Supreme Uprising Chapter 131

Chapter 131 A Life And Death Battle On The Ocean


To these people, an A-grade dire beast was an opponent that would require their utmost effort to defeat, especially on the ocean. In the past, at least three of them would have ended up in the mouth of that massive dire beast.

However, this time the beast had been sliced apart by their leader with one slash.

“We will probably be able to run riot throughout the entire Bao’qin Sea in the future, boss!” A lady with fiery red hair and a face full of scars licked her blood-red lips.

“Alright, what have you all run over here for? That man is our treasure!” the slim Ravenous Wolf said rather insipidly.

His name wasn’t really Wolf, but ever since he had founded the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group, his old name had been tossed aside.

Practically everyone called him Ravenous Wolf now.

“He wouldn’t dare die. Do you want to see him, boss? I made some small talk with him yesterday and broke three of his bones!” an extremely brutal-looking man said with a giggle.

The Ravenous Wolf shot this man a look before pushing open the door and entering the ship’s hold.

Inside was a man who was tied against the hold’s pillar. Two iron chains had been pierced through his shoulder blades.

The mottled bloodstains on his skin reflected the torture that this man had suffered.

Although he was currently standing there in a daze, based on his tall built, one could guess that he had been a soldier.

“When we cross the Bao’qin Sea, we will reach Mei’ya City. When we get there, our mission will be considered complete.” The Ravenous Wolf eyed the tall man as he spoke with a sinister laugh. “At least try to survive until we deliver the goods.”

“How was yesterday? If you try to go on a hunger strike again, we won’t torture you. Your young daughter in Shen’du will be taking your place instead. She’s such a tender little girl… Her screams when her arms are cut off will sound so sweet…”

“I hope you all die horrible deaths!” The man opened his eyes. His right eye was bloodshot, and there was a bloody hole where his left eye used to be.

“We will live happily ever after, thank you. Ha ha ha… I’m afraid our boss has already become a martial grandmaster. Did you know that? Martial grandmasters get very far in this world. If our boss was to walk into the 13 Eastern Cities, your people would have to welcome him with the most ardent etiquette,” the bull-like Tosun said as he roared with laughter.

His words made the man’s heart sink. He knew what a martial grandmaster status meant. As Tosun had said, when a martial grandmaster entered a city, they always received the warmest of welcomes.

“Boss, we have some new information!” The woman with the fiery red hair walked over quickly. “Our sources say that someone is coming here with a death wish!”

The Ravenous Wolf’s expression didn’t change. Martial grandmasters were not permitted to act, but as a brand new martial grandmaster, he was the most invincible entity around right now.

Hunting me is a suicide.

“The man hunting you is called Luo Yunyang. He recently defeated Alice, the martialist with the three-minute martial grandmaster state. He is a telekinesis master and a genius with three source cores. The instructions from the top say not to let him live no matter what.”

The Ravenous Wolf’s eyes lit up when he heard the woman’s words. Meanwhile, the big man who was shackled to the pillar started to roar maniacally.

“You mustn’t hurt him. He is a ray of hope for humanity. If he is allowed to mature, he will become a pillar for other humans to lean on. You You can’t just kill him for your own benefit…”

A slap landed heavily on the man’s face, making him spit out a few bloody teeth.

The Ravenous Wolf strode out of the ship’s hold indifferently.

The shoreline had already appeared in the distance. When he gazed at it, he noticed a figure standing upright on it like a javelin.

The figure stood loftily on the beach, staring straight at the Ravenous Wolf.

The two of them were facing each other, separated by the wide ocean.

Dark green waves rolled and crashed as the fishy-smelling wind roared.

While the wind screamed, a number of people were using various means to keep an eye on this place.

“Die, die, die! Just go and die!” Lemarto lay on the sofa, cursing exasperatedly. He hadn’t recovered from his injuries yet, so all he could do was lie around for the time being.

Although he had lost the match, his status hadn’t been affected much. He was still a legend in the 17 Eastern Cities, but he could vaguely sense that most people’s attitude towards him was no longer the same.

For example, there were some people who had always been very deferential towards him. Although they were still extremely respectful now, there was a hint of coldness in their expression when they talked to him. Lemarto could sense their disdain beneath the surface.

This made him feel deeply sad. These days, he would often remember for no rhyme or reason the following saying: Don’t be afraid of being used by others, only be afraid of being useless.

He had originally wanted to climb to the top and become an accomplished disciple of the Unrivalled Warrior.

Although Unrivalled Warrior Johann had yet to reply to him, deep down Lemarto knew that his silence had already made his attitude on this matter clear.

This was all Luo Yunyang’s fault! That son of a b*tch!

Unrivalled Warrior Johann had hoped that Lemarto would be able to defeat Murat’s disciple, yet he hadn’t even gotten a chance to face Murat’s disciple.

This competition was really important to the 17 Western Cities, yet he had only managed to place fourth.

“Ha ha ha! Challenging a martial grandmaster, even if he is a brand new one, is suicide. Let’s watch you die!”

In contrast to Lemarto’s crazed manner, Alice was standing at the peak of a mountain, looking extremely tranquil. She was wearing total black clothing, so she looked like a scrawny black stick.

However, as she stood upright on the mountain peak, she gave off a vibe that made people afraid to look straight at her.

“I have already passed on your request to the master, Miss!” An old man that looked like a spectre appeared beside Alice.

“What did he say?” she asked as serenely as ever.

The old man shook his head. “The master gave no reply. From what I understand, I’m afraid that the master won’t get involved in this matter.”

When she heard the old man’s words, Alice turned away and started to head down. The old man blocked her path.

“I know that you really wish to beat this man yourself, Miss, but he is currently seeking his own death. Furthermore, a sensitive issue that concerns the entire Da Alliance is connected to this matter,” the old man said honestly. “This issue is not something you or I can do anything about.”

“The 13 Eastern Cities do not lack martial grandmasters. However, they have chosen to remain silent at a time when the existence of the entire Da Alliance is on the line. We can’t just ignore this! Life, death, poverty, wealth Everything depends on fate!”

The old man’s words were vehement. He met Alice’s gaze before he added, “The Ravenous Wolf has already become a martial grandmaster. He just advanced to a martial grandmaster level, but he is the one being targeted.”

The old man paused before he muttered softly, “Luo Yunyang is a telekinesis master, so he should have already sensed that the Ravenous Wolf is no ordinary man.”

“If he chooses to run back to Mei’ya City, he might have half a chance of surviving.”