Supreme Uprising Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Fighting And Victory


It was like a collision between Heaven and Earth, yet it also seemed like a star being smashed into pieces. The power that rushed forward from Luo Yunyang's hands crashed against Lemarto's sword gleam.

When this seemingly divine power ruptured in mid-air, blazing lights erupted all over the place, making it difficult for anyone to see clearly what was going on inside.

The face of the man obstructing Teacher Xie fell. Suddenly, he soared in the air and headed over in the direction of Luo Yunyang.

He waved his hands and threw a sword gleam out before reaching through Luo Yunyang's ice and fire powers and pulling Lemarto out.

Lemarto looked as though he had just experienced a huge explosion. His handsome face was soot-black, and there were still many blazes burning on his body.

"You little thief! How vicious of you!" As the middle-aged man bellowed, his hands moved and a blade of sword-light was sent flying towards Luo Yunyang.

Although the man had just waved his hands casually, Luo Yunyang could sense that this casual wave was even more powerful than Lemarto's Divine Judgement.

Luo Yunyang's body suddenly felt empty. He couldn't even use the slightest bit of strength.

He found it difficult to squeeze any source energy out of his ice and fire source cores, and his entire body seemed to be tottering on the verge of collapsing.

Luo Yunyang would currently have a hard time warding off an ordinary strike from Lemarto, let alone a strike that surpassed his Divine Judgement.

"How audacious! Are you trying to start a war within the Da Alliance?" Teacher Xie, who had appeared before Luo Yunyang, moved his hands, creating a three-meter long blast that contained a purple lightning. The lightning shot towards the sword-light.

When the two energies collided in the air, the explosion produced was even more dazzling than the one produced when Luo Yunyang and Lemarto had been fighting.

However, as martial grandmasters, the two of them had already estimated each other's power the instant their exchange had begun. Thus, they didn't continue fighting.

"How is Lemarto?" quite a number of people watching from below asked the middle-aged man as they rushed up quickly.

The middle-aged man stared at Luo Yunyang before turning and barking out some instructions. "He's in very bad shape. Hurry up and get someone to bring three S-Restoration Fluids!"

As soon as the man snarled, several men rushed out of the stadium frantically.

Amidst this chaos, the realization of what had happened finally hit the spectators.

Everything suddenly seemed like a dream. In their half-sober, half-dazed state, they all started muttering to themselves, "Did we lose?"

When these words were first uttered, no one took notice. However, they were soon reverberating throughout the stadium.

"We won! My brother won!" Luo Dong'er shouted proudly as she jumped up in joy at Chang'an City's best primary school.

"We won! My son really won!" Shen Yunying was sitting in her office at the bank. A warm current that felt both sweet and a little aggrieved surged inside her heart. This current was like a tsunami that suddenly drowned her. Shen Yunying couldn't help but cry. Her son had suffered so much to be able to reach this point. Her beloved son had made her really proud!

Not a single person around her thought that Shen Yunying's emotions had spiralled out of control. Everyone was just gazing respectfully at her.

Her son really was

"Sister Ying, have you thought about what I spoke to you about? My niece is really adorable and she has a great attitude. If you want, I could get her to come over so you could take a look at her," a lady who seemed to be a senior executive said stealthily. She smiled wide as she stood next to Shen Yunying.

Given her rank, she was probably Shen Yunying's superior. However, there was no air of superiority about her now. On the contrary, she was acting as though Shen Yunying was her own superior.

"I have no idea when Yang'er will be able to return!" Shen Yunying's motherly instincts kicked in the moment she heard these words. Deep down, she really hoped that her son would settle down and start a family. She had always wanted to have a simple, warm family life that included grandchildren.

Just as the other woman was about to play matchmaker again, someone shouted, "Sister Yunying, the chairman is here!"

Suddenly, practically everyone who was related to or knew Luo Yunyang went into a frenzy. There was even a number of people who ran over to Donglu Town.

There were some martialists who chose to forgo cultivating at areas filled with sixth factor. Instead, they ran over to Donglu Town Middle School to cultivate the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

However, their desire to slavishly copy others proved fruitless.

They had won second place and a 6% share of resources. This gift was like a very timely rain for the 13 Eastern Cities.

This share, on top of the 26% of the original resources the 13 Eastern Cities received, had exceeded their expectations.

Thanks to Luo Yunyang, the living standards of the 13 Eastern Cities would improve greatly.

Plus, most people were anticipating that Luo Yunyang would soar to first place.

Many people felt a renewed hope after Luo Yunyang had defeated Lemarto. Although 6% was a lot, how could it compare to 15%?

However, the next scene that was broadcasted by the Sky Vision made the hopeful martialists of the 13 Eastern Cities choke.

The mediocre-looking girl who had ranked slightly higher than Luo Yunyang among the top four had suddenly unleashed her tyrannical side.

She had used one blow of an axe to seriously wound her opponent, Tom King, who had awakened a lighting source core and was famous as the Freedom City's most talented martialist in a century.

Her axe was filled with murderous spirit and boundless massacre.

She had used the Seven Axes of Blood Butcher Murat Asura!

Alice was the most common name in the 17 Western Cities, yet all it had taken was one blow of the girl's axe for her to become a resplendent entity.

Murat's adopted daughter had beaten Lemarto!

According to the commentary of a martial grandmaster, when Alice's Bloodthirsty Bloodline awakened her source core, she would remain in an unbeatable state for three minutes.

According to that same martial grandmaster's estimation, if Alice used the Bloodthirsty Bloodline, her fighting strength would reach the level of a martial grandmaster.

Martial grandmasters were a symbol of peerlessness. Other than a few beings called Pillars of a Nation, practically nobody else in the entire Da Alliance could beat a martial grandmaster.

Martial grandmasters stood at the apex of this world and looked down from above.

They were considered to be in harmony with both nature and humanity. In theory, martial grandmasters never got exhausted, so they could cover long distances in no time. Their bodies were also refined with source power, so even a bombardment would not injure a martial grandmaster mortally.

Anytime danger approached a martial grandmaster, they were able to have a faint instinctive reaction.

This basically meant that guns and cannons didn't pose a threat to a martial grandmaster. There was only one weapon that could threaten them. This was actually the most important weapon in the entire Da Alliance. However, even the Da Alliance was unwilling to use it.

In any case, a three-minute martial grandmaster was a martial grandmaster all the same.