of the Ancient Six Families patriarchs all widened. The endless danger of an unknown dimension could even cause a Taiyi Yuan Venerate to die within that dimension if he wasnt careful.

The Taichu Yuan Venerate selected in this great era was naturally excessively powerful. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to get through the dangers of this dimension.

What exactly were those Human Race Almighties trying to do? the Lao Family Patriarch said even though he was a little afraid of Ancestor Feng.

His curiosity got the better of him and made him blurt this question out.

This was a final gambit, of course. Ancestor Feng chuckled. I have come to this era to see how great that last gambit of this great era is. Otherwise, do you think I would be that willing to be inhibited here by that vile fellow?

Even though the patriarchs all knew that the vile fellow Ancestor Feng referred to was probably her own master, they didnt dare say a thing.

After all, the ancestor that had emerged before them couldnt be offended.

Alright, all of you get out of my sight. I will first enter seclusion for some time. I will naturally lend you a hand when you make a move on Luo Yunyang.

After she said that, Ancestor Feng waved her arms gently and vanished without a trace.

Even though the patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families were supposed to be in control of this ancestral land, they couldnt sense where the ancestor had gone.

When they were unable to discover anything after checking, they all stopped, exchanged a glance, and quickly left Sacred Ancestor Mountain.

The Human Race actually still has means. This The Si Family Patriarch trailed off gravely.

The Yun Family Patriarch smiled. Dont worry. Even though Ancestor Feng said that the Human Race has means, they didnt leave behind the top existences.

But what about us? The Ancestors in slumber within Sacred Ancestor Mountain were all Taiyi Yuan Venerate existences back then.

When they appear, our Ancient Six Families will definitely rout them all.

Right now, what we have to do is kill Luo Yunyang and wipe away the humiliation inflicted by him on the Ancient Six Families.

Even though the various patriarchs had their own plans, they all agreed wholeheartedly with what the Yun Family Patriarch had said they had to do.

However, the Fei Family Patriarch, who should be the happiest, frowned. When the Lao Family Patriarch looked over in his direction, he said gravely, Im not worried about anything else, but I believe that this ancestor of ours might do something unimaginable!