Supreme Uprising Chapter 123

Chapter 123: The Last Person Standing On The Stage

When things got really dangerous, Alice, whose eyes were glowing red, suddenly clutched her head with both hands and shrieked violently before rolling around on the ground in pain.

"Quick, stop her! That's the Mindstorm!" a tall, skinny Western old man shouted.

A few Western powerhouses that looked like martial grandmasters rushed over to Alice and caught her with a wave of their hands.

"Don't knock her out! Let her vent. Otherwise, the Mindstorm will shatter her mind into a million fragments. If that happens, even if Alice is able to survive, she will become an imbecile!"

The tall, skinny old man floated up after checking Alice's condition and barked out firm instructions.

The few powerhouses from the West, who all agreed with the old man, split up and held down Alice's arms and legs in an effort to stabilize her.

The golden glow surrounding Luo Yunyang's body had also crumbled after the blow of the huge blood-red axe. Given the circumstances, Luo Yunyang's heart was beating like crazy.

If he hadn't managed to use the Mindstorm in time, or his Golden Body had

Fortunately, he had managed to use his attribute regulator at the right time. Otherwise, defeating Alice would have been impossible.

"This is just a friendly competition. Isn't using the Mindstorm a little over the top?" the tall, skinny old man asked in an angry tone as he stared at Luo Yunyang.

"If it's a friendly competition, then why was there a need to use the Bloodthirsty Bloodline and the three-minute unbeatable state?" Teacher Xie retorted, appearing behind Luo Yunyang at just the right moment. "How come you guys are allowed to commit arson in Mei'ya City, when we aren't even allowed to light a lamp?"

The old man didn't say anything. He just shot Luo Yunyang a look before turning away.

"Who is that man?" When he had stared at him, Luo Yunyang had felt as though a huge beast had been glaring at him. Although the man hadn't attacked him, Luo Yunyang could sense how fearsome he was.

"He is Yaride, a telekinesis grandmaster!" Teacher Xie seemed a little worried.

Although a telekinesis grandmaster was at the same rank as a martial grandmaster, it was publicly known that if a martial grandmaster and a telekinesis grandmaster had a showdown, the one that would die wouldn't be the telekinesis grandmaster.

If martial grandmasters were rare in the Da Alliance, then telekinesis grandmasters were even scarcer.

There were actually less than 10 in the entire Da Alliance.

"Arghh!" Alice was still howling hysterically. Her hands were struggling frantically as she tried to escape from the powerhouses controlling her. Unfortunately, she was unable to take even a single step away.

Although Mei'ya City's most celebrated host was unwilling to do his job, he still had to walk on the stage 15 minutes later. "I hereby announce the victor of this round, Luo Yunyang!"

The moment this information was announced, a deadly silence spread in the stadium, which hosted more than one million spectators.

Almost the entire audience had gone there in hopes of winning, yet they were now experiencing defeat.

Deep down, they all felt that Alice wasn't at fault. The girl, who looked like demon spawn, had made them feel afraid from the bottom of their hearts.

However, this demon-like deity had actually lost to Luo Yunyang. This type of defeat was hard for them to accept. Although they believed that it wasn't true, they had really been defeated.

Alice had been defeated at the hands of a telekinesis master.

The people from the 13 Eastern Cities, who were supporting Luo Yunyang, were also silent. They were all in complete shock.

Although they supported Luo Yunyang from the bottom of their hearts, when they'd heard that he would be facing Alice, they hadn't thought that he would have any chance of winning. However, things had turned out quite differently.

Luo Yunyang had actually come out victorious. He had defeated an entity that possessed a three-minute unbeatable state!

One second, two seconds

After a full minute of silence, a thundering applause suddenly rang out all around the stadium. Although many people felt their hearts sink, they had to admit that it had been a brilliant match.

Although they cared about the shares of resources, which would affect their lives, they would let the officials of the 17 Western Cities worry about them.

About 15 minutes later, Alice finally came back to her senses. Her scrawny face was very pale, yet she still gazed intensely at Luo Yunyang before she left.

It seemed as if she wanted to etch his image deeply into her mind.

Luo Yunyang boarded the car heading back to their hotel under the protection of the Myrtle Cavalry Regiment. The car was already full by the time he got in.

"I was really nervous!" Teacher Xie coughed lightly before speaking to Luo Yunyang. "I have no idea how to reward you now!"

"I was just as nervous. Luo Yunyang. Having three damn source cores is more than enough. You disgusting person! How could you also be a telekinesis master? Did you know that a tiny, weak spark suffered a huge blow because of you? I really feel like beating you up!" Fat Xue said as he made some threatening gestures. "I worry that I might not be able to, though No, I really could not beat you."

Ling Yubing smiled as she said, "My heart isn't as dark as that little fatty's. I only have blessings for you, Luo Yunyang. Of course, there is also something that you have to remember. If you don't have a girlfriend, you could consider me for the job. I am a graceful girl and a very skilled cook!"

When Chu Yuan heard what Ling Yubing said, she felt some complex, slightly melancholic emotions flood her heart.

"When I first heard the competition rules, I thought that you would be the weak link," Wei Zhongxing said sincerely. "I would like to apologize. I now realize that you were always the strongest one among us. You just didn't want to show off."

"Ha ha ha Let bygones be bygones. Don't take this to heart! Men shouldn't fuss over a few words!" Luo Yunyang replied magnanimously, waving his hands around.

However, deep down he attached more importance to Wei Zhongxing's behavior. Someone who couldn't stand people who were stronger than them and despised people who were weaker than them couldn't have a kind heart. Even if they discovered that they had a conscience one day, the spite in their bones wouldn't disappear easily. After all, who knew when they would relapse and hurt others again?

Wei Zhongxing might have said the right words, but Luo Yunyang could still sense a deep hostility hidden in his eyes. This trace of enmity was concealed so well that, although his heart was full of hatred, what was visible on the surface was only the tip of the iceberg.