Supreme Uprising Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Six Suns Collapse

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Feng Feifei, who had been watching from beneath, now watched Luo Yunyang with a doubtful look on her face. Even though she didnt believe that Luo Yunyang was really crazy, she also knew that this petty trick wouldnt be of any use.

Who was the Si Family Patriarch? How could he betray the Ancient Six Families?

He was in the upper echelons of the Ancient Six Families and the greatest benefits were just about to be theirs. Considering that he had reached these levels of cultivation, his heart would basically be as hard as rock.

They simply didnt have a conscience!

Therefore, upon hearing Luo Yunyang shout such a thing, Feng Feifei realized that Luo Yunyang had already reached his limits.

How could such a simple ploy to instigate disharmony succeed?

Luo Yunyang didnt say anything at the moment. His eyes were fixed on the figures of his own attribute regulator. Right now, his main bodys attributes had already improved tremendously because his cultivation had already reached the Yuan Venerate.

Even though he was the most basic Taichu Yuan Venerate, this had allowed his attributes to rise greatly.

Luo Yunyang: Power: 5,321, Speed: 5,253, Constitution: 5,345, Mind: 5,248, Bloodline: 9.8

Chaotic Four-Origin Beast: Power: 1,021, Speed: 1,243, Mind: 1,312, Constitution: 1,624

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts attributes seemed considerably lower compared to his main bodys attributes. The main reason was that the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast still hadnt ascended to the Yuan Venerate.

While the God Sky Conversion Technique was rather wonderful, it was a power that the clone embodiment of Nalanye controlled and not a power that his Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts main body possessed.

Although this power wasnt weak and it allowed the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to exhibit Yuan Venerate levels of power, it still couldnt change the fact that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts main body was in the Heavenly Venerate realm.

It was possible to use the God Sky Conversion Technique to allow the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to ascend, but Luo Yunyang felt that if he ascended this way, it would really be a waste for the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

He absolutely wasnt willing to let this clone of his waste away its strongest aspect.

Luo Yunyang didnt spend too much time thinking about the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. What he wanted to do now was view the attributes of the Si Family Patriarch.

Si Family Patriarch: Power: 6,584, Speed: 5,694, Mind: 6,245, Constitution: 5,621

Luo Yunyang felt a little rueful when he saw the various attributes of the Si Family Patriarch. Although his current combat strength was stronger than the Si Family Patriarchs, his main bodys attributes were actually inferior to the Si Family Patriarchs attributes.

This was also the difference between an initial Taishi Yuan Venerate and a mid-Taichu Yuan Venerate.

Luo Yunyang started to adjust the Si Family Patriarchs attributes. The main focus of his adjustments were the Si Family Patriarchs Power and Mind.

With the support of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts Power, Luo Yunyang wasnt afraid to lower the attributes of his main body, as this wouldnt affect him that much.

However, things were different for the Si Family Patriarch.

In just an instant, Luo Yunyangs Mind and Power Attributes were deducted to an all-time low.

In terms of Power, Luo Yunyang had decreased the Si Family Patriarchs Power to less than 10. The Si Family Patriarchs Mind was also left with 2.

A Mind Attribute of 2 was still considered extremely powerful for some Galaxy-Grade martialists.

However, when it came to a Yuan Venerate, especially a Taichu Yuan Venerate like the Si Family Patriarch, this would be an extremely huge test.

It could even be said that it would make the Si Family Patriarch feel like he couldnt control himself.

This meant that the Si Family Patriarch felt like he didnt know what to do now.

He wanted to wave that jeweled flag, but the flag in his hands currently felt thousands of tons heavier.

These thousands of tons wouldnt have been considered much for him in the past. However, at this moment, he couldnt even wave the flag one bit.

The mirror light of the Da Qian Divine Boundary had originally been endlessly interchanging with that light barrier. Now, one-tenth of that light barrier had turned into endless stars.

The Lao Family Patriarch, who was furiously waving the jeweled flag in his hands, asked impatiently, Old Si Family Head, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your move. Or do you really want everything to be destroyed before you do something?

It wasnt just the Lao Family Patriarch. The attention of the other four patriarchs was also on the Si Family Patriarch at this moment.

This battle was very important to them. They couldnt fail no matter what. The consequences would be simply unimaginable if there was a problem with the Si Family Patriarch.

While various thoughts ran through everyones minds, the Si Family Patriarch looked exasperated. I do know what is happening to me, but I just cant wave this Sky-Sealing Flag!

Ha ha ha! Brother Si, is there a need to continue feigning civility with these defeated losers? Just tell them straight away that you dont wish to be in cahoots with them and you are not the same as them. Why continue wasting time here? Luo Yunyang said in a righteous way.

