Supreme Uprising Chapter 129

Chapter 129 God Slayer


Anticipation was evident in Li’chen’s eyes. Luo Yunyang’s scent had infatuated her. She tried her best to sniff it, as if she wanted to breathe in Luo Yunyang’s smell and keep it in her chest forever. To her, Luo Yunyang was an inexperienced young man. What she cared about was maintaining her own charm.

“Is it my source power that attracts you?”

Luo Yunyang entered the manor’s hall and looked at all the homely decorations before he suddenly said, “Then I shall let you have a taste of the power of my wood-based life source core.”

His words were like a sudden bolt for Li’chen, who was caught off-guard. Her hidden intentions had now been laid bare! Li’chen felt something she had never experienced before. It was a feeling that made her frantic. Before she could say anything, she felt Luo Yunyang’s fists smash heavily into her back.

Suddenly, a wave of power rushed through her body. As this wave of power struck her, Li’chen lost consciousness.

Luo Yunyang sat in Li’chen’s bedroom as the beautiful woman lay in a deep slumber on her spacious water bed.

There was a metal spear in Luo Yunyang’s hands that was radiating with a cold glint.

It was the ancient spear he had bought at the auction. Just before Luo Yunyang had taken the car to Li’chen’s manor, the people from the auction house had delivered the item.

Thus, he had brought the spear to Li’chen’s manor.

1.8 billion! The moment Luo Yunyang had first seen the metal spear, he had known that it was not ordinary.

He clutched the spear in his hand and rapidly made some adjustments by using the attribute regulator. In a flash, his Mind Attribute was adjusted to 260.

That’s not right. Why does the spear’s desire to kill seem weaker after this adjustment?

What Luo Yunyang wanted to know most was where the murderous aura of the ancient spear had come from. Most importantly, he wanted to use his own mind power to engulf that murderous aura and raise his mind power.

However, as his Mind Attribute increased, not only could he not sense the origin of this murderous aura, but the ancient spear’s desire to kill felt further and further away.

Could this be because of the decrease of his Constitution?

As Luo Yunyang pondered over this, he opened his attribute regulator and made some more adjustments.

Then, he used his wood-based source core and tried to pour its power into the ancient spear.

It was a grade-one wood-based source core, so the power derived from it was very strong. However, the instant his source power flowed into the metal spear, Luo Yunyang felt a strong resistance forcefully expel his own power.

He was not welcome!

Perhaps the power of the ancient spear and his wood-based life source core were opposing forces. If he tried to force this, he wouldn’t be able to injure anyone. He actually might even end up hurting himself.

Luo Yunyang switched to his ice-based source core without hesitation.

The instant he forced out this power, the metal spear turned azure blue and the wave of killing intent within it was amplified several times.

Luo Yunyang could vaguely sense two words emerging on the ancient spear.

He urged his ice-based power on and kept increasing its intensity. Thanks to his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang was able to raise his ice-based power to the maximum.

The murderous aura on the azure blue spear became even heavier, but the two words still didn’t reveal themselves.

Luo Yunyang could sense that the two words hadn’t changed.

He retracted his ice-based power and switched to his fire-based source core. The golden-red source power flowed into the ancient spear, which acted like a hungry vagabond that had not eaten in days. It swallowed Luo Yunyang’s source power frantically.

“God Slayer!”

The two words concealed on the ancient spear looked like two tiny blazes as they appeared before Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

It was the Ancient God Slayer Spear!

As he clutched the God Slayer, Luo Yunyang felt a wave of killing desire flood his heart. This desire made him feel all fired up.

Luo Yunyang suddenly had an idea. He used his fire and ice-based source powers separately, one on each hand. When these two powers were used, the bright scarlet ancient spear turned two different colors scarlet and azure blue.

The two tangled colors had a peculiar beauty about them. However, as he stared at the strange beauty of the spear, an image that seemed to have been sealed into the spear appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

A three-meter tall man that looked like a deity brandished the ancient spear in his hands before casting it away. As he threw it, the ice and fire powers revolved wildly within the spear like a massive dragon soaring through the sky.


The ancient spear pierced through the body of a colossal beast as large as a planet. The colossal beast instantly crumbled into pieces in the starry sky.

Although the image was simple, Luo Yunyang could sense its implicit charm. Especially when the man had thrown the long spear into the air.

Such a strong desire to kill was an indescribable mystery that Luo Yunyang was able to detect, yet unable to comprehend.

Luo Yunyang shut his eyes and slowly re-experienced the moment the deity-like man had thrown the spear.

The man’s actions had looked rather casual, yet Luo Yunyang believed that if he tried this himself, he would find it very difficult.

Not right, not right This still isn’t right…

Time trickled by as Luo Yunyang tried to visualize this. However, as he became aware of the wisdom behind that throw, he realized that it wasn’t a throw, but a profound technique.

Who exactly was that deity-like man? And what was that giant creature that he destroyed with one throw?

The sound of an alarm beeping softly roused Luo Yunyang from his entranced state. He took a look at his communication device. The time he had set had arrived.

Luo Yunyang stood up and checked on Li’chen. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t feeling unwell because of his source power before he left through the room’s window and soared into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang had already disappeared into the darkness.

The moment he left Li’chen’s residence, a man in a secret underground room in Mei’ya City said loudly, “He left. That kid really left Li’chen’s nest.”

“Ha ha ha! I knew he wasn’t meeting Li’chen just to vent some of his rage.”

About three minutes later, the news that Luo Yunyang had left Li’chen’s abode reached an old man’s ears.

The old man, who had a skinny, dried-up face, gave off a really shrewd vibe. He drummed his fingers against the table lightly before breaking into a strange grin.

“We just wanted to catch a small shrimp, yet it looks like we have caught a big fish.”

As soon as he said this, the old man instructed the man waiting by his side, “Go tell them not to show any mercy.”