Supreme Uprising Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Treated Like National Treasure


Luo Yunyang flashed a smile at the young man on his left to show his gratitude. When the young man saw Luo Yunyang smiling at him, his stiff face immediately blossomed into a smile.

“That won’t do. You actually made that heartless man give you something. Nothing can compare to the stuff produced by the Farm God Research Center!” Ling Yubing complained as she smacked her lips.

Luo Yunyang held up a Fire Date. “If you like them, you can have it.”

“Forget it. If I ate this Fire Date, that heartless man would hate me.” Ling Yubing waved it away. “That fellow is a powerful sicko. I can’t afford to offend him.”

Luo Yunyang ate the Fire Date slowly, feeling his body’s Power increase a little.

Ling Yubing was staring ahead. Sitting in front of them alone was a girl around 16 or 17 in cowboy pants. Although her clothes were simple, she gave off an extremely graceful and dignified vibe.

If one tried to describe her, calling her an enchanting beauty that put flowers to shame and captivated both birds and beasts would be an understatement.

It seemed like there was only one phrase that could describe her appropriately. She was the quintessence of beauty!

Although Ling Yubing was also a girl that was high on the attractiveness scale, if she stood next to this girl, it would be impossible to judge them on equal terms.

This girl attracted most of Luo Yunyang’s attention. However, what Luo Yunyang noticed wasn’t the girl’s beauty, but the gorgeous antique sword in her hand. Although it was not unsheathed, when he gazed at it, he felt a sense of awe.

“Say, do you think she would give you anything?” Ling Yubing asked him with a mischievous grin.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really know. He could understand why the others would give him free food and drinks. He was like a large battery that could recharge them after all. If they wanted to have a good performance, they would need his support.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t understand this girl, though.

Just as he was about to avoid this question, the girl turned around and glanced at him. Then, she handed him the book she had been holding.

“I know that you don’t have to attack, but this sword manual isn’t bad. You can take a look at it.”

Ling Yubing shook her head. This girl’s EQ is really low. How could she speak to Luo Yunyang in such a way? Shouldn’t she have said, “I can’t understand this sword manual. Could you please help me out?”

Wouldn’t this have been much more appropriate?

As Ling Yubing watched the girl calmly pass the manual over, she suddenly realized that her thoughts had been unnecessary.

The girl was very calm, and her words were extremely genuine. No one with a strong ego would ever think that she was looking down on them based on her actions.

Luo Yunyang accepted the sword manual. Although he had been cultivating the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques for a long time, he was still interested in the manual.

It was a manual on the Mountain-Shifting Sword Art, a bold, unrestrained sword art that seemed to contain thousands of kilos of force in each stroke. Luo Yunyang was flabbergasted as he looked through the sword manual. He had originally thought that the manual that this girl was using would be nimble and graceful, yet it was actually a manual full of heavy, cumbersome sword strokes.

“Swordplay is dead. Only people are alive. People who are able to move as they desire are able to break through the barriers of their bodies,” the girl said softly, as if she could sense Luo Yunyang’s doubts.

“Thank you!” Luo Yunyang said sincerely. His Mind Attribute wasn’t low, so he was able to understand what she meant immediately.

He felt a hint of admiration for this girl, who was clearly a gifted genius. Although she hadn’t announced what sort of cultivation base she possessed, Luo Yunyang could sense that Chu Yuan was probably the strongest one among them.

While he was browsing through the sword manual, a thick tea fragrance wafted over. The special energy contained within the fragrance made him perk up just by smelling it.

When the attendant brought another cup, the young guy who had given Luo Yunyang the Fire Date smiled warmly. “Brother Yunyang, Chu Yuan This tea is quite good. You two can try some!”

Luo Yunyang studied the clear, jasper-like tea and smiled at the young guy as he took a slow sip.

Meanwhile, Chu Yuan replied with a rather wooden expression, “I don’t like tea.”

Her words made the young guy seem slightly embarrassed, but he quickly covered his embarrassment by replying with a bright smile, “If Lady Chu doesn’t like it, then let’s pour it away.”

This was just a tiny incident that took place during their over 10-hour journey. By the time Luo Yunyang had finished the sword manual and was almost done simulating it in his head, the plane started to descend. About 20 minutes later, they walked out of the VIP hallway.

As they walked out, a bright light shone down on them.

Numerous reporters holding all sorts of equipment flocked around them. Suddenly, someone standing there said in a loud voice, “This is Mei’ya Online, everyone. The representatives of the 13 Eastern Cities have arrived. We will be reporting everything to you live!”

“This time, there is a total of five representatives from the 13 Eastern Cities. However, what we don’t know is whether they will return home empty-handed, just like last time.”

“Ha ha! We are looking forward to their performance!”

Meanwhile, many people were shouting questions at Luo Yunyang and the others. Although there was security personnel present, quite a few people still managed to shove microphones in front of their faces.

“What are your thoughts on the competition this time around?”

“Are you prepared to lose?”

“The core of the entire Da Alliance has always been over here. Do you feel that you are toiling to no avail by coming here?”

Although there was assistance from the security personnel, it still took Luo Yunyang and the others quite some time to break out of the reporters’ encirclement.

The hotel they were staying at was top quality. Even calling it ‘grand’ might have been an understatement. Luo Yunyang had just put down his luggage and taken a hot bath, when there was a knock on his door.

It was Fat Xue. The young man wasn’t smiling happily, like he had before. His smile had been replaced by a furious expresion.

“What’s up?” Luo Yunyang asked with a smile.

“Have you seen the Sky Vision of the Ancient City of Mei’ya’? They had the cheek to say that we are only lambs coming to their slaughter. They said that we won’t withstand a single blow!” Fat Xue was burning with rage as he roared, “F*ck them!”

Sky Vision? Luo Yunyang was a little puzzled.

“Take a look for yourself!” Fat Xue took out something that looked like a remote control. A screen immediately appeared before Luo Yunyang.