Although the Si Family Patriarch hadnt taken Luo Yunyangs instigation to heart previously, he now flinched when Luo Yunyang said this.

Even though the Ancient Six Families were purportedly a whole, they had internal squabbles that only the various families knew.

The current situation with the Si Family Patriarch made everyone present a little apprehensive.

Even though this seemed impossible, if the Si Family Patriarch suddenly wasnt pulling his weight in a situation that would decide the fate of the Ancient Six Families, peoples imagination would run wild.

Luo Yunyang, dont give me any bullsh*t. Tell me, what exactly have you done to me? Why am I suddenly unable to unleash my power?

The Si Family Patriarch was livid. He felt as if he was going to go crazy. He couldnt assume such a responsibility.

Once the other five families started to suspect him, his position would be under great threat even if the Si Family wasnt wiped out.

What did I do to you? Brother Si, you really know how to dawdle! Since you have already done it, why cant you just admit it? Could you not have gotten a kick out of it yet? Do you want to see how long you can play around with the few of them?

Luo Yunyang went on. Brother Si, I dont wish to comment, but you have already betrayed them for your familys benefit. You shouldnt keep cheating these honest people all the way. We should be genuine sometimes!

At this moment, what the Si Family Patriarch wanted to do most was smash Luo Yunyang to pieces. This fellows mouth was just too vicious.

Be genuine sometimes? When was he ever not genuine? The Si Family Patriarch had absolutely not betrayed the Ancient Six Families. He had never done that.

Luo Yunyang was causing trouble. He had painted him in such a light that he wouldnt be able to clear his name no matter how hard he tried. Most importantly, this had created a flaw in the defense of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Array.

The Da Qian Divine Boundary, the ultimate nomological law powers of the Divine Creation Disc, and the other ultimate treasures had already occupied 40% of the light barrier surrounding the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

As long as they occupied half, the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array would start to collapse!

Therefore, he tried his best to wave the jeweled flag. He knew that saying anything now would be of no use. His best choice was to use actions to prove that he wasnt colluding with the five sacred halls or Luo Yunyang.

Everything would be fine as long as he could patch up the flaw and stop the Da Qian Divine Boundary and the other ultimate treasures from corroding the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

However, if he couldnt do anything, then nothing he said would be of any use. Nobody would believe him after all.

Unfortunately, he couldnt wave it. Even though the jeweled flag was in his hands, he still couldnt make the jeweled flag budge no matter how much strength he mustered.

His connection with the bright sun he was on that allowed him to utilize the strongest powers of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array was also broken.

This made the Si Family Patriarchs hands and feet feel cold.

Brother Si, hurry up and do it! What are you waiting for? Dont you know that the Ancient Six Families and the Human Race cannot have common interests? You wouldnt be given an important position if you relied on the Human Race. On the contrary, if you dont take a stand and raise suspicions, there is a possibility that you will be killed immediately.

The Yun Family Patriarchs words were a bitter warning.

In the past, the Si Family Patriarch would definitely have been furious if he had been on the receiving end of that fate. However, he wasnt the slightest bit angry now. He only felt sorrow.

Absolute sorrow that welled from the bottom of his heart.

He really wanted to tell the Yun Family Patriarch that this was all a ruse caused by Luo Yunyang. He wanted to tell the Yun Family Patriarch that he would never betray the Ancient Six Families even if he was never a person of standing again. After all, the Ancient Six Families were his roots and his priority.

Unfortunately, right now, he simply had no way of explaining himself.

Brother Yun, do you think that I would betray us? How could I betray the Ancient Six Families at such a time? The Si Family Patriarch howled with fury.

However, the Yun Family Patriarchs brows furrowed even more. Even though the Si Family Patriarchs words were passionate, why was he not doing anything to stop the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array from collapsing?

Didnt he know that the Ancient Six Families would be thoroughly finished if the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array collapsed?

The lights of the Da Qian Divine Boundary had already started to penetrate the barrier and one of the suns was already being encased by stars.

If this bright sun was completely enveloped, then the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array would completely collapse.

Brother Si, hurry up and wave your flag, I cant support it any longer! The Fei Family Patriarchs voice was thoroughly hysterical.

He couldnt support it any longer!

The Fei Family Patriarch felt that he really couldnt support it any longer.

The originally-relaxed defenses power dropped massively because one of the supports was missing. This also disrupted the equilibrium of the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array, causing the others to consume extra power in order to withstand this ripping force.

When the Battle Hall Masters attack was added to the mix, the Si Family Patriarch couldnt withstand it much longer.

His cries made the Si Family Patriarchs face turn even more unsightly.