Supreme Uprising Chapter 136

Chapter 136 A First Grade Martial Master


Power: 135 (Fire: 46, Ice: 45, Wood: 8)

Speed: 19

Mind: 65

Constitution: 100 (Golden Body: 19, Fire: 5, Ice: 5)

Luo Yunyang’s Power had surpassed 100 points and reached 135. His two sub attributes, Ice and Fire, had also experienced a massive increase.

These changes shocked Luo Yunyang. When he regained his composure, he started to quietly ponder over the changes in his body.

Ever since the awakening of his source cores, the uses of his power had kept decreasing. What Luo Yunyang considered most important were his source cores.

His two source cores, Ice and Fire, had risen to 45 and 46 points really fast, which meant that if he used his attribute regulator, these sub attributes could easily surpass 100 points.

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t tested this theory out yet, he believed that 100 would probably be a very crucial number.

The reason he had experienced such a massive breakthrough was his Sky-Shattering Spear, which had aroused his source cores and led to this result.

Luo Yunyang wondered whether he would get the same effect the next time he used the Sky-Shattering Spear.

Although he really looked forward to this splendid thing happening again, deep down he knew that it wouldn’t be so easy to replicate.

This was just like using body-forging medicine. The second time he used it would produce negligible results and ultimately not have any effect.

After a simple analysis, Luo Yunyang urged the power of his ice-based source core. In an instant, a silver armor made out of source power covered his body.

Although the armor was extremely stable, the moment it appeared, Luo Yunyang felt the temperature in the room drop by several degrees.

Luo Yunyang kept urging on his source core in the hopes that it would be able to form a pair of wings. Unfortunately, although the power of his source core wasn’t weak, it still wasn’t able to form wings.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath and quickly started using the Heaven-Battling Breathing Techniques. In a moment, his scarlet source core was stimulated.

As the two source cores released their energies, he felt a scorching hot and frigid cold Qi revolve around the meridians in his body.

Although Luo Yunyang believed that he could bear this, when he tried to converge the two types of power in an effort to form wings, he suddenly felt a massive ripping feeling.

This was too damn unpredictable!

Back when Luo Yunyang had struck Lemarto, he had thrown the Sky-Shattering Spear. Although he had used the power of these two attributes, he had blasted the two energies out as they had been about to converge and explode.

However, this time Luo Yunyang was trying to use his ice and fire powers to form a pair of wings.

Just as he was about to give up on this attempt due to that massive ripping feeling, his wood-based source core, which had been very quiet, suddenly sprung up.

Although his wood powers were rather limited compared to his ice and fire powers, as the power from his wood-based source core flowed in, Luo Yunyang felt the meridians in his body, which had been about to rip apart, instantly calm down.

A pair of wings, one golden-red and the other silvery-white, sprouted out of his back.

Despite the lack of assistance from his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang had formed wings. This pair of wings, which had been created through a convergence of source power, represented Luo Yunyang’s combat strength. He had already reached the standards of a first-grade martial master.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to retract his wings, a frantic knocking sound was heard. Thanks to his mind power, Luo Yunyang could sense that it was Fat Xue.

He was planning on walking over and opening the door, yet as soon as the thought flashed through his mind, the door opened soundlessly by itself.

Fat Xue fell to the floor when he saw it.

“What the hell! You could have given me a heart attack, Luo Yunyang! Can’t you just give me a…” Fat Xue stared at Luo Yunyang, who was standing five meters away, before he suddenly put his hands behind his head and shouted, “You are a telekinesis master, you pervert!”

“Is anything the matter?” After a night’s cultivation, Luo Yunyang now felt much better. He smiled at Fat Xue.

“He he Nothing much. I just came here to see you!” Fat Xue said excitedly, waving the newspaper in his hands around. “You are really awesome, Brother. Did you know how freaking awesome you are?”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly as he watched Fat Xue’s deranged behavior. Killing a martial grandmaster had been rather pleasing, even if that martial grandmaster had only advanced to that level recently.

“You managed to make Li’chen look five years younger in one night! Damn! How much source power did you use?” Fat Xue waved the newspaper in his hands wildly. “Do you know how many women are going crazy over you right now?”

Luo Yunyang froze for a second before he rushed over to Fat Xue and snatched the newspaper.

“What exactly happened on that beautiful night that made the goddess’ face glow?”

“The goddess changed completely because of him!”

“It was Luo Yunyang from the 13 Eastern Cities! How impressive!”

As he read page after page of reports, Luo Yunyang’s head swelled. Although these reports documented Li’chen’s glowing radiance and younger appearance, the focus of the articles was on Luo Yunyang.

There was even one article that stated, “The sun set and rose once more, yet many things happened overnight…”

“Nothing happened between us!” Luo Yunyang said with an innocent look on his face as he stared at Fat Xue’s mischievous grin.

“I know that you didn’t do anything, but Li’chen’s youthful radiance definitely had something to do with you!” Fat Xue chuckled deviously as he looked at him with a disbelieving expression.

Luo Yunyang was speechless. He really wanted to tell Fat Xue that the only thing he had done was punch his goddess, but his words would be groundless.

“It’s time to eat. Teacher Xie is still waiting for you!” Fat Xue bumped into Luo Yunyang with a doggish smile before he added, “Did you hear? We received enough roses today to fill up three rooms. Some nouveau riche even sent a truckload of blue roses. According to their market price, they cost at least 10 million dayuan”

Luo Yunyang was momentarily dumbfounded. When he stepped out of the room, he saw that the hallway was filled with heaps of roses. They all belonged to him.

After the apocalypse, roses had become much weaker. Most of them had already gone extinct in the 13 Eastern Cities.

However, they were also scarce in the 17 Western Cities, which hadn’t been affected too badly by the apocalypse. Generally speaking, a wedding ceremony decorated with stalks of roses was considered pretty lavish in the 17 Western Cities.

Nevertheless, tons of roses were currently piling up at the hotel they were staying at.

Chu Yuan and Ling Yubing, who were both holding roses, looked even more tender than the flowers in their hands. When they saw Luo Yunyang, Chu Yuan smiled faintly. Meanwhile, Ling Yubing channeled her inner gangster.

“Do you have any appointments tonight, Brother? If you don’t, then let’s not waste any more resources!” Ling Yubing joked, moving her arm around Luo Yunyang’s shoulder as she held a rose stalk in her mouth.

Luo Yunyang extended his hand and flicked Ling Yubing’s arm off before kneading her forehead. “I’m full of energy. How about you let me release some of that energy now?”

The female gangster immediately turned into a small rabbit with a trodden tail that ran away shrieking.