Supreme Uprising Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Too Popular

Although the lady was over 30 years old, due to the emergence of the sixth factor after the apocalypse, the human lifespan had increased, so 30 years of age were the equivalent of 22 before the apocalypse.

"I don't have a card!" Luo Yunyang replied casually before minding his own business and digging back into the Colossal Deep Sea Lobster.

Li'chen was the most famous socialite of the 17 Western Cities, so her charm could make most men kneel before her. Luo Yunyang's unconventional behavior surprised her and piqued her interest.

"This is my private number. I am available 24/7. You can give me a call anytime." Li'chen gently handed Luo Yunyang a golden card that smelled like roses before floating away amid a burst of fragrance.

"You How dare you brush off my idol!" Fat Xue pointed at Luo Yunyang, looking as if he was about to puke.

Luo Yunyang blinked innocently. He didn't have anything to say to the fat young man, who was lost in a one-sided romance. She's your idol, not mine.

"Unparalleled state scholars like us are extremely popular." Fat Xue's chubby face suddenly lit up. "Quick, look! A rose! No, it's the rose of Liu'feng City!"

The rose of Liu'feng City? Luo Yunyang had never heard of such a thing!

He picked up the golden card with his greasy hand and stuffed it into his pocket before turning back to the huge lobster before him.

An exquisite, elegantly dressed beauty walked up to him.

Saying that the 1.80-meter tall woman was devastatingly beautiful would be an understatement.

"Mr. Luo, there are some matters pertaining to cultivation that I am not very clear about. I was wondering if you would be able to help me clarify some of my questions?" The lady sat down across from Luo Yunyang. She looked as if she was anxious to learn.

Luo Yunyang had a wooden expression on his face. He glanced at the blue-eyed, blond-haired lady before swallowing the lobster in his mouth and replying rudely, "You are only a second-grade martialist. I think you should just ask an ordinary teacher. What I study isn't appropriate for you!"

An impulse to beat up the cold-hearted bloke rose up in Fat Xue's heart as he watched Luo Yunyang, who was being completely insensitive. Fat Xue waited desperately for these ladies to look at him. As soon as they looked his way, he would be able to spread his tail like a peacock and show off.

However, the celebrities and socialites around them wouldn't look at him. Instead, they all looked at stupid Luo Yunyang. This is totally unreasonable. It just doesn't make sense. I allow you people to come close to me, but I definitely do not permit you to ignore me! This is so damn infuriating!

The rose of Liu'feng City didn't cower before Luo Yunyang's rudeness. She just kept chatting with him gracefully and left him a name card.

One card, two cards, three cards...

Several beauties treaded nimbly over and talked with Luo Yunyang, acting all friendly and leaving all sorts of scented cards before slinking away gracefully. The sight of them made Fat Xue really jealous. He actually felt as if he was going to crumble!

Why? Why do all these godlike ladies voluntarily seek out this idiot? Am I inferior in any way? Why do they have to make such a bad choice?

As the waning moon rose higher in the sky, the people attending the reception started to leave in succession.

Luo Yunyang, who had eaten more than half a Colossal Deep Sea Lobster, felt really comfortable. He stretched his body and prepared to leave with Fat Xue and the others.

"Mr. Luo, I have a collection of pre-apocalyptic Lafite wine. How about we have a glass while we chat through the night?" a lady with beautiful features, who seemed to be around 30 years old, suggested with a smile.

Luo Yunyang watched her speechlessly.

The woman, who came from the 17 Western Cities, seemed a little too passionate.

"I've had too much to eat, so I will be heading back to get some sleep." Although Luo Yunyang was slightly tempted, he still rejected her offer firmly.

"You beast! No, you don't even deserve to be called a beast! You don't even have that ability! Do you know who you just rejected?" Fat Xue, who was unable to stand this any longer, exploded as soon as the lady left dejectedly. He just threw himself at Luo Yunyang and tried to hit him.

Luo Yunyang's body was like smoke, so he gently floated out of Fat Xue's reach.

"Do you know why you are so popular? It's all because of your source core! If I knew that would be the case, I would also have awakened a wood-based life source core. Then, all this joy would have been mine..."

"Stop talking nonsense, Fat Xue!" Ling Yubing punched him playfully.

"I'm not even talking about you. Just let me say this! Many people see it as Tang Seng's flesh. Do you want to monopolize it for yourself?" Fat Xue, who wasn't afraid of Ling Yubing, mocked her without restraint.

Ling Yubing wanted to chase and hit Fat Xue, but Wei Zhongxing interjected, "Alright, Teacher Xie needs us for a meeting! Let's hurry back!"

The teacher that Wei Zhongxing had mentioned was the one coaching Luo Yunyang and the others during this competition. The man, who was over 50 years old and looked like an old farmer, had told Luo Yunyang and the others to call him Teacher Xie.

Luo Yunyang wasn't sure where this Teacher Xie had come from, but Fat Xue and the others seemed really afraid of him.

"Someone from the inside has leaked our secrets..." Teacher Xie's voice was mild. He didn't seem to be worked up. It was as if he didn't consider this a big deal.

However, Luo Yunyang could sense a fearsome determination start to ferment in Teacher Xie's body.

"Both our tactics and your abilities have been leaked!" Teacher Xie's voice suddenly became slightly dispirited. "You guys will have to be more flexible during the upcoming battle."

In an hour, Teacher Xie had made most things clear. The majority of his instructions were focused on Chu Yuan and the other three members of the team.

"Get some rest, Yunyang. There's no need to feel any pressure!" Teacher Xie smiled at Luo Yunyang before wrapping up the meeting.

Although his words were very polite, Luo Yunyang could see through them. He no longer had any faith in Luo Yunyang as a competitor.

Luo Yunyang didn't argue. There were many eloquent people on Earth, yet very few people who knew when to keep their mouths shut. Didn't facts speak louder than words? When the competition started the next day, Luo Yunyang would let his ability speak for itself.

On the next morning, Fat Xue told Luo Yunyang cheerfully, "You are really lucky, Yunyang. You will be getting a bye during this round! I was rather unfortunate, though. I will have to face Hao'wang's half-beast warrior!"