Supreme Uprising Chapter 120

Chapter 120 I Am Invincible


Simon draped his cloak a little higher as he stood in a corner. Thanks to his status, there was still a place for him at the Battlefield of Gods.

Actually, his place was top-notch. He was one of the main contestants of this exchange after all.

However, Simon wasn’t willing to meet anyone. Thanks to Lemarto’s loss, which served as a cushion, his own loss to Luo Yunyang was no longer disgraceful. Nevertheless, whenever he recalled how he had been sent flying with one punch, Simon couldn’t help but feel distraught and irascible.

It was so bad that, whenever he saw others whispering, his imagination would start to run wild. Those people could be secretly discussing his sorry self or mercilessly deriding him!

This made him feel like he was on the verge of crumbling. There was a number of times when he even felt like walking forward and asking why they were mocking him incessantly, even though he had heard nothing.

“I never expected to see you here, Simon!” a dim voice said, startling Simon. Simon looked up and saw a faint smile.

“Tom King! I thought that you would need to find a place to rest!” The two parties were rivals, so Simon wasn’t very friendly to Tom King.

Tom King, who was a tall, sturdy man with a rugged charm, took no heed of Simon’s sarcasm. He just stood there silently.

Simon felt a little displeased. He had been feeling especially irritable over the past two days, so he really wanted to find someone to vent on.

Tom King’s calm demeanor made him feel as though he had thrown a violent bombardment of punches, but had only struck cotton.

“I came over because I wanted to see how that unbeatable state of hers actually works,” Tom King said eventually.

“I admit that I was no match for her, but I also wish to know exactly how strong she is…”

Simon nodded before asking Tom King unceremoniously, “You think Luo Yunyang will be able to force her to her limits?”

Simon had uttered the word ‘limits’ in a grave manner. Tom King hesitated for a moment before he finally nodded his head. “The moves Luo Yunyang unleashed during yesterday’s match showed that he’s already reached the pinnacle of a martial master’s prowess.”

“If he is able to repeat that performance, he will surely be able to force Alice to use her peak state. However, I don’t know how long he will be able to endure that state.” Tom King gazed into the distance as he spoke.

An over 10-meter long Rapid Gem limousine came to a stop slowly. An attendant in a black suit hurried over to open the door as a calm and cool Luo Yunyang stepped out unhurriedly.

Next to him was Chu Yuan and the others, all of them wearing bright smiles on their faces.

“The 13 Eastern Cities are very happy. After all, they have already acquired the shares they had hoped to get. I think today they are facing the eventuality of a certain defeat!” Simon didn’t even bother concealing his resentment for Luo Yunyang.

Tom King didn’t reply. Although he fully endorsed Simon’s judgement, deep down he hoped that Luo Yunyang would force Alice to her limits.

Luo Yunyang glanced in the direction of Simon and Tom King. Although he couldn’t see who the two people hidden in the dark were, thanks to his acute Mind Attribute, he was able to sense that they were familiar.

He must have probably seen them before. However, he didn’t have the time to pay any further attention to them, as his primary opponent was already inside.

“Now, let us welcome the two competitors on the stage!” After the passionate roar of the announcer, the one million spectators in the Battlefield of Gods immediately quietened down.

As Luo Yunyang walked towards the arena in the center of the battlefield with large strides, a bright light shone down on him, illuminating his body.

Wherever this light landed, it shone as bright as daytime.

When it shone down on him, a hubbub resounded from a corner of the stadium. Luo Yunyang looked over at that corner and saw about 100 people waving the insignia of the 13 Eastern Cities maniacally.

They were residents of the 13 Eastern Cities who had gone there to support him.

Although the noise level inside the Battlefield of Gods wasn’t too high, roars had started emerging in the city centers of all the 13 Eastern Cities.

Don’t think that you don’t have any friends. You are famous all over the world.

When Luo Yunyang walked on the stage, the announcer immediately added, “Next up, let us welcome our legend, Blood Butcher Murat’s disciple, Miss Alice!”

Alice was once again wearing the black dress she had worn at the dinner banquet. However, this time, her hands were holding on to a huge blood-red axe.

The axe was even taller than Alice, yet while she held it, it didn’t look one bit comical. Instead, the sight made quite a number of people feel a sense of fear. There was a dense killing intent oozing out of Alice.

“Alice, Alice!”

“Come on, Alice! You can do it!”

Alice walked to the center of the arena, gazing at Luo Yunyang solemnly.

“How unexpected! You actually have three different source cores!” Alice’s appearance wasn’t particularly outstanding, but the way she spoke made people really fond of her. It seemed like the girl liked to get straight to the point.

“Despite your three source cores though, you still are no match for me.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything as he studied his opponent. The girl appeared unperturbed and firm. The huge axe danced around in her hands, as though she was speaking to herself, yet at the same time it acted as a warning: When I make my move, I will not hold back.

Alice’s all-out effort would be the three minutes of a martial grandmaster’s state. While she was in this state, she would be able to slaughter any existence below the level of a martial grandmaster.

Although she was skinny and plain-looking, Alice currently gave off a domineering vibe, as though she could sweep aside anyone and anything that stood in her way.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang would be the one swept aside this time.

There was a momentary silence all around them. After one second of quiet, a roaring applause rang out all around the Battlefield of Gods like a tsunami.

All the spectators were applauding Alice!

After the apocalypse, the 37 cities had constituted the Da Alliance. However, the strength of the 13 Eastern Cities and the 17 Western Cities had been similar, so each side had always been trying to gain the upper hand over the other.

For the most part, strength had been the deciding factor, so the 17 Western Cities usually came out victorious, as they had suffered the fewest losses during the apocalypse.

That was why the living standards of the 17 Western Cities were better than those of the 13 Eastern Cities.

As a result, most people from the 17 Western Cities believed that they were superior to the 13 Eastern Cities.

However, during the previous day’s match, Luo Yunyang’s strike had filled the atmosphere and made them lose heart.

Lemarto, the number one fighter of the youngest generation of the 17 Western Cities, had been defeated. This result naturally wasn’t music to their ears.

Luckily, they still had Alice, who had saved their pride with one sweeping blow.

That day, Alice would certainly be able to send them into a wild frenzy.