Supreme Uprising Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 The Finger That Breaks The Sky And Earth The Yin Yang Circle

Chapter 1057: The Finger That Breaks The Sky And Earth; The Yin Yang Circle
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Inside Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Luo Yunyang was currently using his Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique. Even though his main nomological law contained boundless destructive intent, the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Techniques intent contained quite some chaotic essence, so the two never mixed much.

However, following Luo Yunyangs refinement of the shattered World-Shaking Sky Bell, it now had an extra penetrative intent.

For example, as long as Luo Yunyang wished, striking that World-Shaking Sky Bell would create an incisive bell chime in all directions that could shatter anything.

The Nine Divine Skies had already been washed away by Luo Yunyang, but these fragments of the World-Shaking Sky Bell were slowly growing.

Thats right, they were growing!

A trace of Luo Yunyangs shattering nomological law had already trodden through all the fragments of this giant bell and connected them once again.

The laws that Luo Yunyang used were a portion of the World-Shaking Sky Bells nomological laws.

However, they were only a small portion.

During this mending process, Luo Yunyang slowly sensed the miraculousness of the World-Shaking Sky Bell. He sensed that the supreme laws contained in the World-Shaking Sky Bell were just like the many paths of time immemorial laws he had sensed within the Divine Creation Disc, which had encompassed everything.

Luo Yunyang didnt know how much time had elapsed before he finally withdrew the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique. He smiled faintly as he stared at the now penetrative World-Shaking Sky Bell.

Even though only a small portion of the restoration of the World-Shaking Sky Bell was done, Luo Yunyang felt that the might of the World-Shaking Sky Bell had at least increased tenfold.

It was probably time to settle the debt with the Ancient Six Families!

Even though it would probably still be difficult for the soundless bell chimes to kill off all the Ancient Six Families powerhouses, Luo Yunyang believed that he would slowly be able to cause the Ancient Six Families hidden within the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array to suffer disastrous losses.

Perhaps he could even cause a large portion of entities from the Ancient Six Families to never have a chance of reappearing!

Luo Yunyang waved his hand to withdraw the giant bronze bell and started to slowly walk out of his palace. However, he had merely stepped out when he sensed someone beckoning.

This sort of beckoning made Luo Yunyang freeze up for a moment.

It could be said that Luo Yunyang was under the shelter of Hong Meng Sacred Hall when he was within it, so most entities simply would have no way of locating him.

However, something actually had the power to go through Hong Meng Sacred Hall and beckon to him. This alarmed him thoroughly.

After pondering for a moment, Luo Yunyang summoned the clone embodiments of Blue Lotus Daozi and the Five-Element World Tree.

Even though these two were clone embodiments of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, they also had a Yuan Venerate cultivation base and the special attributes of his main body.

It could be said that these clone embodiments wouldnt be very inferior to Yuan Venerate White Crane and other entities of this level.

Even the clone embodiment of the Primeval Underworld Monarch had been left behind by Luo Yunyang in the Longlin Great Cosmos to ensure the safety of that cosmos.

The clone embodiment of Blue Lotus Daozi wielded the Five-Element World Tree like a weapon. However, in reality, it was two Yuan Venerates.

Luo Yunyang had no choice but to be careful, as the person that had beckoned spiritually was really mysterious.

Because Luo Yunyang had already gained full control of the Divine Creation Disc, basically nothing could stop his pace within Hong Meng Sacred Hall. In just a moment, the clone embodiment of Blue Lotus Daozi had already appeared a million miles away from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Take this! As Luo Yunyang was searching for the person who had beckoned, a voice rang out above him.

Then, Luo Yunyang saw a flawlessly-white finger that contained immeasurable might ripping through the void toward him.

This finger stifled the sky and earth. Everything instantly crumbled in the face of the finger.

Luo Yunyangs eyes widened the moment he saw this. He had seen this finger before.

When he had comprehended the 130 Space-Breaking Sky Crystals, one of the unleashed techniques he had viewed had been this extremely destructive finger.

However, the finger had been extremely vast and mighty, whereas it now appeared as if it was full of spirituality.

Even though this finger didnt have the imperiousness of the finger he had witnessed, Luo Yunyang still felt that it would be difficult to evade it. Without any hesitation, he transferred his main bodys Power Attributes to the Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment.

If the Blue Lotus Daozis cultivation base had already been extraordinary before, his Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment was comparable to a Taichu Yuan Venerate now.

Blue lotus flowers rapidly formed in the hands of the Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment. These lotuses floated upwards and got in the way of the descending finger.

