Supreme Uprising Chapter 116

Chapter 116 The 3000 Mile Freezing Move


“It’s no use. You might have surprised me, but you are no match for me!” Lemarto said in a very self- confident tone as he floated in the air like a deity. “I will let you experience the disparity between a second-grade martial master and a first-grade martial master.”

As he spoke, the wings on his back spread open. In a flash, he had already appeared behind Luo Yunyang’s back. His long sword, which was glowing with a white light, stabbed at Luo Yunyang like a bolt of lightning.

Its speed was so quick that it was hard to describe.

The fact that he was in the air gave him the advantage of higher ground. Therefore, the sword-light that flashed out was like a net closing down on Luo Yunyang.

As he clutched the Bloody Scar, Luo Yunyang was as calm as an old monk. When Lemarto’s net-like sword descended, he waved about the long sabre in his hands.

Luo Yunyang had already cultivated the Five Tiger-Breaking Knife Techniques close to perfection. Thus, when he faced Lemarto, he didn’t have to use any moves. He just moved his sabre spontaneously, parrying each and every blow.

Fast, fast, fast!

The sword-light, blurry silhouettes and weaving source power created an abstract scene in the arena. Out of the 300,000 spectators present, there were only about 1,000 who were able to comprehend what was going on.

This made everyone really anxious. Nobody even dared to breathe heavily. Everyone, regardless of whether they came from the 17 Western Cities or the 13 Eastern Cities, was extremely keyed up as they watched the match.

This battle would determine their lifestyle in the next five years after all.

After a last clashing sound, Luo Yunyang and Lemarto pulled away from their entanglement. Just like at the beginning, Lemarto was floating in mid-air, while Luo Yunyang stood still on the arena’s platform.

Their postures didn’t seem to have changed, but there were some slight changes to the weapons they wielded.

Quite a number of nicks had appeared on Luo Yunyang’s Bloody Scar. In some places it even looked as though it was going to break apart.

“You were able to withstand my 13 Flashing Strikes. It seems like Simon’s defeat yesterday was no coincidence. It’s about time we ended this, though,” Lemarto said indifferently as he gazed up at the sky. “Although you aren’t bad, you were unfortunate enough to encounter me. The difference between us is just too great.”

Lemarto raised the sword in his hand. As soon as he did, Luo Yunyang sensed a condensing feeling all around him.

He had also sensed such a feeling when he had been cultivating the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques. However, the condensing sensation of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques hadn’t been as intense as this one.

“It’s the Sacred Light Beheading!” Fat Xue’s voice was trembling as he watched the dazzling sword in Lemarto’s hand become even more blinding.

The Sacred Light Beheading was a cultivation technique of Unrivalled Warrior Johann. Johann had used the Sacred Light Beheading to kill a martial grandmaster from five kilometers away.

Although Lemarto couldn’t be compared to Unrivalled Warrior Johann, the Sacred Light Beheading in his hand evoked the same fear in people.

“Lemarto’s talent is exceptional. He’s actually mastered the Sacred Light Beheading! Looks like this match will no longer be interesting!” the chief of the Myrtle Cavalry Regiment exclaimed with a trace of envy in his voice.

“We should surrender. Luo Yunyang has already done his best,” Ling Yubing told Teacher Xie. “He might have lost to Lemarto, but he is younger than Lemarto by four years. This will still be an honorable defeat.”

Teacher Xie nodded. “Luo Yunyang could take part in the competition again in five years!” He suddenly stood up and said, “Luo Yunyang, let’s call it quits. You are still young. Your time to shine on this stage will come in five years.”

Teacher Xie’s words caused quite a commotion in the stadium. Almost everyone immediately started to discuss this new development.

“What? This Eastern soldier is actually that young?”

“He is barely over 16. He is four years younger than Lemarto, so he could participate in the next competition.”

“Good gracious! Lemarto won’t be able to take part in the next competition. Which soldier from the 17 Western Cities will be able to defeat this young man then?”

Teacher Xie’s words, which were also broadcasted on Sky Vision, spread widely throughout the 13 Eastern Cities.

“That’s right, Luo Yunyang is only 16. He is the youngest competitor at this competition!” a pundit who had been commenting on the fight proclaimed with great fervor.

“He’s spent four years less cultivating, so losing to Lemarto isn’t shameful by any means. If he fights again in five years, this young man will beat everyone!”

“Yes, I believe so too!” The reporter commenting along with the pundit went on to add, “Luo Yunyang didn’t lose because he wasn’t strong enough. He lost because he was born a few years later than his opponent. This is an honorable defeat!”

The bank where Shen Yunying worked was currently swarmed with people. Luo Yunyang’s infectious vigor had made everyone really passionate. Warm tears kept trickling down Shen Yunying’s cheeks.

“Thank you, Teacher Xie, but I have decided to keep fighting!” Luo Yunyang gripped the fractured Bloody Scar as he stared forward resolutely.

How could he surrender? He hadn’t even used most of his tricks yet! As soon as he announced his decision, he made some adjustments using the attribute regulator in his head once again.

Power: 200 (Fire: 0, Ice: 82, Wood: 0)

Speed: 22

Mind: 15

Constitution: 24 (Golden Body: 0, Fire: 0, Ice: 6)

When the adjustments were completed, Luo Yunyang raised the sabre in his hand. He had been continuously trying to comprehend the 3,000-Mile Freezing Move of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

According to the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, when the colossal ape spat through its mouth, a glacier that freezed the sky and earth was unleashed.

However, Luo Yunyang’s grasp of this magical-like technique was still inadequate. He could only combine the cold Qi within his body and his long sabre to form a freezing sword.

“Your courage is commendable, but courage doesn’t equal strength. If you won’t admit defeat, then I shall make you give up!” Lemarto’s voice was as graceful as ever, yet the instant the long sword in his hand moved, the power he had been gathering immediately doubled.

A silver sword-light rushed forth from Lemarto’s long sword and turned into a gleaming five-meter long sword that flew in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

The Sky Vision’s live broadcast shot the event from all angles, so every tiny detail was shown perfectly during the broadcast.

As a result, everyone was able to see the five-meter long blade of silvery-white light moving towards Luo Yunyang.

The strike was as beautiful as a flash of lightning, and just as impossible for anybody to evade!

Although nobody made a sound, countless fists were clenched tightly. This was the only way they could cheer on this heroic, mighty young man!