Supreme Uprising Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Urgent

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Feng Feifei had been silently watching the battle. Even though the Yun Family Patriarch had asked her to make a move on Luo Yunyang multiple times, she had turned a deaf ear. She simply didnt care.

Although her cultivation base was much stronger than the cultivation bases of the six patriarchs, Feng Feifei knew that this sort of large-scale battle would ultimately come down to the comprehensive strength of both sides.

How great a persons impact was would depend on whether they possessed an overwhelming superiority.

During her previous probing bout with Luo Yunyang, Feng Feifei had felt that even though this person was young, his cultivation base wasnt much weaker than her own.


Feng Feifei felt aggrieved when she thought of this. After all, the time she had really spent on the outside wasnt much. Even though she had lived for such a long time, most of it had been spent in slumber in the Ancient Six Families ancestral land.

I have already told you, the attack on the Ancient Six Families ancestral land cant succeed. The Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array isnt as simple as you all imagine it is.

As she mumbled to herself, Feng Feifei glanced up at the battle happening overhead. Many thoughts went through her mind as her eyes flashed with a hint of resolve. Ultimately, this resolve quickly turned to dust.

Ancestor Feng, isnt it time you made a move? A clone of the Fei Family Patriarch appeared before Feng Feifei.

Feng Feifei replied icily to the clones question. It wouldnt be of any use. From what I see, his cultivation base isnt lower than mine!

These words nearly made the Fei Family Patriarch choke. He inhaled and said, This was what you promised when you came out, Ancestor Feng.

Feng Feifei glanced at the Fei Family Patriarch and chuckled. So what if I promised? I can just not keep my word!

Upon saying that, she put out a hand and a giant palm swatted the Fei Family Patriarchs clone to the ground.

There was a limit to the power contained within this clone. The Fei Family Patriarch had used it mainly to ask Feng Feifei to take action. However, he had never imagined that Feng Feifei wouldnt do so and would instead attack his clone.

This astonished him and made him furious.

Ancestor, even though you are a senior of the Fei Family, you mustnt forget that we left some backup methods when we released you. If you dont wish to return to Sacred Ancestor Mountain, it would be best to

The Fei Family Patriarchs clone reformed its body once again and spoke with slightly more menace.

However, these threats made Feng Feifeis face turn colder.

She didnt say a thing. She simply swatted the Fei Family Patriarch to the ground.

This time, she used even more power and the clone of the Fei Family Patriarch was turned into nothing.

Is that a threat? You actually dare threaten me? Do you not know that my fate isnt decided by the heavens? It lies in my own hands now that I came out! Feng Feifei said with mockery as she drifted towards Sacred Ancestor Mountain like a breeze.

The Fei Family Patriarch was livid but he knew very well that being angry wouldnt help the situation at all.

Even though they had methods to deal with Feng Feifei, these methods came at a hefty price as well. Under the circumstances, they could not suppress Feng Feifei.

The other five patriarchs were also aware of the current situation and thus didnt blame the Fei Family Patriarch.

After all, they had all unanimously approved of releasing Feng Feifei.

As long as we can hold on for three days, the leaders of the five sacred halls wont be able to deal with two fronts simultaneously. Then, not only will their losses be immense, but they will ultimately have to sue for peace with us, the Yun Family Patriarch said. When that time comes, I will definitely make them pay!

The Si Family Patriarch chuckled. Too many Almighties of the Human Race have tried to break the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array in many great eras. However, in the end, not a single one succeeded.

This time, those hall masters will thoroughly meet a dead end!

The Lao Family Patriarch said leisurely, Everyone that meets a dead end will have to pay a price. I believe they will pay a bigger price for the sake of the 36 Great Cosmoses.

Two other patriarchs exchanged a glance before one of them said, We should press the Divine Incarcerate Race to hasten its onslaught.

The Fei Family Patriarch nodded. Our people on the outside have already started to contact the Human Race Yuan Venerates within those Great Cosmoses.

He he Even though they know some stuff about our Ancient Six Families, this cant be compared to the protection we offer from the threat of the Divine Incarcerate Race.

10 Yuan Venerates have already stated that they would cooperate with the Ancient Six Families. I believe that this is our chance.

The Fei Family Patriarch spoke up. As long as we emerge victorious from this battle, I believe the five sacred halls will have to split the Human Races territory equally with us.