The flawlessly-white finger and the blue lotus formed an absolutely beautiful scene. However, as the two collided, many blue lotuses instantly turned into nothingness.

Even though these blue lotuses were an impressive technique by themselves, there was still some disparity compared to cultivation techniques like the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

Because of the added Power Attributes of his main body, the finger that was filled with spiritual energy was slowed down by the many blue lotuses.

As the finger once again closed in on Blue Lotus Daozi, the Five-Element World Tree that was wielded was swung towards it.

Although there werent any drastic changes, the power of the five elements created a shockwave that spread in all directions.

Cracks appeared on the Five-Element World Tree as it collided with the flawlessly-white finger. However, the flawlessly-white finger had also started to slow down rapidly.

Even though he had only dispatched two clone embodiments, this exchange left a solemn look on Luo Yunyangs face.

He firmly believed in his own cultivation base, but using two different powers to deal with this beings single attack made him take this extremely seriously.

This person was no small fry!

Are you Luo Yunyang? Why do I feel that you seem like a human? Light laughter rang out through the void.

Then, a golden silhouette appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

It was a lady completely covered from head to toe in golden armor. Upon seeing the golden armor, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that this armor wasnt from this world.

The womans face was shrouded by some form of energy, so Luo Yunyang couldnt really see it. However, judging by the aura emanating from this womans body, he sensed that this person wasnt weaker than the previous Middle Hall Master.

And who might you be? Luo Yunyang glanced at the lady as he spoke. We probably have never met before. How were you able to pass through Hong Meng Sacred Halls defenses and pass me a message?

He he You call this sacred hall Hong Meng Sacred Hall? Sounds like it really isnt bad. However, in the past, it wasnt called Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the lady said with some lament.

These words made Luo Yunyang have even more doubts. He was currently the master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall, so he naturally knew a lot about the origins of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall was the name given by the first Middle Hall Master, who had discovered this sacred hall. In so many years, nobody had discovered that Hong Meng Sacred Hall had ever had another name.

This extremely mysterious golden-armored lady had actually said that Hong Meng Sacred Hall had another name right off the bat and caused Luo Yunyang to suspect her even more.

Who exactly are you? Luo Yunyang eyed the lady, who was shrouded in golden light.

I heard that you were the Human Races most outstanding genius in this Great Era. Come, come, I shall give you a chance. As long as you defeat me, I will tell you who I am. The ladys hands moved as she said this and streaks of golden light furiously converged in front of her.

Luo Yunyang tensed up when he saw these sacred lights converging. When the ladys hand seals were formed, he sensed a cultivation technique of the Dafan Sky Mark.

Luo Yunyangs Dafan Sky Mark was a technique he had obtained from the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. In his opinion, nobody else but him and other people who had entered the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl could learn this cultivation technique.

However, this woman actually knew about the Dafan Sky Mark too.

Instantly, Luo Yunyang no longer used any techniques belonging to Blue Lotus Daozi. Instead, he put together his fists and blasted out the first form of the Tyrannical Fist.

Even though the Tyrannical Fist would be even more potent if it was unleashed by his main body, the Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment had the aid of the attribute regulator and could produce an intent capable of shattering anything.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyangs main body had ascended to the Yuan Venerate and his destructive nomological laws had resulted in his comprehension of the Tyrannical Fist giving rise to a whole new level.

Tyrannical Fist, All Things Turn To Dust!

A flicker of excitement flashed across the eyes of the lady that was shrouded in golden light when she saw Luo Yunyangs imposing Tyrannical Fist. However, she didnt say anything else as she once again formed hand seals that caused the power of the Dafan Sky Mark to soar as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Dafan Sky Mark and Luo Yunyangs fist collided in the void. Following this furious collision, fractures appeared in the surrounding void.

Even though Luo Yunyangs Blue Lotus Daozi had the strongest defense, he was still pushed back over ten steps following that clash.

Similarly, the Dafan Sky Mark that was glimmering with boundless golden light was shattered by the clash with Luo Yunyangs fist.

No wonder you are the Human Races most powerful genius in this Great Era. However, with just this much ability, you are still far away from being able to destroy the Ancient Six Families.

Come on, take another move of mine! The ladys hands moved once again. This time, her hands drew circles and a black-and-white Yin Yang circle took shape in the void.

At first, this Yin Yang circle didnt seem to contain much power. However, as the circle formed, an extremely devastating intent was derived from it.

Luo Yunyang tensed up even more when he saw the Yin Yang circle. He knew that the time to go all out had come!