Supreme Uprising Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 Battling The Six Suns Once Again

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"Of course, I didnt come to see you this time just to tell you this," Feng Feifei said with a bewitching smile. "Even though I havent really talked in many years, it isnt so bad that I would run over to Hong Meng Sacred Hall to find someone to chat with."

"I came over just because I wanted to see exactly how great the most talented person in this era was."

"This will also give me a more accurate estimation of the current situation!"

Luo Yunyang felt that he could believe Feng Feifei when she said this. He pondered it for a moment before saying, "If we make a move against the Ancient Six Families, will you help us or the Ancient Six Families?"

"Your current strength cant break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. Therefore, it wouldnt be of much use even if you caused great harm to the current disciples of the Ancient Six Families."

Feng Feifei said bluntly, "The basis of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array are six ultimate treasures. Trying to break them is really difficult. You arent able to do so yet."

"However, from the bottom of my heart, I still hope that you guys can break the Ancient Six Families Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array and wipe out the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Divine Incarcerate Race, and the other races as quickly as possible."

"Only this way would you all have a glimmer of a chance to survive. Otherwise, you wouldnt have any chance if the time came and you were still tangled up with the Mysterious Underworld Race."

"Alright, that is all I have to say to you all. Im leaving!" Feng Feifei stood up from her seat. There seemed to be a slightly sorry look on her face.

Naturally, she felt sorry for Luo Yunyang and the others because they didnt have sufficient strength.

"Oh right, Im not sure whether this inheritance I have here can still be used. You can take a look if you are interested."

Feng Feifei suddenly halted as she walked out of the large hall. She glanced at Luo Yunyang and said solemnly, "That paramount senior knew he couldnt escape the calamity. Therefore, he left behind some words in hopes that someone would succeed his lifes comprehension."

"Back then, he said himself that leaving behind inherited knowledge under such circumstances would be very difficult. Therefore, I do not know whether this inheritance can still be used. If you are willing, you can give it a try. However, I cant guarantee that you will succeed."

Feng Feifeis hands cut the void as she spoke and an ordinary-looking stone appeared in her hand.

"According to that senior, if you head into the endless abyss holding this during a full moon, you should be able to gain something."

"Also, the Six-Saint Banner is crucial to breaking the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. You better guard the Six-Saint Banner well. Dont let the Ancient Six Families take it away."

Feng Feifei walked away and vanished completely the moment she stepped out of the large palace. Even though Luo Yunyang had a high cultivation base, he couldnt perceive anything about Feng Feifeis departure.

While holding onto the stone, which didnt look any different from an ordinary one, Luo Yunyang thought about Feng Feifei, who had suddenly come out of the ground.

The feeling this woman gave him wasnt ordinary.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang felt that what Feng Feifei had told him was the truth.

However, he didnt agree with Feng Feifei that trying to break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array would be a waste of effort.

While the Ancient Six Families Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was extremely powerful and he currently wasnt certain about breaking the array formation, Luo Yunyang wasnt prepared to back off either.

He knew very well that the enemy he would face in the future wouldnt be the Ancient Six Families but the entity that had destroyed many eras.

If he didnt want to be obliterated, then he would need to kill off this paramount entity as early as possible.

Furthermore, even if the Human Race didnt wish to attack, the Ancient Six Families and the other races had already formed an offensive force. This battle could be considered inevitable! Rather than sit and wait to be attacked, why not take the initiative and attack first?

As these thoughts went through his mind, Luo Yunyang made a decision. Even though Feng Feifei wasnt a very stable being, the attack on the Ancient Six Families definitely couldnt be stopped.

Could he break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array?

Perhaps all he could do was give it a try.

According to the consensus he, the Da Qian Master, and the others had come to, once news that Luo Yunyangs World-Shaking Sky Bell was more or less restored spread, the Da Qian Master and the others would already be prepared to go to war with the Ancient Six Families.

They hoped to topple the Ancient Six Families in one swoop, so the five sacred halls that were usually suspended high up were controlled by the hall masters. They traversed through the void before arriving at the Ancient Six Families ancestral land.

