Supreme Uprising Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Difficulty Of Seeking Out Luo Yunyang Even With A Lot Of Resources

Wei Zhongxing suddenly walked out as well. The way he gazed at Luo Yunyang was a little strange, yet he approached Luo Yunyang warmly. "Yunyang, last night you were really..."

Wei Zhongxing gave him a thumbs-up as he spoke.

Luo Yunyang understood what Wei Zhongxing meant. However, he hadn't heard the exchange between Luo Yunyang and Ling Yubing, so he was on a completely different wavelength. When he joined the dots, his expression changed.

Ling Yubing and the others immediately started roaring with laughter until their bellies hurt.

"Alright, knock it off!" Teacher Xie walked out of his room. His eyes shone a little brighter when he saw Luo Yunyang.

As a martial grandmaster, Teacher Xie had a rather keen sense of the cultivation bases of people below his own level.

Luo Yunyang's aura was clearly much stronger than it had been when he had left the previous day.

"You had a breakthrough! Very good, Yunyang. I knew you weren't bad." As he spoke, Teacher Xie took out a document.

"You are now a Rising Dragon Army Honorary Delegate!" A smile appeared on Luo Yunyang's face as he looked through the appointment letter. He had known that he would receive a considerable promotion after this, but he hadn't expected that he would become an Honorary Delegate.

Every single one of the Rising Dragon Army's Four Great Generals and Eight Honorary Delegates enjoyed a considerable status in the 13 Eastern Cities. They were all people that could make everyone around them quake.

They were also all martial grandmasters. Although there was no such law, it was kind of an unwritten rule in the 13 Eastern Cities that the Honorary Delegates needed to be martial grandmasters.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn't a martial grandmaster, he had become the Rising Dragon Army's Ninth Honorary Delegate.

"No need to feel surprised. You deserved this. You killed the Ravenous Wolf, who had just advanced to a martial grandmaster, after all!"

Teacher Xie scratched his head. "When I first heard the news, it was quite a shock. Damn it, I never expected those fellas to be scheming like this!"

When he had come across the Ravenous Wolf, Luo Yunyang had sensed that he was different. He had felt in his heart that he was a martial grandmaster.

However, when he heard that the Ravenous Wolf had actually been a martial grandmaster, Luo Yunyang felt both a little afraid and a little proud of himself.

Fat Xue, Ling Yubing, Chu Yuan and Wei Zhongxing exchanged shocked glances. They had already praised Luo Yunyang for slaying the Ravenous Wolf, yet they hadn't expected that he had actually killed a martial grandmaster.

The Ravenous Wolf had just become a martial grandmaster, which meant that he had been at the peak of his life. The moment he had ascended to the summit, he had been killed. This was...

Luo Yunyang had actually killed a martial grandmaster.

As Luo Yunyang was lost in thought, Teacher Xie handed over another document. This one didn't have a seal on it.

On the document was a photocopy of a newspaper clipping. The contents on the clipping were simple. It was a report about the suppression of a criminal gang. After an intense resistance, the gang had been wiped out completely.

Although this was just an ordinary incident, Luo Yunyang could sense the hidden meaning behind it.

"Are they trying to justify their behavior, Teacher Xie?" Luo Yunyang asked unenthusiastically as he raised the paper in his hand.

Teacher Xie pondered this slightly before ultimately nodding his head. Although he wasn't satisfied with this outcome either, there was nothing he could do.

Some issues required mutual compromises.

"Good," Luo Yunyang said indifferently as he set the paper down.

Teacher Xie paused for a second before he answered, "The majority of worldly affairs aren't as simple as you think, Yunyang! Even martial grandmasters have to compromise plenty of times!" Teacher Xie chuckled. "This isn't about other people reaching a compromise with you."

Luo Yunyang fell silent for a while. He stared at Teacher Xie before he eventually said, enunciating every single syllable, "But I'm not satisfied."

Teacher Xie didn't say anything. Meanwhile, someone was making a racket outside. Luo Yunyang was thinking about it, when the windows suddenly opened.

"Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang!"

"Luo Yunyang, I love you!"

"You are my god, Luo Yunyang! I love you! Ah!"

The noise came from outside the window. Numerous gorgeously dressed women were holding flowers in their hands as they proclaimed their love loudly.

Luo Yunyang could even see a few familiar faces among them!

A foolish feeling immediately overshadowed the murderous aura that Luo Yunyang had been sensing just moments ago.

Luo Yunyang had originally wanted to stroll around Mei'ya City. He didn't know when he might get a chance to return after all.

However, he had no desire to head out under these crazy circumstances. After Teacher Xie had spoken to them a little more, they all went about their own business. Luo Yunyang returned to his own room once again.

He casually turned on the Sky Vision and heard the presenter, who was speaking loudly.

"Beautiful Li'chen will be appearing on your screens shortly. Take a look! She seems to have gotten 10 years younger overnight. How did she do that?"

When the presenter was finished, the camera turned to a youthful Li'chen, who looked like she was 17 or 18 years old. Her radiant face was glowing as she walked energetically under an encirclement of fluorescent lights.

"No comment!"

"No comment, really!"

A few of her assistants were shouting loudly at the reporters, who were trying to interview her. However, the crazed reporters weren't listening to them.

"Miss Li'chen, it is rumored that Mr. Luo Yunyang spent the night in your room. Was he busy the entire night?"

Luo Yunyang felt the urge to viciously beat up the reporter who had asked this question.

"Although Miss Li'chen has declined to answer any questions, we can all guess what happened last night. There are already a lot of women gathered outside Mr. Luo Yunyang's doorstep."

"Hello, Ma'am. May I know why you are here?" The scene cut to an elderly lady in her 60s or 70s.

Luo Yunyang felt his brain hurt. He turned off the Sky Vision right away. He was no longer in the mood to keep watching.

"Yunyang, six debutantes from the three biggest financial groups have invited you to spend the night with them." Fat Xue waved the invitations around in the air as he rushed over. Luo Yunyang slammed the door shut in his face.

Then, he used the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation Techniques to calm himself down and took out a small bag made of an unknown material.

The bag was extremely durable. Luo Yunyang had tried using both his hands, yet he still could not rip it apart. This was the spoils of war he had earned by killing the Ravenous Wolf. According to his speculations, the value of this bag alone had to be more than 10 million.

However, what Luo Yunyang was most concerned about was the contents of the bag.

There was a black-colored diamond card inside. Luo Yunyang recognized this sort of card. It was an anonymous bank card given only to top customers.

Back at home, Luo Yunyang would occasionally hear his mother mention this sort of card. This particular card, which he had found on the Ravenous Wolf's body, was a part of his loot.

There had to be quite a lot of money in it, yet this wasn't Luo Yunyang's focus. He casually chucked the card aside as his gaze fell on a thin book.