Supreme Uprising Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Paramount Entity

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Luo Yunyangs hands rapidly formed hand seals as the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique was blasted out.

The fists, which contained boundless destructive might, struck the Yin Yang circle. Time seemed to come to a standstill at this collision.

The destructive nomological law that Luo Yunyang cultivated contained vast destructive intent already. With the utilization of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique, it became even more ferocious.

Cracks started to appear on the Yin Yang circle before it began to shatter in no time.

Even though he had managed to break the Yin Yang circle, Luo Yunyangs Thousand Era Imperial Purposes had already been unleashed to its limits. He was a spent force, so it would be difficult to cause much damage to his opponent now.

Thousand Era Imperial Purposes I never imagined that this sort of cultivation technique would actually still exist in this era! She lamented in a flat voice.

It was at this moment that Luo Yunyang finally got a clear look at the golden-armored ladys face.

As his cultivation had increased, none of the women Luo Yunyang had encountered had been ugly. After all, as the cultivation of the ladies got higher, the control of their own bodies got increasingly effortless.

Just like men liked to maintain their own past appearance, most women liked to beautify themselves.

Based on this ladys looks, she wasnt just a dashing beauty. The first thought Luo Yunyang had when he saw her was that she had an acute drive.

An acute drive that forged forward and never looked back.

Who are you? Luo Yunyangs mind rapidly went to work as he was trying to remember experts. However, he realized he had no recollection of this woman.

Take a guess? The lady flashed Luo Yunyang a mischievous smile and slowly stepped forward. At this very moment, she seemed like a sacred phoenix in the sky.

If this lady was very famous, Luo Yunyang would have definitely known her.

Amongst the reputable women of the Human Race, the most famous one was definitely the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master. However, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that if this lady faced the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master, the one losing would definitely be the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master.

Even though this was just a guess, Luo Yunyang was very certain about his gut feeling.

You are from the Ancient Six Families! Luo Yunyang pondered for a moment before speaking decisively.

That can only be considered half-correct! The lady smiled. Even though I was born in the Ancient Six Families, I actually do not have much of a relationship with them. Oh right, they have invited me out this time for the sake of dealing with you.

Luo Yunyang felt more solemn about the fact that the Ancient Six Families could call on an entity with this level of cultivation.

Even though he had absolute confidence in himself, their previous exchange made him deeply aware that this lady wasnt easy to deal with.

As a host, shouldnt you properly receive a friend that has come from afar? The lady glanced all around before smiling craftily. I do know that there are countless derived pockets of space in the huge area around Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Even though Luo Yunyang didnt know this ladys purpose for coming, as long as she didnt reveal any intent to fight to the death, he could still have a chat with her.

Thus, after some hesitation, he waved his hands lightly and a palace appeared in the void.

This palace was many times more stately and dignified than Hong Meng Sacred Hall. However, in reality, it was just the most ordinary of palaces for entities at Luo Yunyangs level.

After they took their seats as host and guest, Luo Yunyang asked, Since you have called for me, shouldnt you at least give me a name?

What a crafty fellow you are. You clearly wish to investigate my origins through my name yet you actually phrased it in such a righteous way.

There is nothing shameful about my name, so I shall just tell it to you. I am Feng Feifei, the lady said with lament, Im also not afraid to tell you that my name in the Ancient Six Families was Fei Fenger. I found it too unpleasant, so I changed it to my current name.

The rules and established customs of the Ancient Six Families were very great. Luo Yunyang had learned a lot about the Ancient Six Families through Hong Meng Sacred Halls resources.

A woman casually changing her family name was unacceptable within the Ancient Six Families. The fact that this woman was saying this so easily implied that she possessed considerable authority within the Ancient Six Families. Furthermore, there might be even more secrets he didnt know about.

However, Luo Yunyang unfortunately had no way of digging out these secrets.

Lady Feng, you have not asked me to come here because you just wish to talk to me about these things, right? Luo Yunyang hesitated for a moment before he got straight to the point.

How straightforward! I just love dealing with straightforward people. I have come to Hong Meng Sacred Hall this time because I wanted to see exactly what sort of person those fools invited me out here for. However, more importantly, I wanted to see Hong Meng Sacred Halls strength.

After she said this, Feng Feifei shook her head. Upon seeing this, I really find it too disappointing!

