Supreme Uprising Chapter 130

Chapter 130 A Brand New Martial Grandmaster


“Sir, Luo Yunyang’s aptitude is extraordinary. He will surely possess a strong power that will ward off source beasts in the future. Why are we…” An immaculately dressed lady with beautiful features seemed to be trying to advise the old man against something.

“I know what you are trying to say. You think that there shouldn’t be any internal fights among the Da Alliance during these unstable times, right?”

The old man waved his hands, cutting off the woman. “If we want to make the Da Alliance even stronger and more capable of withstanding those damned source beasts, we have to get rid of people like Luo Yunyang.”

“Only by weakening the 13 Eastern Cities and controlling them under the 17 Western Cities’ regime will humanity have a better chance of survival.”

Suddenly, there was a tinge of excitement in the old man’s tone. “This isn’t just my opinion. It’s what everyone else thinks as well.”

The beautiful lady didn’t say anything. She quickly wrote down the old man’s order and started to head out the door, when she suddenly said, “The Ravenous Wolf might be strong, but he will not necessarily be able to hold back Luo Yunyang. He is the person who defeated Alice after all!”

The old man waved her off. “Alice isn’t bad. Many people envy her three-minute martial grandmaster state. However, the Ravenous Wolf has made a breakthrough. You might not know this yet, but three days ago, the Ravenous Wolf met over 100 B-grade dire beasts and killed them!”

“Ha ha ha! If it wasn’t for his breakthrough, do you think that I would have allowed this information to be leaked? This is a drug prescription on par with the body-forging medicine that the 17 Western Cities control after all!”

A look of astonishment appeared on the woman’s face before it quickly gave way to a hint of sympathy. Although Luo Yunyang was very strong, the opponent he would be facing now wouldn’t be a mere first-rate martial master, but a martial grandmaster.

Although brand new martial grandmasters were the weakest kind of martial grandmasters, as they didn’t have a big chance of using their source power to shed their mortal body, they were still martial grandmasters.

A source core that could connect to the sky and earth produced a boundless source power. A single strike could contain an earth-shaking might, which wasn’t something a first-rate martial master could compare to.

This was a problematic situation.

The news of Luo Yunyang’s departure had reached both the old man’s ears and Teacher Xie rather quickly. Teacher Xie had naturally been able to hear this news through some secret means.

His face was ashen as he rushed into Luo Yunyang’s room. Unfortunately, there was no sign of him there.

“Why didn’t you inform me that Luo Yunyang went out?” Teacher Xie asked Fat Xue, letting out a thunderous roar.

Fat Xue was dumbfounded. He had originally thought that Luo Yunyang was extremely lucky for bringing the 13 Eastern Cities glory. He hadn’t expected that he would actually go hunt the Ravenous Wolf.

“He He said he was meeting Li’chen, I didn’t expect that this would happen. Let’s hurry up and bring him back!”

Ling Yubing and Chu Yuan hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would actually try to slaughter the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group. Although they were really disgusted with the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group for stealing the secret prescription of the 13 Eastern Cities, they had to accept Teacher Xie’s decision.

Ling Yubing shivered as she thought about the opponent Luo Yunyang would have to face. Her heart seemed to constrict as she lay on the ground weakly.

“Bring him back? We can’t bring him back!” Teacher Xie shook his head. “There are already two martial grandmasters waiting where we are staying. I can’t go out. Even if you went, you would just be throwing your lives away!”

Fat Xue was the closest to Luo Yunyang, so when he heard Teacher Xie’s words, he couldn’t help blurting out, “Don’t tell me we are just going to stay here and sit helplessly in the face of a crisis?”

Teacher Xie didn’t say anything. Suddenly, his communication device started beeping rapidly. When he glanced at it, his expression turned bleak.

“He’s at the Bao’qin Coast!” Teacher Xie’s tone was desolate. “They will be crossing paths in half an hour.”

The Bao’qin Sea was full of strong winds and crashing waves.

Ever since the apocalypse, the oceans had become a forbidden territory for humanity. All aircraft carriers had been capsized by colossal sea beasts, so humans could no longer head out to sea that easily.

However, there were exceptions to this rule.

A ship was currently floating on Bao’qin Sea, which was only 100 meters deep. The ship was a pre-apocalyptic yacht. Although it was full of spots and stains created through the passage of time, some beautiful decorations still displayed stubbornly its past splendor.

A slim man stood at the ship’s bow loftily as the sea churned violently beneath his feet.

Although the ship was stable, the man gave off an even steadier vibe.

“Have something to eat, boss!” A tanned robust man who was built like a bull held onto an ox leg and offered it respectfully.

The slim man didn’t say anything. The robust man suddenly felt a swaying motion beneath his feet. A premonition of immense danger instantly filled his heart.

He unfortunately wasn’t able to dodge in time. He wasn’t even able to make a single move.

Although he was a second-grade martial master, he couldn’t even cover his body with his source power in time!

Just as he shut his eyes and waited for his death, a palm appeared beside his ear. The hand grabbed onto a tentacle that was roughly as thick as a bucket and tugged forcefully upwards.


Waves of seawater rose up as an at least three-stories tall octopus was dragged into the air.

In the blink of an eye, the slim man was in the air and a long blade had appeared in his hand.

The blade light was like snow as it swept across horizontally, slicing the three-story tall octopus into two.

Droplets of red blood dyed the surface of the ocean in a flash. Meanwhile, a dark green crystal had appeared in the slim man’s hands.

“It’s a Grade-A dire beast!” The tanned, bull-like man was trembling. He knew very well that if the slim man hadn’t acted, that massive octopus would have killed him.

“My brothers and I would have it really good if we followed you, boss. We wouldn’t have to worry about being pursued or killed anymore. Ha ha ha!”

The slim man seemed rather immune to this sort of flattery. His expression didn’t change as he handed the crystal to the bull-like fella and said, “Take this source crystal. It’s not bad for cultivating. You must remember, Tosun. In this world, even a mountain you can lean on could collapse. People you rely on could run. You can only rely on yourself!”

Tosun nodded his head before he said respectfully, “I will always be your loyal, devoted, unwavering follower, boss. You wouldn’t leave me to fend for myself, would you?”

“Ha ha ha!” The slim man laughed heartily. Suddenly, several people rushed out. There were both men and women among them, yet a dense killing intent radiated from each of them.

When they saw the corpse of the octopus, which looked like a small mountain floating about 100 meters away, fear shone in their eyes.