Supreme Uprising Chapter 115

Chapter 115: A Second Source Core

When Lemarto got on the stage, the entire stadium went into a frenzy. Compared to their cheering for Simon, their cheering was much more intense this time.

Although there were also a lot of people cheering when Luo Yunyang appeared, their cheers were considerably less compared to Lemarto's.

"Why are so many women cheering for Luo Yunyang?" Fat Xue asked in confusion.

The answer to his question came in the form of Ling Yubing's fist. Wei Zhongxing chuckled. "Luo Yunyang has already become the most beloved man in Mei'ya City. You must surely know why!"

"Damn it! Why couldn't I be the one to awaken a wood-based source core?" Fat Xue wailed as he watched Li'chen blow kisses at Luo Yunyang.

These words naturally resulted in another punch from Ling Yubing.

Many eyes turned to the scene in the arena, Actually, the eyes of the entire Da Alliance were focused on this match.

This wasn't just a mere match after all. This fight would affect the survival of the last 37 strongholds of humanity and the resources billions of people would get.

"You might be strong, but you aren't a good choice for a fight!" Lemarto said indifferently. "I am not Simon. If you choose to keep fighting, then I won't show you any mercy. I am responsible for them!"

As Lemarto pointed at the spectators from the ancient city of Mei'ya below, a rapturous applause broke out all around them.

This earth-shattering applause made Lemarto look as if he was shrouded in a holy light.

"I won't be showing you any mercy either!" Luo Yunyang replied unenthusiastically as he stared at Lemarto.

"Alright, this is on you then. Don't go blaming me later!" As Lemarto spoke, pure white rays of source power started to spill out of his body. This source power formed an armor around him, as well as an additional pair of wings.

When this pair of wings appeared, most people's expression changed.

"He's a first-grade martial master!"

"Lemarto is actually a first-grade martial master!"

"Doesn't this information mean that he is a second-grade martial master? How could he be a first-grade martial master?" Fat Xue couldn't help but tremble as he watched the god-like Lemarto hover in mid-air.

Luo Yunyang had a grave expression on his face as he gazed at Lemarto, who was floating in the air. A first-grade martial master? Even if he gathered all his source power, he would only reach the level of a second-grade martial master.

As he thought about this, Luo Yunyang used his mind power to push these ideas aside. Although he reckoned that he might be able to crush Lemarto by using his mind power straight away, this wouldn't benefit the refinement of his cultivation techniques.

He had been hoping that he would be able to strengthen his cultivation techniques during his fight with Lemarto.

Luo Yunyang braced himself before opening his attribute regulator and making some quick adjustments.

Power: 99 (Fire: 0, Ice: 41, Wood: 0)

Speed: 33

Mind: 54

Constitution: 85 (Golden Body: 0, Fire: 0, Ice: 22)

When he was done with these adjustments, Luo Yunyang unsheathed his Bloody Scar Sabre. A wave of desolate aura suddenly rushed out of his body.

A number of spectators close to the arena felt a frigid, bone-chilling sensation the moment Luo Yunyang unsheathed his sabre.

Some of the big shots who had been conversing suddenly froze.

A lot more people now turned to look at Luo Yunyang.

"His source core is ice-based!" a bald old man with a somewhat comical appearance declared irrefutably.

Nobody questioned the old man's words, not only because of his status, but also because of his cultivation base.

He was Mei'ya's Guardian, the Chief of the Myrtle Cavalry Regiment and a top-notch martial grandmaster. These three positions were held in very high esteem by most people.

"Wasn't he supposed to have a wood-based source core?" someone asked doubtfully.

"Either the fellas from the 13 Eastern Cities played a joke on us, or he has awakened two source cores!"

The old man had barely finished speaking, when everyone went into an uproar.

Two source cores? Although most people were hearing this theory for the first time, there were still some people who were looking on pensively.

"What the f*ck? That damned Luo Yunyang kept this from us. He isn't just a top-quality assistant. He is a contestant. Damn it! An ice-based source core!" Fat Xue exclaimed excitedly.

Under different circumstances, he might have been a little envious of Luo Yunyang's two source cores. However, he didn't feel a single shred of jealousy right now.

Teacher Xie frowned. Luo Yunyang had kept this from him. He was the team's leader, so the fact that he didn't know his own team member's strength was laughable.

When they returned home, he would have a good chat with Lu Xiu!

Meanwhile, Chief Instructor Lu, whom Teacher Xie was remembering fondly, was bursting with vulgarities that wanted to spring out of his mouth. He hadn't harbored much hope for this match.

No, he actually hadn't harbored any hope at all. After all, it wasn't every day that one met a fool like Simon.

Under these circumstances, obtaining a 1% share of resources for the 13 Eastern Cities was already a great achievement on Luo Yunyang's part.

However, he hadn't imagined that, before the match even started, Luo Yunyang would give him an even bigger surprise. Ice-cold Qi started to pervade the arena as soon as Luo Yunyang drew his sabre.

"Is that really Luo Yunyang, sir?" Xu Zhong asked in disbelief as he rubbed his head.

Chief Instructor Lu kicked Xu Zhong. "Isn't he one of your soldiers? Why the hell are you asking me?"

Xu Zhong wasn't angry by any means. After he was sent flying, he just ran back over and sat next to Chief Instructor Lu to watch the match. He was smiling wide, so he was obviously not afraid of being kicked again.

"Sir, I believe that Luo Yunyang might be able to beat Lemarto. If he does, we might even win the competition. Wouldn't a resource increase of 15% upgrade our future living standards?" Xu Zhong crooned. "From now on, daddy is going to use two communication devices. One for..."

"There is little chance of victory." Chief Instructor Lu shook his head before he added, "Lemarto isn't just a first-grade martial grandmaster. He is also a disciple of Unrivalled Warrior Johann."

"That doesn't mean that it's a definite loss!" Xu Zhong remained unconvinced.

"How about we make a bet?" Chief Instructor Lu suggested.

"Be my guest!" Xu Zhong slapped his bald head and fished some cards out of his pocket before he said, "I'll bet all the money I have in these cards on Luo Yunyang winning!"

Many trainees around them nodded their heads in approval. Although Xu Zhong could be unreliable at times, he was very optimistic about Luo Yunyang's victory.

"Do you think that I don't know that you have less than 10 dayuan in these cards?" Chief Instructor Lu took one look at the cards before making fun of him with a scornful look. "How about betting your officer card?"

"He he... I lost my officer card. I am waiting for a replacement!" Xu Zhong replied in a deadpan manner as he scratched his head.

Sun Miaomiao, who had been listening in, was not polite. "Just as I expected. A leopard can't change its spots!" she mocked him.

Xu Zhong didn't blush. He didn't care about Sun Miaomiao, so he just went back to watching the match.

Practically all the 13 Eastern Cities had come to a standstill, as countless people had fixed their attention to their screens.

Could young Luo Yunyang really give them hope?