Supreme Uprising Chapter 124

Chapter 124: The Garden Of Dreams

According to Fat Xue, the best thing to do that day would be to drag Luo Yunyang along and have some fun without worries. However, the moment these unreliable words exited his mouth, his suggestion was overruled by Teacher Xie.

He had good reason to overrule it. Luo Yunyang had just experienced a major battle, so what he needed was to get some rest!

Chu Yuan, Ling Yubing and the others all agreed with Teacher Xie, so Fat Xue was suppressed without any chance of rebelling.

Luo Yunyang lay on a chair and sorted through his thoughts, summarizing his gains and losses during this battle.

He had defeated Alice, yet Asura's Seven Axes had been formidable.

Although Luo Yunyang had used both the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and his Mind Telekinesis, he had eventually relied on his attribute regulator to narrowly defeat Alice.

Luo Yunyang had acknowledged his own shortcomings during this battle.

His combat experience was limited, and his technique cultivation wasn't sufficient. Although he hadn't watched Ling Yubing's fight, he believed that a telekinesis master's combat techniques definitely wouldn't be limited to the few methods he had used.

Although he had relied on his tyrannical mind power and used the Mindstorm to defeat Alice, this wouldn't be enough against a true telekinesis grandmaster.

However, what Luo Yunyang thought about the most were the three minutes of martial grandmaster state that Alice had experienced when she had activated the Bloodthirsty Bloodline.

Her display had made Luo Yunyang realize that he couldn't belittle the heroes of this world. He might have an attribute regulator, but other people might have even more unique tricks hidden up their sleeves.

He needed to quickly cultivate the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, especially the breathing techniques it contained. His Golden Body might be very strong, but improving its state was a problem he needed to take care of fast.

All these thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang's mind, making him feel a little tired. He took a deep breath and then used the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity to send a wave of wood-based vitality into his body.

"Luo Yunyang, we will be returning to the 13 Eastern Cities in two days. Until then, you can get some rest and enjoy yourself," Teacher Xie said after summoning Luo Yunyang and the others the next morning.

Although Luo Yunyang and the other martialists were State Scholars, they were still teenagers, so there wouldn't be any restrictions to the amount of fun they could have.

The moment these words left Teacher Xie's mouth, he was met with a round of cheers. Teacher Xie didn't say anything else. He just waved them all off, indicating that they could just go and have fun by themselves.

However, before Luo Yunyang could walk out of the room, Teacher Xie suddenly chuckled loudly. "The consul of the Da Alliance has just informed me that Luo Yunyang will be awarded one billion dayuan. You better make the most of this opportunity!"

It was evident what this opportunity meant. Fat Xue cheered and said, "Other people's riches are just my worldly possessions!" His chubby hands had already grabbed onto Luo Yunyang's sleeves as he looked at him greedily.

They would go on a shopping spree!

Luo Yunyang brandished the golden card that Teacher Xie had given him as a reward before he went into an uncontrollable shopaholic mode. He had to buy presents for his mother and little sister, as well as some of his relatives and friends.

As soon as he found out that there was one billion dayuan in the golden card, Luo Yunyang no longer cared about prices.

"Bring that over! Yes, that one!" Fat Xue gestured at a set of Western attire bossily before he laughed heartily. "Wrap it up for me!"

"Sir, this suit will not compliment your body type!" a graceful female sales assistant advised.

Although her conscientious suggestion was definitely good professional ethics, her recommendation was unfortunately rejected cruelly by Fat Xue.

"F*ck! Can't you see that I have been losing weight recently? This suit is the most expensive one you have. This is what I want, I don't want to try anything else!"

Fat Xue was practically snarling, which made the kind sales assistant feel foolish.

"What a coincidence! I never expected to run into you here, Mr. Luo!" Li'Chen smiled at Luo Yunyang, looking pleasantly surprised. She was wearing an elegant long dress.

The people in Mei'ya City considered Luo Yunyang someone famous all over the world, yet almost anyone who recognized him in this high-end shopping center would show some restraint.

Even though he didn't have any intention of giving in to her seduction, Luo Yunyang's ego still swelled up when he saw Li'Chen.

"I always knew that you were really strong, yet I never imagined that there would be a wise, farsighted heart in that strong body." Li'Chen bowed gracefully, just like a fan who had just met her idol.

Luo Yunyang was speechless. Meanwhile, Ling Yubing frowned and Fat Xue grimaced behind him.

"There is a first-rate show that I will be participating in tonight, Mr. Luo. I wonder if you could find the time to attend it and support me?" Li'Chen's huge eyes were full of eager anticipation.

Show? What sort of show?

Luo Yunyang had a stunned look on his face. Other than his life in Donglu Town and Base 7, he really didn't know much about anything else in the world!

"Is it the celebrated Garden of Dreams?" Fat Xue quickly squeezed to the front and clasped his hands together tightly as his heart beat rapidly.

Ling Yubing kicked out hard at him. This time, Fat Xue, who was really afraid of pain, acted as though he didn't even feel it.

"Yes, it is the Garden of Dreams. You could come along with Mr. Luo, Mr. Xue." Li'Chen gazed intently at Luo Yunyang. "I've noticed that everyone calls you Yunyang. May I also address you that way?"

"Of course, Miss Li'Chen. You could also call me Fat Xue. We are all friends here. Calling us Mr. is too polite! Ha ha! Yunyang and I will come to your show together," Fat Xue answered on Luo Yunyang's behalf, afraid that the idiot would say something and spoil everything.

"I have to prepare for the big show tonight, so I shan't accompany you any longer, Luo Yunyang!"

As soon as she said this, Li'Chen left gracefully. Her beautiful back disappeared from view, leaving only her breathtaking charm behind.

"What is the Garden of Dreams?" Luo Yunyang asked Fat Xue after Li'Chen had left.

"How can you not know this? He he Let sister explain. The Garden of Dreams is a..."

Fat Xue chuckled before Ling Yubing could finish speaking. "The Garden of Dreams is a top-notch auction that takes place in the West. There will be many high-quality items there. There will even be some people who have managed to buy lots of good stuff!"

Fat Xue was lying. Luo Yunyang's Mind Attribute had already surpassed 60 points, so he didn't need to make any adjustments to sense the fat fellow's dishonesty.

However, he didn't have anything better to do and Fat Xue was quite a good friend, so Luo Yunyang decided that he would go over to take a look.

What surprised him was Ling Yubing's reaction. Although she had been undermining Fat Xue just a moment ago, she suddenly decided that she wanted to tag along to the Garden of Dreams.