Even though the five great sacred halls didnt attack immediately, they didnt hide anything. A surging killing intent pervaded the surroundings.

The patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families received the news as soon as Hong Meng Sacred Hall appeared on their ancestral land.

They werent the least bit shocked by this news, as they knew the ceasefire agreement they had come to had been only temporary.

After all, the saying was true. The winner indeed took it all.

Six giant suns sealed up the Ancient Six Families ancestral lands just like before. Each of the six patriarchs was also individually seated on a sun.

Right now, everyone was holding on to what seemed like a meter-long jeweled flag.

These jeweled flags didnt seem any different in appearance. However, when the flags were waved, the inscriptions on each flag were different.

"Ha ha ha! Da Qian Master, the two of us decided on the ceasefire back then. Arent you a little too impatient to visit our Ancient Six Families now?" the Yun Family Patriarch said sarcastically as he watched the Da Qian Master, who was standing atop a sacred hall radiating with starlight.

The Da Qian Master didnt get angry at all. He actually smiled while replying. "The agreement was decided by us back then. However, you should know that nobody took it seriously."

"You guys just wanted to prepare your ancestral land defenses, whereas we just wanted to find other means to break your Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array."

The straightforward Da Qian Master added, "You cant have thought that we would be oblivious regarding your contact with the Divine Incarcerate Race, the Star Sky Race, and the Mysterious Underworld Race."

The Yun Family Patriarch laughed heartily. "You know! Of course, you know! Since you have already said this much, just come at us!"

"I can also tell you that the powerhouses of the Divine Incarcerate Race and the Star Sky Race have already set off. It will take them at most an hour to arrive in the Human Races territory. When they arrive, it wont just be a couple of Great Cosmoses that will get destroyed!"

The Da Qian Master was already prepared for this. Thus, he didnt seem worried at all.

He looked at Luo Yunyang and the others around him and said, "The strongest part of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array are those six burning suns. Our five sacred halls are already here, so let us use the accumulated power within the sacred halls to blast these suns."

As the Da Qian Master said that, the glowing lights of Da Qian Sacred Hall beneath him radiated even brighter. In an instant, the vast glow had transformed into a massive, mighty spear of light that hurtled towards those suns.

This streak of light ripped through the sky and barreled towards one of the suns suspended high in the sky.

The void started to seem warped and distorted as this attack flew through. The massive spear also seemed as if it contained the power of countless stars within it.

This attack had definitely reached the peak of the Taichu Yuan Venerate level.

The Lao Family Patriarch, who stood on the sun that was being targeted, didnt show any signs of panic as he faced this attack.

He smiled and unfurled the jeweled flag in his hand. The surging sunlight intensified a hundredfold, forming a giant shield of light that went to meet the hurtling spear.

Shield and spear collided in the void and the extensive energy caused cracks and tears to appear throughout the void.

However, both the spear of starlight and the shield of sunlight seemed unable to get the better of the other. Meanwhile, the Da Qian Master didnt seem worried.

He knew that if the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array could be so easily broken, then the Ancient Six Families wouldnt have remained unbridled for so long. Therefore, when he utilized Da Qian Sacred Hall to attack, he looked at the Battle Hall Master.

The towering, magnificent Battle Hall Master also shot out a streak of light. This light was golden and it congealed to form a giant blade that swept forward like thunder towards the sun before it.

The Si Family Patriarch stood on this sun. He smirked and similarly waved his jeweled flag, forming a shield as well.

This shield seemed exactly the same as the one the Lao Family Patriarch had summoned above his own sun.

The two shields blocked off the attacks of the two sacred halls. At that moment, Hong Meng Sacred Hall and the other three sacred halls made their moves simultaneously.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall formed a giant black-and-yellow mark that smashed downward, causing cracks to continuously appear on the shield that obstructed it.

However, these powerful attacks couldnt break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array easily.

The six light shields burning brightly expanded thousands of times in the void to form a massive transparent barrier of light above the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

Luo Yunyang suddenly discovered that the gaps hidden in the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array had completely vanished.