Supreme Uprising Chapter 128

Chapter 128: The Three Lists

Teacher Xie sat upright in his chair and sighed. "That's right, the secret prescription has been leaked."

"How was it leaked?" Fat Xue, who was the first to reach Teacher Xie, asked rather anxiously.

"We are currently investigating it!" Teacher Xie exhaled a puff of smoke.

"Then What else can we do?" Fat Xue gestured wildly with his hands. "Even if I lost my life in the process, I would still do my best to help!"

"I know you are eager to help, but it is no use," Teacher Xie said faintly. "If I could, I would slaughter the entire Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group. It wouldn't be such a big deal anyway."

Although Teacher Xie hadn't revealed his talents, Luo Yunyang and the others knew that he had to be the equivalent of a martial grandmaster. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been dispatched to act as their nanny during this competition.

Martial grandmasters could sweep away anything that appeared before them. If Teacher Xie made his move, killing the entire Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group wouldn't be a problem.

"Then why don't you act? Is it because of the martial grandmasters in Mei'ya City?" Fat Xue's question was straight to the point.

Teacher Xie looked Fat Xue right in the eye before he said calmly, "Sit down. You are good at everything, but you are a little hot-tempered. This is already done. What's the use of getting so worked up over it? Would getting worked up reverse the situation?"

Fat Xue went silent when he heard this. He really didn't have any power to retaliate.

"Although any matter that takes place between us and the 17 Western Cities does not always have clear lines, there is one thing that's clear. People with a martial grandmaster rank cannot interfere with the vile private deeds of either side."

Suddenly, Teacher Xie's expression became even more solemn. "You must all know that every martial grandmaster is an important resource for humanity."

"If you can't do it, then let us go and kill the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group instead!" Ling Yubing said fearlessly.

"Let you go? You guys are the most talented martialists of the 13 Eastern Cities. How could your talent be wasted on this sort of killing and plundering?"

Teacher Xie waved his hands around. "Plus, you guys are no match for the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group. Even Luo Yunyang is not."

Teacher Xie's voice suddenly became deeper. "Have you heard of the three lists?"

"Yes! They are the Divine List, the Sky List, and the Earth List!" Fat Xue answered solemnly. "Sure, I've heard of them. I also know that you rank 142nd on the Sky List!"

This was the first time Luo Yunyang was hearing about these lists. It looked like he would need to improve his knowledge in the future if he didn't want to be oppressed.

"The people on the Divine List are god-tier experts, the people on the Sky List are martial grandmasters, and the people on the Earth List are the Da Alliance's best martial masters."

"The leader of the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group, Du Tebang, is ranked 10th on the Earth List!"

Although the 10th spot on the Earth List didn't sound very high, people like Fat Xue, who knew all about the Earth List, immediately fell silent.

They all knew very well how difficult it was to reach the 10th position on the Earth List.

Besides actual strength, an abundance of fighting and killing experience was also required!

"Alright, go wash up and head to bed. Although the legislative assembly of the 13 Eastern Cities has informed us about this matter, they have requested that we do not act without thinking."

Teacher Xie let out a soft sigh.

Luo Yunyang didn't utter a word as he turned to leave. As he was about to head out of the room, he heard Fat Xue ask, "Is Yunyang already on the Earth List, sir?"

"He has placed 101st on the Earth List!" Teacher Xie's answer was clear. "He probably has the highest ranking among this age group."

101st? This ranking was quite far from what Fat Xue had expected. "Isn't that a little low?" he mumbled to himself.

"Although there aren't many first-rate martial masters in the Da Alliance, there are at least 1,000. Plus, every single person who can become a first-rate master must be really gifted. Placing 101st is already very good," Teacher Xie lamented. "Back when I first appeared on the Earth List, my ranking was in the 300-range."

As he walked to his own room, Luo Yunyang's face fell. Although Teacher Xie had explained a lot, deep down he felt indignant.

He couldn't forget what had happened inside Zu Long's tomb. Some of their comrades had been buried in their effort to find a path. He couldn't forget Professor Qin and the others, who had insisted on the safe delivery of the drug prescription, even though they knew that they would die.

He couldn't forget

So many lives had been sacrificed to ultimately obtain that ancient prescription, only for it to end up in the hands of these people. Luo Yunyang felt really indignant!

How could something so many people had traded their lives for so easily become a means for others to earn money?

Fat Xue walked in after knocking on the door. "I really can't stand this, Yunyang! I feel like I'm going to explode!"

Fat Xue swung his arms around crazily. "I never expected that someone would use such an important drug prescription for their own personal benefit. I..."

"What can you do?" Luo Yunyang didn't wait for Fat Xue to finish. "Could you attack and kill the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group without Teacher Xie's approval?"

Fat Xue slumped onto the couch like a deflated ball and clutched his head. "When you are not a martial grandmaster, it's difficult to do as you please!"

"Do you have anything else to discuss? If you don't, then stop fretting and get out. Hurry up and enjoy the pleasures of life. We will be leaving Mei'ya City in two days."

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang took out his communication device and dialed a number quickly. "Is this Miss Li'chen? It's me, Luo Yunyang. Are you free today? I just received a bottle of good wine."

Li'chen sounded overjoyed on the other end of the line. "I am free! I'm at a manor outside the city now. I'll come find you."

"That's not necessary. There are too many people around here. I'll come find you instead!" Luo Yunyang said firmly.

Fat Xue pointed at him. "You You are still in the mood for that right now?" He sounded a little pissed. "Oh, go ahead, brother. You mustn't get cold feet when it's time to honor the 13 Eastern Cities!"

When Luo Yunyang saw Fat Xue's sorrowful expression, he realized that his thoughts had gone astray. Luo Yunyang was too lazy to explain.

"You are my dear brother, Luo Yunyang. I I also want to experience glory. Could you introduce someone to me?"

Fat Xue grabbed onto Luo Yunyang's arm just before he left the room, as though he had suddenly remembered something. His face radiated with warmth.

In answer to his request, Luo Yunyang extended his hand and gave Fat Xue a hard slap across the face.

A hotel car transported Luo Yunyang quickly to the manor Li'chen stayed at. Even though it was outside Mei'ya City, there were over 10,000 troops of the Myrtle Cavalry Regiment stationed there, so there were no safety issues.

"Yunyang! It's so great to see you!" Li'chen quickly walked over and greeted Luo Yunyang. She was wearing casual clothes, yet her fair, delicate skin stood out.