Supreme Uprising Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Getting A Good Beating

Back in the hotel, Fat Xue had a bloody nose and a swollen face. However, it didn't seem like he had suffered any serious injuries.

"Luo Yunyang, you ass! Are you messing with me on purpose? Why did you have to hit me so viciously? You were supposed to be helping my wounds heal!" Fat Xue grimaced as he rubbed his cheek.

Luo Yunyang cast a sidelong glance at the fatty, but didn't bother answering. Instead, he focused his attention on Wei Zhongxing and Ling Yubing. Although the two of them didn't seem to have any visible injuries, they were devoid of the fighting spirit they had had when they had first arrived.

They had lost. These two had both been utterly defeated at a very important competition.

Although Wei Zhongxing had been eager for victory during his fight with Lemarto, he had only had one exchange with him before he'd lost.

According to him, he simply didn't have the ability to resist the Son of God.

"Chu Yuan, we will be relying on you from now on!" Ling Yubing said earnestly as she glanced at Chu Yuan.

"It's alright, I will..." Although Chu Yuan appeared tranquil, her words were resolute and decisive.

However, before she could finish, Teacher Xie cut her off. "The 13 Eastern Cities have already made a decision. Chu Yuan will forfeit the next round."

"Why?" Wei Zhongxing nearly shouted as he stood up.

Chu Yuan raised her head slowly. "I can still fight."

"I know you can, but the Sky-Shaking Slash you used today consumed too much strength. If you were allowed to keep fighting, you could get seriously hurt! No matter how important this fight is, we can't just drain the whole pond to catch a single fish!"

Teacher Xie gazed blankly into the distance as he said, "This defeat has nothing to do with any of you. The problem was the issue we had with confidentiality. You should all rest well. When the competition comes to an end tomorrow, we will return to the 13 Eastern Cities."

Luo Yunyang watched Teacher Xie. His expression didn't change, even though his footsteps seemed a little heavier. He was just about to speak, when Fat Xue said, "Even if Chu Yuan can't fight tomorrow, don't we still have Luo Yunyang?"

"Perhaps Yunyang might be able to win some shares for us!"

Wei Zhongxing didn't say anything. He just went to his room straightaway. Ling Yubing punched Luo Yunyang on the shoulder and said, "If you win, I will follow you blindly in the future!"

Chu Yuan didn't speak. However, when Fat Xue and the others left, she approached Luo Yunyang and said in a grave tone, "I need your help."

Luo Yunyang had never expected Chu Yuan to actually say such a thing. As he turned his head, Chu Yuan added, "I do not come from the cities, so I know how tough life can be. That's why I must get on the stage tomorrow."

Luo Yunyang studied Chu Yuan's serious face as he said, "You still have me. I can fight tomorrow!"

Chu Yuan opened and closed her mouth before she eventually said, "I hope that you won't need to exert yourself on the stage. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to help me."

"I don't have to go all out!" Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly, waving his hands in front of him.

Luo Yunyang was in the same stadium he had been the previous day. However, this time he would be stepping inside as a competitor instead of a spectator.

"The last representative of the 13 Eastern Cities is about to take his last stand. Let's wish everyone from the 13 Eastern Cities the best."

The Sky Vision reporter holding the microphone was completely unrestrained. While he spoke, there were quite a few intentional close-ups of Luo Yunyang.

Rich people from the 13 Eastern Cities had already gathered before the Sky Vision. They understood the reason behind the disparity between them and the 17 Western Cities.

They were even clearer on the outcome of this match.

Therefore, even though they were being badmouthed, they still gathered before the Sky Vision and prepared to watch the final match.

"As we all know, the source core that Mr. Luo has awakened is no ordinary source core. He is a first-rate supporting assistant that will unfortunately have to fight this time."

"We can all take guesses on how long Mr. Luo will hold out for!"

Luo Dong'er grasped the remote control tightly. Although she wanted to hurl a round of abuse at this so-called commentator, she was too busy anticipating the appearance of her gallant, unrivalled brother.

Luo Dong'er hadn't gone to school that day. She had wanted to stay home and support her brother. She actually had sufficient grounds to believe that her beloved brother was the best!

Just the sight of that huge dazzling stadium took Luo Dong'er's breath away. She stared fixedly at the screen, searching for any traces of her brother.

Back at Base 7, Xu Zhong and the others were sitting on wooden stools, watching quietly.

They had not gone there to watch Luo Yunyang compete. It was Chief Instructor Lu who had rounded everyone up before the match began.

This competition was a presentation of the youngest generation of the entire Da Alliance after all.

"Yunyang's source core is a really big weakness!" Xu Zhong moaned as he rubbed his head.

Qin Feifei, Sun Miaomiao and the others remained silent. They naturally knew all about Luo Yunyang's situation.

"Whatever the case, giving up without a fight is never the right decision!" Chief Instructor Lu said, shooting Xu Zhong a death glare.

Luo Yunyang's opponent had taken the initiative to appear in the arena first. As soon as he appeared, he summoned his dark red source power. Suddenly, countless illusions of himself appeared all over the arena.

It was Simon!

The very Simon who had defeated Fat Xue would be Luo Yunyang's opponent during this match. The crowd broke into rapturous cheers during Simon's display of power.

Luo Yunyang strode into the arena slowly. When the two of them stood facing each other, Simon laughed heartily. "I was really excited when I heard that my opponent today would be you. Come on, give me a good beating!"

"I know that your power is special. Getting hit by you will be even more pleasurable than getting a massage. Hurry up, I can't wait!"

Simon's words caused quite a bit of clamor. There were even some spectators blowing on horns that people had used in the past while watching sport events. The whole atmosphere was really lively.

"That's disgraceful!" Wei Zhongxing muttered.

Fat Xue shot him a look silently. There were many reporters watching them, so he didn't want to become a laughing stock.

As Luo Yunyang stared at the hooting Simon coldly, an idea flashed by in his mind. He immediately made a decision.

Power: 99 (Fire: 18, Ice: 17, Wood: 6)

Speed: 22

Mind: 65

Constitution: 85 (Golden Body: 18, Fire: 2, Ice: 2)

If this fellow was itching to get hit, then Luo Yunyang would give him a taste of his power. Although a physical body was normally unable to breach armor formed out of source power, this general notion was not absolute.

Luo Yunyang made some adjustments through his body's attribute regulator.

Power: 200 (Fire: 36, Ice: 34, Wood: 12)

Speed: 22

Mind: 15

Constitution: 34 (Golden Body: 8, Fire: 12, Ice: 1)