During my Great Era, Hong Meng Sacred Hall stood above all. There were as many as four Taiyi Yuan Venerate entities back then. Now, there isnt much left in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. While you arent too bad, you would have been nothing more than a third-generation disciple if you had been in Hong Meng Sacred Hall then.

Even though Feng Feifeis words were unkind, Luo Yunyang understood some more about Feng Feifeis origins.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall had actually been really powerful in her era.

Even though Luo Yunyang knew that the absolute peak of the Yuan Venerate were Taiyi Yuan Venerates, who could control supreme nomological laws, he had never seen a single Taiyi Yuan Venerate in the Human Race or the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The reason the Middle Hall Master had gone missing was because hed wanted to break through to the Taiyi Yuan Venerate and had therefore entered the mysterious land where he had lost his life.

Which era did you exist in? Luo Yunyang asked Feng Feifei with curiosity.

To be honest, I am not too sure how far ago the era I existed in is from yours. After I was buried by these fellows, I was constantly suppressed, even though I wanted to come out during every era.

Feng Feifei appeared slightly melancholic. What I want to say is that the Great Era I was in should probably have been the strongest Great Era in many eons. The Thousand Era Imperial Purposes you unleashed, as well as the Yin Yang Taiji Circle, were all created by top powerhouses of that time.

A Great Era when Hong Meng Sacred Hall had four Taiyi Yuan Venerates. A Great Era when supreme techniques like the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes had been created. A Great

How powerful was such a Great Era? And why had such a powerful Great Era been ultimately buried? This made Luo Yunyang feel an unspeakable fear deep down.

If that Great Era of yours was so impressive, why was it still buried? Luo Yunyang really wanted to know the answer to this question.

Simple! Because the entity that exterminated everything was even more powerful and even more terrifying. Feng Feifei suddenly seemed slightly dispirited as she looked straight into Luo Yunyangs eyes.

A scene was etched in Luo Yunyangs mind. A scene of inexhaustible blazes everywhere.

Flames of all colors covered the land and filled up the endless space. As these blazes appeared, a giant net descended from the sky and some figures were immediately caught by it.

Even though the figures in the nets were struggling frantically and the bodies glowed with brilliant lights, these figures still vanished without a trace.

Although this was merely a scene that Feng Feifei had passed on, Luo Yunyang could feel how powerful that entity had been based on these scenes.

Taiyi Yuan Venerates. Those who had been captured in one fell swoop had all been Taiyi Yuan Venerates. Even though theyd struggled and made their fullest effort, they had still been unable to escape the giant net without an edge in sight.

Actually, I didnt see this scene clearly! Feng Feifei sighed ruefully. While I could still see the sky at the time, I was basically already sealed up in the Ancient Six Families Sacred Ancestor Mountain.

After Luo Yunyang sobered up from the shock, he asked, What about the Mysterious Underworld Race back then?

It was exterminated. The top Taiyi Yuan Venerates of the five great sacred halls moved together and completely exterminated the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Divine Incarcerate Race, and any other races that could fight with the Human Race. Feng Feifei lamented. Therefore, that was the one time the Human Race was closest to success.

How extraordinarily powerful had the Human Race of that era been to be able to wipe out the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Divine Incarcerate Race of that era?

Even though the Mysterious Underworld Race was having an internal strife, Luo Yunyang still felt that the Mysterious Underworld Race was stronger than the Human Race.

After all, the Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords of the six great underworld halls had never appeared all this time. The 12 Yuan Underworldings of the Mysterious Underworld Race hadnt yet appeared either.

Do you know who it was that cast the net? Even though Luo Yunyang felt like this was the worst question to ask, he couldnt help but do so.

I dont know! Feng Feifei said. Im afraid nobody in this world will know his name!

Then what exactly is he playing at by burying Great Eras and letting Great Eras spring up? Luo Yunyang took a deep breath as he asked this.

Feng Feifei was silent before she finally answered. I really have no way of answering this question of yours.

However, what I am saying is that the Ancestral Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall said that paramount existences require the power of life and death to practice Supreme Sacred Arts.

Paramount existences required the power of life and death to practice Supreme Sacred Arts?

Luo Yunyang felt a shiver go down his spine as he repeated this phrase in his mind. He didnt really understand.

Did you come over this time to discuss these matters with me? Luo Yunyang asked after calming down.