Supreme Uprising Chapter 114

Chapter 114 King Of Luck


When Luo Yunyang got back to the hotel, he received a warm welcome from the crew of the 13 Eastern Cities. The leader of the crew was Teacher Xie.

This had been a pleasant surprise for everyone. A really huge surprise…

A 1% share of resources was already a lot, so this had been totally unexpected!

Chu Yuan, who had been prepared to continue fighting, eventually forfeited her match in the afternoon, so her opponent advanced automatically to the next round.

However, Chu Yuan was much more spirited now. Actually, the way she looked at Luo Yunyang was way more intimate.

Only Wei Zhongxing still seemed a little displeased. He had no choice but to acknowledge that, many a time, people did not get jealous of the small successes of strangers, but of the meteoric rise of the people around them. In fact, there were many people much stronger than him that he was fine with. He just could not stand Luo Yunyang.

Why couldn’t this good fortune land on me? If I’d had the same luck, I would surely have performed better than Luo Yunyang.

“Zhongxing, share your experience during your fight with Lemarto. Luo Yunyang should prepare in advance for the next match,” Teacher Xie instructed Wei Zhongxing with a smile.

Wei Zhongxing waved his hands around dismissively. “I think that sharing my experience would be a waste of time, sir. It would be better to let Yunyang rest.”

Although his suggestion to let Luo Yunyang rest seemed like concern on the surface, everyone present could guess Wei Zhongxing’s intentions.

Fat Xue’s face fell. Although he reckoned that Luo Yunyang had no chance of winning, he would never say such a thing in front of Luo Yunyang.

Meanwhile, Ling Yubing rerorted rudely, “Weren’t you defeated by Lemarto in one move, Wei Zhongxing? Is that why you don’t have any experience whatsoever to share?”

Her blunt words nearly made Wei Zhongxing mad. He was a proud person that did not allow others to speak to him this way.

He glared at Ling Yubing before snorting, turning around and walking away.

“He’s just a petty fellow, Yunyang. He is only jealous of you. To be honest, your luck really makes others envy you!”

“You don’t stand a chance against Lemarto. If that guy demonstrates his might, you should just surrender.” Fat Xue hurried over to console Luo Yunyang.

When he heard his advice, Luo Yunyang felt the impulse to teach him a lesson.

This feeling wasn’t just limited to Fat Xue and the others. Even the commentary broadcasted on Sky Vision used three words to describe Luo YunyangKing of Luck!

“Simon really underestimated his enemy. People say that pride is followed by a fall. That saying is really apt in this case. He chose to show off in the domain he was the least adept in, and thus delivered himself to the enemy. Although he didn’t suffer any serious injuries, he was still sent flying!”

“What a pitiful fellow. Who knows what sort of punishment he is facing right now. He certainly deserves it!”

“1% of the resources was lost due to negligence on his part. If this had been a war, we would definitely have had to make him pay for his negligence.”

“The good fortune of the King of Luck must have ended. He will be facing Lemarto next after all. Whatever the case, he still obtained a share of 1% this time.”

Luo Yunyang chuckled as he heard these speculations. He turned on his communication device, only to find out that his mailbox was already full.

There were messages from his mother and little sister, his relatives from his uncle’s family, members of the Ardent Sun Group, the Eagle King, the Flame Emperor and some other commanders.

Luo Yunyang browsed through the messages and shut his eyes as he practised the Heaven-Battling Breathing Techniques. Although he had quite a few cards up his sleeves and he had complete confidence in himself, he still felt that it would be best to be a little careful when he faced Lemarto.

As he practised the Heaven-Battling Breathing Techniques, the bright sun and moon appeared in his mind. Layers of powerful energy flowed into Luo Yunyang from the sun and the moon.

His state of mind during cultivation had become more and more ethereal. He now felt as if his entire self had sunk into a realm of thoughtlessness and emptiness.

Due to the popularity of the 17 Western Cities’ Sky Vision, the exchange matches between the youngest generation had caught the attention of the entire Da Alliance.

Many people had gathered at public areas, awaiting the broadcast of the competition on Sky Vision.

Countless reporters were gathered outside the hotel that Luo Yunyang and the others were staying at. Although they had all been warned not to disturb Luo Yunyang before the match, the moment he walked out, they started to take photographs rapidly.

The Sky Vision and the newspaper of the ancient city of Mei’ya were filled with all sorts of articles. No matter who had written them, they all concluded one thing.

Luo Yunyang would certainly lose!

As Luo Yunyang hurried to the competition grounds, Lemarto was still swimming in the azure blue waters of a luxurious villa. Two young ladies were standing next to him quietly. The ladies, who were both dressed neatly, exuded an air of nobility.

“Mr. Lemarto, Sir Johann send a message to inform you not to underestimate your opponent,” one of the ladies said gently as Lemarto walked over.

Lemarto’s expression became a little solemn. “Send back a reply that I understand. I’ll be careful during the next match. A disciple of Sir Saint Johann like me would never lose to a follower of Murat!”

As Lemarto spat out these last three words, he sounded extremely repressed.

He put on a pure white formal suit, as though he would be attending a grand banquet. The only difference compared to his formal attire was the ancient long silver sword he was holding in his hand.

Although it didn’t seem exotic, any sword that Lemarto held so solemnly was definitely no ordinary weapon.

A silver sports car driven by a blonde beauty transferred Lemarto quickly to a much larger stadium.

This stadium, which could accommodate 300,000 spectators, was currently full.

“Look! That’s the chief of the Sacred Lion Legion!”

“It’s legendary martial grandmaster Jerry! He is the most experienced disciple of the Unrivalled Warrior. I never expected that he would be interested in a competition between the youngest generation.”

“Even the chairman of the Hexagon Financial Group is here.”

Numerous big shots from the 17 Western Cities had gathered to watch the match that was about to start. The majority of them weren’t from Mei’ya, yet every single one of them had showed up at that huge stadium.

“Actually, there’s probably nothing to anticipate about this match!” someone lamented loudly in the middle of the crowd.

Although he was somewhat rude, nobody questioned his words.

“Introducing the two contestants of the upcoming match, Luo Yunyang from the 13 Eastern Cities and Lemarto from the 17 Western Cities. Now, we will invite the two contestants to take the stage!” The voice of Mei’ya’s most renowned host rose and fell as he riled up the crowd.