Supreme Uprising Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Breaking The Six Suns Sacking The Ancestral Land

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Yun Tiansheng stood on a high platform. Around him were powerhouses from the Ancient Six Families young generation. These people currently had doubtful looks on their faces.

Some young members of the Ancient Six Families were even glaring furiously at a portion of the people by Yun Tianshengs side.

The majority of these people were Si Family disciples. Even though a number of them had lowered their heads, there were still a few that met the unconvinced gazes of those staring at them.

They werent willing to accept this!

It could be said that they were all extremely furious. They absolutely didnt believe that their clan would do such a thing.

Even though the actions of their own clans patriarch had left them with no way of explaining, they still had full confidence in their familys patriarch.

After all, that was their patriarch, so they believed in him. Even though the Si Family Patriarchs actions were somewhat inconceivable, they absolutely believed that their familys patriarch wouldnt betray the Ancient Six Families.

The glory of the Ancient Six Families could not be tarnished. The same could be said about the Si Familys honor.

Even if the people tarnishing their honor belonged to the Ancient Six Families too, they absolutely couldnt allow this.

The patriarch cant support it much longer! A Fei Family young powerhouse glared furiously at a Si Family youngster and growled. The Si Family has betrayed us!

The Si Family Patriarch is a traitor amongst us!

The young members of the Si Family scowled. Some of them even returned their death stares. In their opinion, their patriarch was sacred and the fact that these people were being rude to their clans patriarch was intolerable.

What did you just say? I dare you to say it once more!

The youngster who had spoken previously glanced at the Si Familys young martialist and said coldly, Would he be afraid of people talking about it if he dared to do it?

Why would the Si Family just stand idly by if not because of some secret dealings the Si Family had with the Human Race?

What is he waiting for? Perhaps he wants to wait until we are all exhausted before making a move?

Over a hundred young Si Family martialists had the impulse to rip the person speaking to shreds. However, deep down they also knew that attacking this person wouldnt be of much use.

What that youngster had said wasnt totally devoid of sense. The Si Family Patriarch still hadnt made his move.

This was already such a critical moment, yet the Si Family Patriarch still wasnt doing anything. Nobody could explain this at all.

The more this went on, the harder they found it to lower their heads.

Fei Yundi, if you dont take back these insulting words you said about our family and apologize to us, I will never let you off! the youngster leading the Si Family said firmly.

The young man called Fei Yundi smirked when he heard this. If you are showing your anger at a time like this, why dont you channel your anger towards Luo Yunyang? He he Never let me off? Do you think I am afraid of the Si Family?

Never let you off These words were quite common amongst youngsters like them. The youngster from the Si Family had already said this. Furthermore, others were giving him strange looks. Thus, he felt that he couldnt back down now.

In an instant, he strode towards Fei Yundi. His raging killing intent had already pervaded the area all around.

All of you stop! Yun Tianshengs voice rang out icily. He glanced at the two sides that were about to come to blows and lambasted them. Get lost!

Who was Yun Tiansheng? He wasnt just the number one person in the Yun Family. He was also the number member of the Ancient Six Families young generation.

His cultivation base was already at the Yuan Venerate. Even though these youngsters werent weak, the majority of them were at the Heavenly Venerate and the strongest ones among them were merely at the ninth-level Heavenly Venerate.

The disparity that existed between them and Yun Tiansheng was just too great.

The Si Family youngster had always followed Yun Tiansheng tightly. Upon hearing Yun Tiansheng now, he said gravely, Brother Yun, this matter is really disgracing our family too

Enough. I dont know exactly what sort of circumstances the Si Family Patriarch is experiencing right now. However, I believe that he absolutely wouldnt betray our Ancient Six Families! After all, it wouldnt benefit the Si Family to betray us.

This is definitely Luo Yunyangs plot. You should all take note. We are already at a really crucial juncture. If we have internal strife and mutual killings now, wouldnt you just be playing into his hands?

At this point, Yun Tianshengs gaze turned to Fei Yundi. Fei Yundi, the Si Family Patriarchs circumstances arent something you are qualified to discuss.

Even though he didnt approve of Yun Tianshengs stance, Fei Yundi knew that he wasnt a match for Yun Tiansheng and opposing Yun Tiansheng would amount to nothing good.

