Supreme Uprising Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Nie Xin

While Fat Xue and the others welcomed Luo Yunyang back, far away in the Eastern City of Shen'du, a handsome young man was smiling as he watched a beautiful lady walk leisurely towards him.

The lady was tall and dainty. She was actually what most people would call a goddess.

As their eyes met, her expression was gentle and warm.

"I am a little late, Nie Xin. Sorry to keep you waiting," she said gracefully.

The man chuckled lightly. "It's fine. You can serve the dishes now," he told the waiter.

As the two of them chatted, all sorts of delicacies were served to their table. The waiter also uncorked a bottle of red wine that appeared rather old and expensive.

"This is pre-apocalyptic red wine. Have a taste. The grapes that existed back then have already gone extinct," Nie Xin explained elegantly as he raised his glass of wine.

There was a yearning in the lady's eyes as she gazed at this fabled wine. Although she knew that if she drank this glass of wine, she would fall into the warm trap of this man, she believed that she wouldn't regret it.

She suddenly felt a faint anticipation in her heart and a desire to let her body fall into this ensnare.

"There's some urgent news, sir!" A man in a black suit rushed in hurriedly and passed a message to Nie Xin.

Although Nie Xin was a little unhappy about being interrupted during such an important meeting, he was more concerned about this news than about the lady in front of him.

He owed his status to his family clan. Without the backing of his family, everything he owned would be nothing more than an illusion.

"This night, Luo Yunyang's long spear soared through the air and killed the Ravenous Wolf instantly."

The message was short. Although it only contained a few words, when Nie Xin read it, he shuddered.

He knew very well what sort of person the Ravenous Wolf was. He also knew that after the death of the Ravenous Wolf, a big portion of his business would go down the drain.

"Go!" Nie Xin instructed his subordinate. He was too lazy to acknowledge the woman beside him, whom he could win over any time he wished.

The beautiful lady had always had people revolve around her. She was actually considered a goddess by many. Thus, she had never experienced this sort of rejection before.

Just as she was about to throw a tantrum, she noticed Nie Xin's expression. His killing intent made her smartly swallow whatever words she had been about to say.

A short while later, Nie Xin arrived at a small simple courtyard. An old man was unhurriedly doing some gardening work. The courtyard was filled with all sorts of flowers and plants.

Ever since the apocalypse, the land of the 37 cities had become extremely scarce and precious. Many residences had been stacked with layers after layers of additional floors. Practically no one cared much about space or sunlight anymore.

"What's up? You seem panicky. What's the matter?" the old man asked in a cool tone as he glanced at Nie Xin.

Nie Xin didn't feel any resentment at this rebuke. On the contrary, he actually kept smiling.

"I know why you are here. This matter ends right now. Just consider yourself unlucky to encounter such a stumbling block," the old man replied with a smile as he snipped off a flower's brunch. His voice was slightly warmer now.

The smile on Nie Xin's face widened as he said softly, "How can we just leave the matter as is? This isn't the first time Luo Yunyang has caused the Nie Family problems after all."

"Our family will settle its debt with him, but now isn't the right time. This incident will definitely create some ripples." The old man waved his hands gently. "This is not for you youngsters to worry about. Just go have some fun. My place is dull and uninteresting. It's not suited for young people like you."

The old man's words were like music that instantly pacified his fretful spirit.

If the old man said that this was nothing, then it was nothing. However, when Nie Xin thought about the losses he had suffered, he felt a faint ache in his heart.

This matter definitely wasn't over.

As he left that extremely expensive plot of land, Nie Xin clenched his fists. He took out his communication device, dialed a number and said indifferently, "That burden is no longer of any use. Go ahead and"

Nie Xin had originally planned on ordering his subordinates to get rid of her, yet he changed his mind half-way through. "Break her limbs and toss her out."

When he was done, Nie Xin felt much more at ease. If someone made him unhappy, then he would make them uncomfortable for the rest of their lives!

By the time he returned to his room, Luo Yunyang had already calmed down. He took a deep breath and took out of the pouch the two gemstones he always carried with him.

These two gemstones contained Chi Hen's cultivation base.

In the past, Luo Yunyang had used the two gemstones to cultivate twice as effectively as an ordinary person. However, he now felt an even more urgent desire to use them.

He had not used these two gemstones at Chi Hen's manor because he had still been trying to comprehend them.

The spear that had ruptured the sky had not just struck down the Ravenous Wolf, but also stirred Luo Yunyang's emotions. These thoughts and feelings also appeared on the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart.

However, there was also a second reason. Although Luo Yunyang hadn't thought that anyone would challenge his might there, Chi Hen's place had still not been safe. Now that Teacher Xie was there, things were different.

As he clutched the two gemstones in his hands, Luo Yunyang felt like a dried-up ocean frantically absorbing the power contained within the gemstones.

While he used the breathing techniques, images of the sun and the moon appeared in his mind. A golden pyramid and a glowing silvery-white light flowed out of the sun and the moon and into Luo Yunyang's body.

As he used the Heaven-Battling Breathing Techniques, Luo Yunyang fell into a realm of thoughtlessness. The two source cores within his body ravenously absorbed all the energy that flowed into his body and stored it away.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang broke out of this state of thoughtlessness. The images of the sun and the moon had disappeared, and his body felt extremely comfortable.


Luo Yunyang glanced at the two gemstones in his hands, which had actually shrunk in half.

These two gemstones were no ordinary objects to him. Their new size immediately made Luo Yunyang's face convulse.

He quickly opened the attribute regulator in his mind and saw that there was already quite a number of changes to the figures displayed.