Supreme Uprising Chapter 111

Chapter 111: The Sky-Shaking Slash

Fat Xue's head was hurting so bad that it felt like it was about to split open.

However, Fat Xue persevered. His previous technique was still being used on Simon's body, so as long as he could attack once, he would be able to win!

One step, two steps, three steps...

As Fat Xue trudged forward, countless eyes from the faraway 13 Eastern Cities were fixed on him.

Ever since the introduction at the start of the program, everyone watching the big showdown that occured every five years had known what the results would signify.

If their side could obtain more shares, then their lives would experience huge improvements and they would be able to receive a lot more resources.

This way, the disparity between the 13 Eastern Cities and the 17 Western Cities wouldn't keep growing wider and wider.

Fat Xue was still stubbornly persisting, despite the fact that he was bleeding from all five orifices of his face. Most of the people watching were tearing up.

"It doesn't matter if you lose. Don't try to endure this anymore!" one of the onlookers shouted.

Although the young girl who had shouted knew that Fat Xue was too far way to hear her, she still couldn't help but speak out.

She didn't want to keep watching all that blood drip out.

The girl's words were immediately followed by a chorus of resonating voices. Many people were praying deep down that nothing bad would happen to the brave young man.

"It's the Dark Soundwave Technique!" Over 10 formidable old men were quietly watching the scene on a liquid crystal screen in a stately large hall.

The screen was split into four sections, but two out of the four had already been turned off. Only the sections showing Fat Xue and Chu Yuan were still on.

The person who had spoken was the Eagle King. His sharp eyebrows were shuddering as he said, "I never expected that these fellows would actually groom a bat."

"This could also be considered a good thing. Humanity's strength has improved quite a bit after all," a faint voice was heard saying. The person who had spoken was an old man with a staunch face and a frail body.

Although the old man's cultivation base didn't seem very strong, the Eagle King was looking at him respectfully.

"Indeed, Vice-Chairman!"

Nobody questioned the old man's words, partly because what he had said was correct and partly because of his old prestige.

"If that little fatty can endure this for 10 minutes, we will win this match," an unflinching old man muttered.

His words attracted quite a bit of attention. "The fatty's potential isn't bad, but he won't be able to endure for 10 minutes," someone said quickly.

Meanwhile, Fat Xue, who had been moving on the screen, suddenly collapsed on the ground.

The screen also seemed to suddenly freeze.

Although everyone had anticipated this outcome, the moment Fat Xue fell, their expressions became miserable.

Fat Xue's defeat meant that there was only one hope left for them at this competition.

Chu Yuan, who was facing Hamilton!

Although they could only see Chu Yuan and the long sword in her hand through the screen, everyone noticed that her forehead was already sweating profusely.

The two of them had only exchanged a few blows ever since they had gotten on the stage, yet they were already in a deadlock. The Eagle King and the other martial grandmasters knew that, if this went on, the exchange between them would only get even more dangerous.

The next strike would probably be the strike that would decide who would emerge victorious.

"Our secrets were leaked," the dignified old man said rather coldly. "Although this isn't a life-or-death situation for the 13 Eastern Cities, the living standards of our cities would still worsen considerably."

The old man turned to a quiet old man and asked, "Has the financial department come up with a budget?"

"We have, Vice-Chairman. If we only depend on the most basic of resources, then we will be able to ensure that our people do not die of hunger. Other than that, I'm afraid that..."

The quiet old man suddenly looked dispirited. "In the next five years, all the statistics of the 13 Eastern Cities will decline. The nurturing of our youngest generation will be reduced by at least 50%."

"If that's the case, then all our hard work during the past 10 years will be for naught."

As the girl on the screen suddenly moved, everyone grew quiet. Her movements were extremely quick!

Some people, who had been focused on the discussion, didn't even see her move. Before long, everything was over.

The girl was still holding her sword upright, yet it seemed as though she had switched positions. Her opponent now had a gash between his eyebrows.

However, what was more shocking was that the shield that Hamilton had kept lifting up had been sliced clean right through the middle.

"It's the Sky-Shaking Slash!" someone exclaimed in disbelief.

"How is this possible? How could Chu Yuan use the Sky-Shaking Slash? Doesn't one have to link the intent of the sky and the earth before using this strike?"

"The Sky-Shaking Slash How unexpected! After the sword saint went into isolation, I never thought that I would see this strike again!"

Gasps and cries were heard all around them. The Eagle King and the others even stood up and gestured joyfully. There was hope at last!

This was the Sky-Shaking Slash after all!

If Chu Yuan was able to use the Sky-Shaking Slash, then none of her peers would be a match for her. It seemed as though they would be able to get a decent result at the competition.

However, as everyone was cheering jubilantly, Chu Yuan's hand on the sword started to tremble and her entire body seemed to shudder.

"Chu Yuan is injured! She just unleashed a force too great for her body to handle!" an old man seated beside the Eagle King determined in an instant.

The Eagle King and everyone else turned to look at Chu Yuan. Although they were separated by the screen, everyone had a rough picture of the situation.

"She could still persevere, but" The old man who had spotted Chu Yuan's injury first sounded a little hesitant.

"I suggest that Chu Yuan forfeits the next match. We can't let such an outstanding martialist get hurt!" someone else muttered.

This suggestion made everyone quieten down. They all felt more confident after Chu Yuan's move, but given her current condition, if she fought again the next day, she could suffer irreparable damage.

A top genius could still find opportunities to make life more comfortable in the 13 Eastern Cities. Both issues could be considered extremely important.

"Let the girl rest properly after the match. We can't just let a child shoulder our responsibilities," an unquestionably firm voice said, breaking the silence.