Supreme Uprising Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Telekinesis Master

Alice clutched her huge axe as her eyes started to slowly turn red. Nearly every strong fighter of a martial master rank or higher knew that, the moment Alice's eyes turned completely red, she would activate the Bloodthirsty Bloodline.

The Bloodthirsty Bloodline would raise her powers several times and allow Alice, who was already a strong fighter, to reach the boundaries of a martial grandmaster.

Three minutes at the level of a martial grandmaster would render one unbeatable and allow them to slaughter any existence below a martial grandmaster level.

Fat Xue and the others were in a relaxed mood. They had all gone to watch the final match as though they would be watching a show. In their opinion, their 6% share of resources had met their needs. However, this applause, which was like a tidal wave, made them sense that this fight was no longer about resources.

A huge screen suddenly unfolded on the Battlefield of Gods. Chang'an City appeared on the display, then Quan'cheng, Cheng'du, and so on...

Each city center appeared on the screen. Countless masses had gathered at every city center, yet everyone remained silent. Based on their expressions, Fat Xue and the others could guess their attitude.

Fat Xue acknowledged that he wasn't a person who got excited easily, yet these feelings caused a weird expression to form on his face.

He knew that Luo Yunyang had nowhere to go right now. All he could do was fight with his back facing the wall.

He had to fight!

He wasn't just representing himself. He was representing the 13 Eastern Cities.

Chu Yuan, Ling Yubing, and Teacher Xie's expressions all became grave. They had suddenly discovered that their thoughts on this matter had been too simple.

"Luo Yunyang! We are with you!" a voice yelled from the large screen. The owner of the voice was a young teenage girl who raised her arm as she shouted.

Countless arms were immediately raised on the screen!

Many cameras suddenly turned to focus on Luo Yunyang. Both the 13 Eastern Cities' Sky Vision and the 17 Western Cities' Sky Vision now focused their broadcasts on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn't draw his long sabre. His gaze was still on the screen as he listened to the many shouts cheering him on. Suddenly, he turned towards Alice.

"You can't beat me!"

Luo Yunyang, who had been standing still, suddenly started to float off the ground slowly after he said these words. The speed at which he rose wasn't quick, so nobody could sense the vibrations of his source power, even though he kept rising without a hurry.

One meter, two meters, three meters

Luo Yunyang rose until he was hovering about six meters in the air before coming to a stop. He now looked as though he was being hoisted by some form of incorporeal gas.

Ling Yubing suddenly stood up and cried out, "He's a telekinesis master!"

"What the f*ck? He really is a telekinesis master!" Xu Zhong slapped his own head really hard as he watched Luo Yunyang float in the air like a god on the screen.

Only a hard slap could reassure him that the sight before him was real.

"Is our leader actually a telekinesis master? Whoa! How impressive!" Qin Feifei's eyes glittered as though there were 1,000 stars in them.

Meanwhile, Base 7 had collectively fallen silent. This was really unexpected for the people back there.

A telekinesis master! Although this wasn't unheard of, it was something that the majority of them had never come across, as there were very few telekinesis masters in the world.

Actually, telekinesis masters were among the most important assets of the Da Alliance.

There were people among them that dreamed of waking up one day, discovering they were a telekinesis master, marrying a beautiful wife and reaching the pinnacle of humanity.

However, this was an impossible dream for most people.

"Do you think there is anything our leader can't do? If someone told me that he could give birth, I would believe it..." Xie Tian mumbled. His words lacked reasoning. They were actually so dumb that nobody could retort.

However, what he had just said seemed to make a lot of sense!

Many people who were busy working all over the 13 Eastern Cities received similar messages.

"Get back quickly and watch the Sky Vision! Luo Yunyang is a telekinesis master! This battle isn't over yet!"

Meanwhile, the martialist who had been speaking confidently on the 17 Western Cities' Sky Vision was now gaping in shock.

He had just praised Alice's aggressiveness and speculated that there wouldn't be any suspense during this fight. He had actually said that the only thing that would entertain the audience was betting on how long Luo Yunyang would be able to hold out under Alice's relentless attacks.

His face twitched as he watched the scene before him. His carefully prepared facial expressions froze up in shock, doubt and astonishment. His mind was such a chaotic mess that he wasn't able to come back to his senses.

It seemed like one shouldn't speak carelessly, especially when a match had not even ended. However, it was too late for regrets now. Words couldn't be taken back. The man suddenly felt absolutely horrible.

You already have three source cores! Why can't you be a little more low-key? How can you also be a telekinesis master? Can't you give us a break?

"Mr. Smith, this..." The beautiful female presenter beside him, who was very competent, was fully aware that there shouldn't be any awkward silences, so she smiled brightly and spoke up with a cough.

"A telekinesis master This is a whole new domain. It seems like we"

As she used polished words in an effort to salvage the awkward situation, Alice suddenly moved. The glow of blood in her eyes had become even more crazed.

"Alright I had originally thought that fighting you wouldn't be worthwhile, yet you are also a telekinesis master. This is really great!"

As she spoke, the berserk glow in Alice's eyes glowed even brighter, to the point that her whole eyes became bright scarlet.


As Alice spoke, a majestic Qi rushed forward from her body and a strange feeling arose in Luo Yunyang's heart.

It felt similar to facing Chief Instructor Lu Xiu. Back then, he had showed everyone how powerful a martial grandmaster was.

The Bloodthirsty Bloodline erupted along with the unbeatable state of a martial grandmaster, which was supposed to last three minutes.

Luo Yunyang didn't dare hesitate. He immediately adjusted his Mind Attribute to the max.

Power: 1 (Fire: 0, Ice: 0, Wood: 0)

Speed: 1

Mind: 260

Constitution: (Golden Body: 4, Fire: 1, Ice: 1)

"Die!" As Alice suddenly swung her axe in this berserk state, an inexhaustible bloody light flew over to Luo Yunyang and enveloped him.

The huge axe was like a cloud of blood that instantly enclosed a small area around Luo Yunyang.

Shadows of Alice's axe filled up this tiny space. If an ordinary martial master had suffered this sort of attack, the possibility of escaping would have been zero.

If a martial master had attempted to parry these attacks, the overestimation of their abilities would have resulted in failure. Martial masters could only use the source power in their bodies, whereas martial grandmasters could absorb power from all around them. This was a really big difference!

However, Luo Yunyang was as cool as a cucumber. A thought flashed through his mind as his two throwing knives, Chasing Sun and Accompanying Moon, flew out of his hands and headed straight towards the frantic hacks of that huge, powerful axe.