Supreme Uprising Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Son Of God


Fat Xue, who seemed a little displeased with Luo Yunyang’s cluelessness, said indignantly, “Did you know that I am a hardcore fan of hers? I can recite anything you want to know about her. Her height, her hobbies…”

Just as Fat Xue started to get naggy, a group of five people strode over slowly. Standing in the middle of the group was a blond guy who looked like the son of a god.

Thanks to the information provided, Luo Yunyang knew who he was. The big shots of the legislative assembly of the 13 Eastern Cities had singled him out as someone to watch out for.

It was the Son of God, Lemarto!

There wasn’t much to say about this man, as he was actually really mysterious. There was only one word that could describe him frightening!

There was also a record of him training under Unrivalled Warrior Johann, so it was suspected that he had cultivated the Judgement of God,

“On behalf of the 17 Western Cities, I warmly welcome every single one of you to the best part of this dinner gala.”

Lemarto was unable to take his eyes off Chu Yuan. Luo Yunyang could feel the fervent passion in his gaze.

Lermarto had four companions with him, two men and two women. One of the men was really tall. While the other one wasn’t short, he appeared a little frail. When Luo Yunyang glanced at him, he seemed to be aware of it. He immediately returned his look. The moment their eyes met, the guy seemed to be contemplating something.

His condescending gaze made him look like a cat toying with a mouse.

That fellow is a pervert!

Luo Yunyang stopped looking at the guy, who happened to be dressed in black. He couldn’t help but turn his gaze to the charming red-haired beauty in the formal dress. The girl stood quietly by Lemarto’s side, so it was rather evident that she was his companion.

Her hair is like a fiery blaze!

This thought popped into Luo Yunyang’s mind the instant that he saw the girl. However, what really caught his attention wasn’t this red-haired beauty, but the girl standing on Lemarto’s other side.

That girl, who was dressed completely in black, seemed as frail as a piece of firewood. Her appearance was rather ordinary, but when his gaze landed on her, Luo Yunyang felt a great pressure that seemed like mental strength.

Could she be a telekinesis master?

“Lemarto, our friends from the 13 Eastern Cities and the Seven-City Coalition have sent an application to the Da Alliance’s legislative assembly, requesting to change the team battle to an individual battle for the sake of fairness!”

A tall, sturdy young guy in a formal suit had stepped forward among Lemarto and the others.

The moment he said this, Chu Yuan and the others immediately turned to look at Luo Yunyang.

The 37-City Exchange Meet had always been a team competition. The 13 Eastern Cities sent five contestants, the 17 Western Cities sent another five, and the remaining Seven-City Coalition sent five more.

The competition was a team battle involving 15 of the top elite martialists of the youngest generation!

Although this might have seemed a little unfair, it was actually rather impartial. According to the laws of probability, the powerhouses selected from the 13 cities were generally stronger than those selected from the seven cities.

Of course, there were usually some insanely strong individuals that couldn’t be ignored either.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really mind changing the rules. An individual battle was something he wasn’t afraid of.

However, when everyone’s eyes turned to him, he suddenly understood. These fellows think that I am not capable enough to do this.

Although Fat Xue’s gaze had a trace of pity, it was still full of kindness. Meanwhile, Chu Yuan’s gaze was She actually seemed to be completely emotionless. Ling Yubing, on the other hand, had an indignant look on her face.

Wei Zhongxing seemed completely disgusted.

It seems like there are everlasting benefits, but no everlasting friends. These shameless fellows have been treating me as an amazing battery. They were fawning all over me on the way here, yet the way they view me has suddenly changed in an instant.

While Luo Yunyang thought about this, he felt Lemarto and everyone else’s eyes fix on him as well.

The way these people were looking at him wasn’t friendly. He actually felt as though they were mocking him.

They know what sort of source core I have awakened!

Luo Yunyang was certain that someone had betrayed their combat strategy.

He couldn’t guess who right now, but there was definitely someone playing tricks on them.

“The Da Alliance’s legislative assembly has voted and approved the proposal of Hao’wang City and the other six cities.” Lemarto grinned. “Sky Vision will be conducting a live broadcast. This will be the first time since the apocalypse that there will be a live broadcast in the entire Da Alliance.”

“We will all become true superstars!”

Lemarto’s words brought smiles to many people’s faces and initiated a round of ass-kissing replies.

While Lemarto and the others were talking, Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the rows of spotlessly-white dining tables.

He would prefer to eat to his heart’s content rather than talk nonsense with this boring bunch of people. Luo Yunyang was a glutton to his very core, so how could he pass up an opportunity to gorge himself?

“That’s a B-grade phantom beast called Colossal Deep Sea Lobster!”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he saw a lobster about the size of a round table.

When he browsed online, his favorite activity was to browse through all sorts of delicacies. After this Colossal Deep Sea Lobster had gone through several mutations, its two pincers had become so sharp that they could slice through steel plates as thick as an arm. Meanwhile, its flesh had become even more delicious.

Half a kilo of Colossal Deep Sea Lobster flesh cost at least a million dayuan. Plus, there was a high demand but little supply of it. Having such a huge Colossal Deep Sea Lobster on display wasn’t a common sight.

When it came to such luxurious foods, Luo Yunyang believed in trying everything once. This time was no exception.

He grabbed a large plate full of lobster and chose an inconspicuous corner to sit down and concentrate on eating it.

“If you are able to eat, then I can rest easy. It’s alright. You can’t be blamed for the mistakes of our strategy.” Fat Xue carried over a plate of meat and came to sit next to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who was enjoying every bite, could feel the energy flowing from his stomach to his green wood source core.

“You should just take it easy and enjoy life. Leave the fighting to your brothers. Didn’t I tell you that I awakened…”

As Fat Xue was showering Luo Yunyang with a torrent of consoling words, a pleasant voice interrupted them. “Mr. Luo? Could I trouble you for a second?”

When he heard that voice, Fat Xue suddenly felt dizzy. He looked like he was about to faint.

Unfortunately, nobody would pay attention to him if he fainted there.

Luo Yunyang looked up. An elegant lady stood before him. Her skin was fair, and there wasn’t a single hair out of place on her head. Her movements were calm and graceful, and her faint smile was perfect. “What can I do for you?” Luo Yunyang asked in confusion.

“I am Li’chen. Li’chen Xingyu. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Luo. May I have your card?”

The lady, who had a warm yet charming expression on her face, actually gave off the vibe of a celebrity.