Supreme Uprising Chapter 117

Chapter 117 The Nine Varying Ape Dragon Blows


Luo Yunyang unleashed his 3,000-Mile Freezing Move at the exact same moment that Lemarto brandished his sword. His sabre gleam didn’t leave Bloody Scar. Instead, it created a three-meter long ray that shot straight at the sword-light headed towards him.

The two energies collided violently in mid-air.

When the pure white sword gleam and the sabre gleam clashed, they created a beautiful sight.

“Luo Yunyang, who is a second-grade martial master, was amazingly able to pull off this strike. However, there is still a big difference in terms of power. The gap between him and Lemarto is not something a sabre and a sword can fix…”

A pundit was expressing his views on Sky Vision. Based on what he knew, this sort of evaluation wasn’t too difficult to make.

However, the moment he said this, there were some massive changes in the long sword using the Sacred Light Beheading, as well as Luo Yunyang’s sabre gleam.

During the collision of these two forces, a victor finally emerged.

The convergence of Lemarto’s source power, which had formed the Sacred Light Beheading, had been cut into two by Luo Yunyang’s ice source power.

The moment the sword gleam of Lemarto’s Sacred Light Beheading was broken, a gust of cold air seemed to travel around the stadium.

As the frigid gust surged through the stadium, many people who had been full of fervor couldn’t help but shiver.

“How is that possible? That was the Sacred Light Beheading!” Simon, who was wearing a black suit and a cap to hide his identity, blurted out in shock, momentarily forgetting about his worry of being discovered.

When the Sacred Light Beheading was used, it could even slick off a mountain peak.

Although Lemarto hadn’t reached that state yet, he hadn’t expected the sword gleam of his Sacred Light Beheading to actually get broken during his confrontation with Luo Yunyang. This was something that many people found unbelievable.

“This Luo Yunyang fella is a damn good actor. Who knew that he had another trick up his sleeve! I was prepared to let him give me a good beating!” Fat Xue wailed. “It looks like I better not provoke him!”

Although Teacher Xie didn’t say anything, the look in his eyes showed clearly that he was extremely interested in the strike Luo Yunyang had used.

Lemarto wasn’t hurt. He was still floating in mid-air, but the armor on his body had started to crumble.

This was a result of the overuse of his source power.

“You surprised me. I thought that there was no one in the 13 Eastern Cities that could make me unleash this move, but you startled me. I’ll give you that.”

Although Lemarto was looking at Luo Yunyang solemnly, the killing intent that flickered in his eyes was even more intense.

The Sacred Light Beheading he had just unleashed was probably the strongest power that he was able to control, yet it had actually been cut in half during his exchange with this young man.

Lemarto didn’t think that there were any problems with the might of the Sacred Light Beheading, so if it had been broken, there could only be one reason why.

The rank of the source core that young man had used to converge the power must have surpassed his own source core. How else could it have broken through his source core?

Lemarto definitely could not go easy on this young man!

As he forced himself to say that, Lemarto raised his hands up before him and made a small cut on one of them.

Although the cut was very gentle, after that faint motion, a drop of blood trickled onto Lemarto’s long sword.

A pure white light blossomed from that drop of blood. As this light blazed even more intensely, Lemarto was enveloped in a white glow while he overlooked the sky and the earth.

The moment this white glow appeared, Luo Yunyang felt an immense pressure suppressing him.

If his Mind Attribute hadn’t already been at 15, which was much higher than average, and he hadn’t been experiencing the effects of cultivating the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, this pressure would have definitely cut his combat prowess in half.

“Everything that’s fabricated is ultimately shattered!” Although Lemarto’s voice was faint, his long sword had already started to move.

The instant he brandished his sword, it seemed like invisible fetters started to form in the air. Thanks to this sort of binding, the resplendent, dazzling sword gleam, which looked like it could cut through anything, rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

“This This is the Divine Judgement!” Fat Xue’s mouth seemed to convulse.

Although he wasn’t in the arena, he could still sense the extremely immense power surging forward.

This power suppressed his mental state and made him feel like he wasn’t facing a human, but a god.

Against the power of such a god, he was nothing but an insignificant speck of dust with no power to resist. He didn’t even dare entertain that thought.

“I can sense an immense mental suppression contained within his Divine Judgement. However, judging by Lemarto’s current cultivation base, he shouldn’t have been able to unleash the Divine Judgement. He He should” Ling Yubing wanted to voice her thoughts, but she realized she had become incoherent.

Teacher Xie had already stood up. He was a martial grandmaster, so he strode forward and tried to rush over to the arena.

“Mr. Xie! Please wait!” A rather good-looking middle-aged man blocked Mr. Xie’s path. “The outcome of the battle hasn’t been determined yet. You can’t just break the rules as you wish, even if it is a matter of life or death.”


Mr. Xie was just about to say that they surrendered, when Luo Yunyang suddenly moved.

His two hands started to glow. One of them was silvery white, and the other golden red!

Two balls of light quickly converged on his palms. In the blink of an eye, two light orbs, one gold and one silver, had appeared in his hands.

Although the light orbs weren’t huge, it seemed like the power they contained could make one tremble. The instant the two orbs were formed, Luo Yunyang’s hands came together and released the Nine Varying Ape-Dragon Blows of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

During Luo Yunyang’s two months of isolation, he had been trying to comprehend this move. This was currently the most powerful technique of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart that he was able to use.

Ice and fire were two opposing forces, so if one condensed them forcefully, the force generated would be 10 times more powerful.

Although this technique sounded really simple in theory, controlling it was extremely difficult. While Luo Yunyang had been training, he would only unleash this blow by using his original ice and fire source powers.

However, when he faced the Divine Judgement, he used his attribute regulator to raise his ice and fire powers to the maximum.

Fire: 45; Ice: 45!

As the two energies fused together, Luo Yunyang felt like there was an immense surging power about to erupt from his hands.

He immediately blasted it towards Lemarto without hesitation!