Supreme Uprising Chapter 132

Chapter 132: A Spear Roaring Across The Horizon

When Luo Yunyang and the Ravenous Wolf's gazes met, the waves all around them were still surging as strong as ever. The instant their eyes met, Luo Yunyang immediately sensed that the Ravenous Wolf was different.

He was a martial grandmaster. Although his aura was still a little unstable, he was indeed a martial grandmaster.

The Ravenous Wolf did not try to conceal his aura. He was like a hunter ready to hunt his prey and deliver an extremely hard blow.

He smiled right at Luo Yunyang.

The distance between them was only 100 meters, so the Ravenous Wolf was certain that he could kill Luo Yunyang with one move.

That was why he was smiling. His smile was especially dazzling because he believed that the situation was under his control.

However, the instant he smiled, Luo Yunyang made his move. He threw the long spear he had been holding in a flash.

The spear acted like a flash of lightning.

The instant it left Luo Yunyang's hands, the combination of his two powers, the frigid ice and the intense fire, made the ancient spear look like a streak of lightning that shattered the sky as it flew towards the Ravenous Wolf.

The Ravenous Wolf was still grinning smugly as Luo Yunyang threw the spear. However, when the long spear roared across the horizon, his expression changed.

A deep sense of dread was evident on his face as he raised his long blade manically and faced the rapidly approaching spear without hesitation.

However, the spear seemed to have a sort of invincible charm about it. Thanks to this strange charm, the Ravenous Wolf's long blade wasn't able to stop it in time.

When the long spear pierced through his body, the Ravenous Wolf dropped the blade and used his hands to grab the shaft of the spear. His eyes were wide open, as if he couldn't believe what had just happened.

Why? Why hadn't he had the power to resist that spear? Why had the power hidden in the spear shattered his source core by impaling his body?

This was unbelievable!

The flight of the spear had lasted only for the blink of an eye. When it was over, Alice shivered on the mountain peak she was standing on. As she had watched the spear strike, she had wondered whether she would be able to take it.

Lemarto was flabbergasted. He couldn't believe what he had just watched either. The Ravenous Wolf was the leader of one of the top 10 mercenary groups in the world, so he was someone that many people looked up to.

Plus, he had also recently advanced to a martial grandmaster. An entity that was supposed to be unrivalled had actually been impaled by a spear.

The Ravenous Wolf had wanted to climb to the apex of life and reach a position he had been yearning for. However, while his heart had been filled with inexhaustible hope, that long spear had soared through the sky and reached him!

The bull-like man called Tosun was shaking uncontrollably. A moment ago, he had felt like something extremely powerful had brushed past him.

In the face of this power, he felt as insignificant as a


BOOM! Just as Tosun started to feel alarmed, the Ravenous Wolf's body shot out like a massive boulder and fell into the ocean.

The Ravenous Wolf was dead. This man, who had been praised for his might, had traveled all over the East and become a martial grandmaster, had been defeated by a spear.

The ship was still following the tide and heading towards the coast. However, after the attack of the spear, a weird silence seemed to take over the whole area.

Luo Yunyang stood on the shore like a god, welcoming the ship that was about to arrive.

Although he was standing perfectly upright, he was the only one who was aware of his true condition.

He didn't dare move, as he simply didn't have the strength to make even the smallest movement. That Yin Yang spear toss had consumed all the power within his body in an instant.

He didn't have any energy or strength left anymore.

Luo Yunyang felt as if his entire body had collapsed. He was using his last ounce of willpower in an effort to stay upright.

The yacht was still approaching. Luo Yunyang could already see Tosun's tanned, savage face.

Although he had been storing his power for quite some time, just before he had released the spear, he had also adjusted some of his attributes to the max.

He now adjusted his ice and fire powers, which had been raised to 50, back to normal.

Luo Yunyang was already rather familiar with the attribute regulator, so he knew that his best option would be to revert all his attributes to their original state.

Although he still wouldn't have any strength, this way he would at least be able to use his Mind Attribute.

His power and physical strength were so low that he couldn't even move, but his Mind Attribute was still abundant.

Mind: 65!

His Mind Attribute had actually increased by over 10 Attribute Points. Could this increase have been caused entirely by that spear strike?

"You killed boss?" Tosun stared at Luo Yunyang, his voice shaking slightly. Luo Yunyang seemed rather devilish in his eyes.

The woman with the fiery red hair clenched her fists tightly. A frightening killing intent was radiating from her body. The few other fighters of the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group had also rushed over. They were all glaring at Luo Yunyang as though he was some sort of demon.

"Are you all members of the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group?" Luo Yunyang asked indifferently as he eyed Tosun and the others.

"Catch him and kill him! He must have exhausted a lot of power to kill boss with that strike. We will surely kill him if we all rush at him! Let's avenge our boss!"

The red-haired woman's blood-red eyes and malevolent face made her look both deranged and fearsome. "If we all work together to kill him, the rewards will be enough for us to live comfortably for the next half of our lives. Perhaps some of the rewards might even allow us to break through our current boundaries," she hissed venomously.

"Kill him!"

The moment the woman spoke, the other mercenaries started to get restless. Mercenaries were usually bullies that prayed on the weak and cared only about their own profit and benefits.

If they were given a sufficient reward, they would even sell their souls to the devil.

This was what mercenaries were really like. Practically the instant that woman shrieked, they all rushed over to Luo Yunyang with a crazy expression in their eyes.

However, the moment the red-haired woman shrieked, a throwing knife flew out of Luo Yunyang's hands, heading straight for her.

The knife was like a streak of lightning. Although the woman's evading speed was fast, she found it difficult to find a way to react.

In an instant, the flying knife had severed her head.