Supreme Uprising Chapter 126

Chapter 126 The Fine Ancient Iron Spear


“What What did you say?” Even though he took a deep breath, Ferlando’s voice was still shaky.

“Do you want to force my hand?” Luo Yunyang replied icily.

“I apologize, Mr. Luo. Ferlando has had a little too much to drink.” A middle-aged man around 40 walked over quickly and explained respectfully.

When Ferlando saw the middle-aged man walk over, he immediately thought that he had found a supporter, so he spoke a little louder. “You heard it for yourself, Cheney. You”

Cheney shut down Ferlando’s crazed snarling immediately. “Sir, Mr. Luo is being very polite.”

As he spoke, he dragged Ferlando outside.

“Polite? Polite, my ass! What right does someone from the 13 Eastern Cities like him have to act cocky in our domain? Just wait till the auction begins…” Ferlando’s voice became even more flustered as his words became more unbridled.

However, it was clear that Cheney wasn’t about to let him say what he wished. The man covered Ferlando’s mouth hurriedly with his hand.

Luo Yunyang furrowed his brows. Although Ferlando didn’t get to finish speaking, Luo Yunyang sensed that there would be some problems at the auction later on.

Just as he was about to take action, a bell rang and someone announced in a loud voice, “Ladies and gentlemen. After this fantastic, dream-like performance, it is now time for us to view some rare, valuable items.”

The person speaking was an old man with grizzled white hair who seemed to be in his 60s. The old man spoke confidently and his tone resonated powerfully.

Luo Yunyang suddenly heard Li’chen’s voice in his ear. “You were really domineering just now. Ferlando was trembling from head to toe.”

Luo Yunyang felt his head swell as Li’chen breathed in his ear.

Li’chen tilted her head mischievously as she gazed at him. Her beautiful, flawless face shone with a pink sheen under the lights, just like a stalk of fragrant lilac.

To be honest, Li’chen was more beautiful than any woman Luo Yunyang had ever met. One only had to take a look at her lovable eyes, attractive cheeks and luscious lips! Anybody would dream of going out with her, but deep down Luo Yunyang had already thought of a strong rationale. He had built a solid foundation with a woman he liked. If he pushed, the construction might shake a little, but it definitely wouldn’t topple over that easily.

Although he wasn’t being unreasonable, his young heart already favored a like-minded girl.

“Let’s take a look at the first lot. This item is a pre-apocalyptic gemstone from the crown of a monarch!”

A glass case with a green jewel about the size of a quail egg was moved to the stage after the old man’s introduction.

As it was illuminated by all sorts of lights, Luo Yunyang thought that the jewel gave off a very dreamy impression from his point of view.

The dazzling multi-colored jewel was exceptionally beautiful.

However, this sort of item didn’t appeal to Luo Yunyang, who used his mind power to confirm that the green gemstone didn’t have any uses.

“Starting bid: 50 million dayuan. Minimum increment: 100,000!” the old man said after the gemstone was put on display.

“I really like this jewel…” Li’chen said softly. However, she didn’t wait for Luo Yunyang to speak before she raised her hand. “50 million dayuan!”

As a prominent woman of note, Li’chen naturally didn’t lack money. The moment she spoke, everyone around immediately fell silent.

A few ladies tugged on the sleeves of their male companions anxiously, implying that it was time for them to show their might.

Every man in attendance was extremely wealthy. However, when they saw Luo Yunyang standing beside Li’chen, they all instantly hesitated to bid.

“50 million going once! 50 million going twice!”

The old man had had rather high hopes for the gemstone that was being auctioned off first. He had believed that it would be sold off for at least 100 million dayuan.

Unfortunately, it was only sold at the starting bid. Nobody had actually made a bigger bid. This was clearly an unforeseen scenario.

The man paused on purpose for about 30 seconds between the second and the third call. After confirming that there were no other bids, he said rather dejectedly, “50 million going thrice Sold! Let’s all congratulate Miss Li’chen. From today on, this gemstone is yours.”

Li’chen stood up gracefully and flashed a smile in every direction before sitting down next to Luo Yunyang once again.

“Thank you. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be able to win the bid that easily. I would have spent at least 200 million dayuan.”

Luo Yunyang grinned and replied, “Don’t go starting a cult!”

Items were continuously brought out to be auctioned off. Most of them were pre-apocalyptic pieces of art, including some calligraphy and paintings. The price of each item was over 100 million dayuan.

Luo Yunyang, who had no interest in these things, felt a little drowsy. Fat Xue and the others weren’t that interested in the auction either.

Just as Luo Yunyang was contemplating whether it was time to leave, the old man announced, “Next, we will be auctioning off an ancient spear that was discovered in the East. Although it is not known how this spear was forged, its degree of sharpness surpasses that of alloy No.7…”

As the old man spoke, a 2.1-meter long black spear was lifted onto the stage by five men.

The moment it was brought on the stage, Luo Yunyang felt the temperature of his surroundings increase by about four degrees.

Even though it was under the lights, there was no luster on the pitch-black ancient spear. Luo Yunyang’s eyes started to glow as he stared at it.

The moment his mind power landed on the ancient spear, he immediately sensed a boundless murderous aura rush out of it. The murderous aura rushed straight at him, as if it was trying to attack his mind.

“Starting bid: 100 million dayuan. Additional increments: 50 million!” the old man that hosted the auction stated loudly.

“100 million!” a firm voice shouted. The first person to place a bid wasn’t Luo Yunyang. It was actually a martialist from the 17 Western Cities.

However, practically the instant that he spoke, Luo Yunyang raised the bid. “One billion!”

As soon as he said this, every other person who had been about to speak froze in place. They had originally considered increasing the bid bit by bit. They hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would raise the bid so high before they could even make a move.

Everyone in the auction hall immediately fell silent.

“One billion! Mr. Luo Yunyang has bid one billion. Any other bids? This is a rare ancient spear!”

The old host was very excited. After all, the higher the price an item was auctioned for, the bigger the commission he would earn. Anyone would be able to live comfortably on the commission he earned.

“1.05 billion!” Perhaps someone had been bewitched by the old man’s words, because a hesitant voice raised the bid.

However, the person had barely finished announcing the bid, when Luo Yunyang said coolly, “1.8 billion dayuan!”