That way, implementing our mission would become much easier.

The Yun Family Patriarch nodded. According to the records of the Ancestral Book, the destiny of this world hasnt yet reached its peak.

Only when it reaches the peak will the greatest power be produced. The stronger the power that collapses, the easier it will be to obtain the favor of the Supreme Master.

The Human Race cant be obliterated now. It is one of the important races of this realm. If it is wiped out, then the destiny of this realm will be severely damaged. That wouldnt favor the bigger picture.

If we controlled half the Human Race, it wouldnt be affected too much. In the past, we came to this realization too late and werent able to do so because of the five sacred halls. Now, we can make this a reality.

The six patriarchs gazed at the light barrier above them. They all sensed that victory was right before them.

The Da Qian Masters eyes had already started to become bloodshot. Luo Yunyang had forced the Ancient Six Families into submission some time ago, which had made the Da Qian Master confident that they would definitely win this battle.

However, the current circumstances were not the perfect scenario he had imagined. At the very least, the current situation made him feel flustered.

Two days had already passed just like that. Continuing to waste time here wouldnt be of any use. However, if they left, the Da Qian Master also knew that the Ancient Six Families definitely wouldnt let them off so easily.

Internal worries inside, external trouble outside. Based on the general situation, they had found themselves at a disadvantage from the get-go.

Luo Yunyang stood above Hong Meng Sacred Hall, watching the dazzling glow covering the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. His mind was going over what Feng Feifei had said.

The Six-Saint Banner was crucial to breaking the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

He had already studied it for a very long time, yet he was unable to break the Primordial Spirit of the Six-Saint Banner and gain control of it.

Using the Great Obliteration Millstone to slowly grind the Six-Saint Banners Primordial Spirit was not a bad choice, but this would require a very long time as well.

Exactly how could the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array be broken?

Before making his move, Luo Yunyang had an idea. However, this idea might not necessarily be successful. It might even cause Luo Yunyangs greatest secret to be revealed.

As the deadlock dragged on, Luo Yunyang knew that he couldnt let this continue. If this went on, their five great sacred halls would lose this battle.

The instant he made up his mind, his gaze fell on the Si Family Patriarch. Out of all the members of the Ancient Six Families, the one he disliked the most was the Si Family Patriarch.

Brother Si, we cant continue like this! Luo Yunyang shouted at the Si Family Patriarch suddenly.

The Si Family Patriarch was currently smiling widely as he observed the stalemate. The longer the deadlock lasted, the worse things would get for the Human Race. On the contrary, if the deadlock lasted longer, it would mean more advantages for the Ancient Six Families.

For a moment, he couldnt understand what Luo Yunyang meant. Had Luo Yunyang gone crazy? Why was he calling him Brother Si? Since when did they have any sort of relationship?

It took an instant for the Si Family Patriarch to understand what Luo Yunyang was thinking. This fellow was clearly trying to disrupt their morale.

Luo Yunyang, you are even using such petty little tricks now? Looks like the Human Race is really at its wits end.

He he I think you should just surrender. Even though irreconcilable differences exist between you and our Ancient Six Families, I can give you some better terms considering that you called me Brother Si.

The Si Family Patriarchs words made the Lao Family Patriarchs smile widen. He said sarcastically, What a really good method. Unfortunately, this sort of method sounds too disgraceful. Luo Yunyang, if the Human Race is only left with such methods, then stop disgracing yourself here.

The Da Qian Master and the other hall masters also glanced at Luo Yunyang with puzzled looks on their faces. Even though they didnt criticize Luo Yunyangs actions, they couldnt really understand why he was doing this.

Luo Yunyang ignored the smiles of the Ancient Six Families patriarchs. Instead, he replied properly. Brother Si, didnt you always tell me that you cant stand people who forget their ancestors and that the actions of the Ancient Six Families cause you a lot of grief?

I know that this is what you think deep down. Even though you arent willing to betray them now, I have to say that we really cant wait any longer!

Brother Si, make your move. Open a hole in the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array and let us charge in.

The grin on the Si Family Patriarchs face grew. He felt that Luo Yunyang had absolutely gone nuts at this moment.

Otherwise, how could he utter such lowly words?

These could even be considered the lunatic ravings of a mad man!

Luo Yunyang, stop dreaming!