Therefore, he replied solemnly. Thank you for your guidance, Brother Yun. However, we should still prepare for such a situation.

Yun Tiansheng looked up at the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array that gradually seemed like it would collapse. He then said softly, The defense of our Ancient Six Families definitely isnt only reliant on this Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

Dont you all worry. Our ancestors definitely left behind other defensive methods. The Human Race will return in defeat.

Yun Tiansheng had a great prestige amongst the people there. Therefore, the hostile atmosphere lessened considerably.

However, Luo Yunyangs voice suddenly rang out once again. Brother Si, you are doing a great service. Why are you still wasting time over there?

After this, the Ancient Six Families ancestral land will belong solely to the Si Family. Furthermore, you wont get the 10 Great Cosmoses we have promised you!

Bring down the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array and all of this will belong to the Si Family.

The Si Family Patriarch was going crazy. If going crazy could solve problems, he definitely wouldnt have minded becoming a lunatic.

However, this situation was making him really sullen. Everything had been going well and according to the plan at first.

Unfortunately, just as victory had been within the Ancient Six Families grasp, the Si Family Patriarch had felt his power fade all of a sudden.

The jeweled flag couldnt be waved and even the connection between his Mind and the flag had weakened greatly. This strange situation made him both bitter and sullen.

There was even a trace of fear in his heart.

Even if the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array didnt break this time, he would also need to give a reasonable explanation to the patriarchs of the other families.

However, he really couldnt come up with such an explanation, as he really didnt know what to tell the other patriarchs.

Luo Yunyang, what sort of methods are you using? Explain yourself! Explain if you have the guts! The Si Family Patriarch bellowed. Right now, the only thing he could do was ask what Luo Yunyang had done.

As the Si Family Patriarch was howling, the Da Qian Master suddenly shouted. A Thousand Cosmoses, Everlasting Heavens! Break!

Following this furious shout, the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master rapidly formed hand seals and a surging black mist enveloped the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

The Battle Hall Master, the Dark Hall Master, and the others also unleashed attacks. Their attacks were extremely fast and powerful. Immense power that seemed like a rising tide surged and shrouded the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Cracks appeared on the barrier around the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. Actually, they were huge holes. These holes no longer had any defensive ability. The powerhouses of the five sacred halls could already invade through these holes.

The Yun Family Patriarch had maintained an unperturbed demeanor all this time, as he was in charge. However, when he saw this situation, he shouted out a furious warning. Si Family Patriarch, what are you doing?

His tone already left no room for negotiation. It was more of a reprimand. The reprimand of a superior to a subordinate.

In the past, the Si Family Patriarch would definitely have been furious and taken offense at the Yun Family Patriarchs rudeness. However, he didnt dare retort now.

Brother Yun, you know me. I absolutely would never cooperate with the Human Race. Luo Yunyang is framing me! He must have used some sort of unknown secret art to take advantage of me! The Si Family Patriarch howled. I have never thought of harming our Ancient Six Families!

Ha ha ha! Brother Si, this is really too much effort. Why are you even bothering? As long as you are willing, just say the word and our five sacred halls will immediately help you wipe them out.

Luo Yunyang looked at the Si Family Patriarch and said earnestly, Then, only the Si Family will be left of the Ancient Six Families.

Luo Yunyangs instigations werent of any use. However, given the Si Family Patriarchs abnormal display, even the Yun Family Patriarch, who trusted him the most, couldnt believe the Si Family Patriarch anymore!

Although he felt that things definitely werent so simple, he was left with no choice but to doubt his own compatriot.

It was also at that moment that the six suspended suns in the void suddenly dimmed. The starry sky, which was endless and dark, occupied most of the defensive barrier.

Without the support of those six array points, the Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array collapsed.

The faces of the six patriarchs were riddled with fear.

Their greatest weapon for fighting with the Human Races five sacred halls had been their impenetrable Six-Sky Sealing Sun Great Array. Now, this great array had been smashed.

Attack! A flicker of excitement flashed across the Da Qian Masters eyes. As he shouted, the five sacred halls descended towards the Ancient Six Families Ancestral Land!