Supreme Uprising Chapter 119

Chapter 119: A Three-Minute Bloodthirsty State

When this news was broadcasted on Sky Vision, many people from the 17 Western Cities who had originally been somewhat gloomy found something to cheer about. The name Alice was suddenly imprinted in their minds.

However, Alice couldn't really be called a goddess, as her appearance didn't make her stand out from the crowd.

Luo Yunyang was familiar with this scrawny girl. A few days earlier, she had been standing next to Lemarto at the banquet.

However, there had also been a beautiful girl by Lemarto's side, so this girl had not stood out much.

Actually, nobody had even noticed the plain-looking girl.

Although there hadn't been anything worthwhile to note during her previous fights, it was evident now that she had been intentionally hiding her power.

As soon as the news of Luo Yunyang's victory over Lemarto had spread, a blood-red axe had appeared in her hands.

The blade was the size of a truck tyre and the entire axe was even taller than the girl, yet the girl twirled around the huge axe as though it was as light as straw.

As the axe danced around through the air, it produced a loud whistling sound. A single seemingly gentle blow caused the expression of the girl's opponent to change dramatically.

The lance in his hands had formed a barrier that was sliced cleanly in half by the axe's blade!

Any ordinary martialist would have considered this a normal, straightforward strike, but Luo Yunyang could see the girl's additional control over her power, her imposing manner, her

Asura's Seven Axes is a technique almost equal to Martial God Luo Kai's Heaven Splitter.

When that humongous blade stopped inches away from Tom King's head, Tom King was already frozen in place. He was actually trembling violently.

"That's really sick!" Luo Yunyang said, smacking his lips.

"You are just as bad yourself. Why don't you take a look at yourself before you comment on others? You are clearly just as sick!" Fat Xue stuffed a piece of banana into his mouth before asking suspiciously, "Do you really have three source cores, you brat?"

"I already told you that I have cultivated the last two diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. so I have awakened two extra source cores," Luo Yunyang replied calmly. He had already prepared himself for this question.

"You sicko! You actually managed to cultivate the last two diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint? Do you know how many people have died trying to cultivate the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move? That's a taboo technique that practically no one should be able to master. How were you able to cultivate it successfully?

Fat Xue, who looked flustered, suddenly knelt on the ground. "Please accept me as your disciple!"

"Just get rid of your current source core and awaken a wood-based life source core," Luo Yunyang told Fat Xue rather dryly.

Fat Xue pouted. His earth-based source core was a source core of the highest grade. How could he get rid of it? Plus, once a person's source core was destroyed, their career within the Da Alliance was over!

Chu Yuan gestured at Fat Xue. "Everyone's destiny is different. You don't have to insist on this. The Ape-Dragon Blueprint is extremely abnormal, so only people like Luo Yunyang, who possess a wood-based life source core, are probably able to withstand its backlash."

Ling Yubing and Wei Zhongxing nodded their heads. Although they were all undeniably jealous of Luo Yunyang's three source cores, they knew very well that their paths were already set. Cultivating two source cores was simply impossible for them.

Teacher Xie returned with a huge smile on his face. He waved his hands around as he said, "I just informed the legislative assembly about your situation. After the superiors conducted a study, they concluded that this method of yours shouldn't be mimicked. If anyone asks you, just tell them that your body's constitution is unique. Got it?"

Teacher Xie's instructions solved a really troubling issue for Luo Yunyang. It would be really inconvenient for him if people tried excessively to figure out what was special about his circumstances.

"Got it, sir!" Luo Yunyang replied right away.

"You can put on an act during the upcoming match. We have already achieved our goal after all. The top brass has given us three days of vacation." Teacher Xie fished a card out of his pocket. "This is 100 million dayuan. Use it however you please!"

Fat Xue was left dumbstruck by the sight. He suddenly felt an impulse to rush over and grab the card in Luo Yunyang's hand.

100 million? Although this was a sum that Fat Xue could earn based on his background and abilities, that didn't mean that he could use it as he pleased.

100 million dayuan... Whoa! If only it was his

"What about me, boss? Although I didn't contribute any victories this time, I still tried my hardest. I should at least be paid a fee for my services, right?" Fat Xue was grinning from ear to ear.

Teacher Xie glanced at him with a chuckle before taking another card out of his pocket and handing it over.

"Our boss is great indeed. I always wanted to buy a full set of diamond tableware, and now I can finally afford it." Fat Xue clasped the card in his hands and kissed it.

"There is 10,000 dayuan in that card. It's probably enough to buy you a set of fake diamond tableware. He he I think the shop next door is having a sale!" Teacher Xie said affectionately, patting Fat Xue's cheeks.

Fat Xue's face immediately fell. He was about to ask why he was being treated so unfairly, but Teacher Xie had unfortunately already swaggered out of the room.

Teacher Xie send Luo Yunyang and the other four a message, saying that he had already relaxed thoroughly.

As the others slowly started to leave Luo Yunyang's room, Sky Vision was still jabbering on. The bald commentator kept sharing his vehement, lofty views.

"Even a martial grandmaster would have to make a strategic retreat against Alice's three minutes of Bloodthirsty State. Therefore, the resource allocation of the 17 Western Cities will not be affected! We should probably wait till tomorrow before cheering over our victory!"

The Battlefield of Gods was the largest sporting arena in the entire ancient city of Mei'ya, perhaps even the entire Da Alliance. Under normal circumstances, this arena wouldn't be open.

However, the Battlefield of Gods could accomodate 1,000,000 spectators. Although Mei'ya was one of the 37 last cities of humanity, there weren't many events that brought together 1,000,000 people.

The reason this sporting arena didn't open often was because, when it did, it consumed a lot of resources.

There was already a bustling crowd of spectators outside the Battlefield of Gods. Half an hour before the match was due to start, the entire arena was already full.

Some spectators who had gone there too late, but were unwilling to leave, had gathered outside the Battlefield of Gods to watch the event on the big screens.

Several tall statues of gods stood outside the Battlefield of Gods like guardians that surrounded and protected the venue, making it seem incomparably awe-inspiring.