Supreme Uprising Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Scram


Six hours later, Luo Yunyang watched beautiful women wearing all sorts of wings strutting out continuously on a massive T-shaped stage. “Is this the auction you were talking about?” he asked Fat Xue disdainfully.

“He he The auction takes place at the end. Did you know that the Garden of Dreams only happens once a year? During each show, the dreams of every man in the entire Da Alliance are fulfilled.”

Fat Xue chuckled as he watched the models strut leisurely. “My dream was to attend a fashion show before I turned 30. I never expected that I would be able to realize my dream before I even turned 20! It’s all thanks to you!”

Fat Xue suddenly got excited. “Look! She winked at me! Whoa, she even blew me a kiss!”

Right across from them was a 1.80-meter tall blonde model whose sweet features and graceful figure had a relentless charm.

She flashed a gorgeous smile all around her under the flashing lights, looking right in their direction.

“She is obviously smiling at Luo Yunyang, alright?’ Ling Yubing shattered Fat Xue’s daydream rudely.

Fat Xue snorted and pretended Ling Yubing didn’t exist. Instead, he turned his attention to yet another woman traversing leisurely down the catwalk.

Almost every woman that walked down the catwalk seemed to fix her attention in Luo Yunyang’s general direction. When Li’Chen appeared on stage, she extended both arms in his direction.

“How is this fellow still so popular?” Fat Xue didn’t even bother concealing the jealousy in his tone.

“People tend to worship the strong. Plus, he has a special wood-based source core!” Wei Zhongxing chuckled. “Some people say that Luo Yunyang’s source power could make one stay young forever!”

A mysterious grin appeared on Wei Zhongxing’s face as he said these words.

“I am really delighted to see you here, Luo Yunyang. I am Tom King from Freedom City!” A tall handsome guy in a black suit walked over to Luo Yunyang.

Tom King had been defeated by Alice and Asura’s Seven Axes. Although he had lost this time, his reputation hadn’t received that much of a beating.

“I have to thank you. If you hadn’t injured Lemarto that badly, I might not have gotten a chance to place third at this competition.” Tom King suddenly lowered his voice. “Of course, this was what I had been promised.”

Promised? Luo Yunyang could guess what he meant by that.

He smiled, but refrained from commenting on this matter.

“Although you did it unintentionally, the Seven City Coalition can’t thank you enough. This is one billion dayuan. Take it and spend it however you like! Don’t decline, you deserve it,” Tom King added.

Luo Yunyang had yet to finish the one billion dayuan he had with him, yet he had received another billion. He had no idea how to describe what he was currently feeling.

When he accepted the card, Tom King smiled at him and turned to leave gracefully.

Luo Yunyang twirled the card around in his hand and smiled at Fat Xue and the others. “Unexpected good fortune! You can all have a share. Don’t hold back at this auction!”

Fat Xue sighed. “Going out with you is really a blow to one’s confidence. Thank god I am a magnanimous person that can accept you for who you are!”

Ling Yubing nearly burst out laughing. Fat Xue is really thick-skinned. He is clearly leeching off Luo Yunyang, yet he is still praising himself shamelessly for it!

As the few of them joked around happily, Li’Chen changed into a glamorous pure white dress and walked over to Luo Yunyang’s side gracefully, ignoring everyone else’s greetings.

“Mr. Luo, the auction is about to start. How about I accompany you in?” Li’Chen extended her hand naturally, gently placing it on Luo Yunyang’s arm.

Luo Yunyang smiled helplessly at Fat Xue, who seemed to be on the verge of tears, before following Li’Chen into the huge auction hall.

Many people were already seated when they entered. Based on their manners, Luo Yunyang could sense that these people were very wealthy and respectable. A lot of them had already appeared at the dinner banquet, which Luo Yunyang and the others had attended.

Luo Yunyang had arrived a little late to the fashion show, and the event had been rather noisy, so there hadn’t been many people there to greet them. However, as he and the others walked in now, quite a number of people stood up hesitantly.

“Greetings, State Scholar Luo. It really is a pleasure to meet you.”

“I didn’t know you were so close to Miss Li’Chen. Ha ha I hope that you will grace the banquets I hold at my manor with your presence in the future.”

“State Scholar Luo, I have a collection of fine pre-apocalyptic wines stored at home. If you are free, I would like to invite you over to sample some.”

Thanks to his impressive Mind Attribute, Luo Yunyang was able to tell that these invitations were just for show. None of them were sincere. These people did not respect him, they only respected his strength.

As he walked over with Li’Chen, he also sensed a hostile gaze fixed on him.

The person looking at him was a tall young guy with handsome features that exuded an air of nobility. The guy didn’t stand out from the other guests.

His cultivation base was only that of a martialist. Luo Yunyang was able to determine this with a quick scan of the man.

He could also tell that he had never met this guy before. There was only one thing that could cause this sort of enmity. Luo Yunyang had stolen the guy’s wife.

He had stolen Li’Chen.

“Li’Chen, have a seat here!” the guy finally called out to Li’Chen after muttering something to himself.

Li’Chen hesitated for a bit before replying, “Thank you, Ferlando, but I still have some matters to attend to with Mr. Luo. When these matters have been resolved, I will…”

Ferlando’s expression turned a little sinister. He stared at Luo Yunyang before he said indifferently, “Mr. Luo, Miss Li’Chen and I have something to discuss. Could you please rest here for a bit?”

Although Luo Yunyang did not know the background of this man, his haughty attitude pissed him off.

“Scram!” Luo Yunyang glared at him icily.

His killing intent pervaded the vicinity instantly, making the young guy shudder.

He belonged to one of the three golden family clans of the 17 Western Cities. Although he wasn’t an heir, he possessed a status that ordinary people could only dream of.

Most people treated him with respect. Even some martial grandmasters dealt with him in an amicable manner.

Therefore, he had always felt like he pulled quite some weight. That was why he had asked Luo Yunyang to move aside.

However, he hadn’t expected to receive this sort of answer.

The fact that there were so many celebrities and notable people around made his face redden. Even though he was angry, he also felt fear in his heart.

It was a fear derived from Luo Yunyang’s pressure. He felt that the person before him wasn’t Luo Yunyang, but a colossal source beast he had occasionally glimpsed from time to time through cracks in the space barrier.