Supreme Uprising Chapter 138

Chapter 138: A Drop Of Divine Blood

Luo Yunyang flipped through the book, which was called the Sky Wolf Step, and found out that the Sky Wolf Step and the Diving Dragon Body Technique that he possessed were two different approaches to the same end.

However, the Sky Wolf Step seemed to be at a slightly higher level than the Diving Dragon Body Technique.

Luo Yunyang had already more or less studied the Diving Dragon Body Technique, so he browsed through the Sky Wolf Step manual quickly before setting it aside.

He had already comprehended the conundrum inside. As long as he cultivated the Sky Wolf Step properly, he would be able to use it.

Lastly, Luo Yunyang took out a piece of green rock. The rock had been placed at the innermost part of the bag, inside an exquisite box. It was clear that the Ravenous Wolf had considered this rock really important.

Although the green rock was only about the size of a fist, it actually felt like it weighed over 500 kilos. This was a weight that martialists of his grade could carry. However, an ordinary person would have been crushed by this rock.

When Luo Yunyang touched it, he didn't feel that there was anything special about it. When he used his mind power to probe the rock though, he seemed to sense an inexhaustible vitality hidden inside it.

This vitality was as boundless as an ocean.

According to Tosun's memories, this thing must have been the key to the Ravenous Wolf's ability to become a martial grandmaster. It was also an item that the Ravenous Wolf had acquired on an expedition to a dangerous location.

Tosun didn't have a clue about the whereabouts of this location, as he hadn't been on that expedition. The only member of the Ravenous Wolf Mercenary Group that had taken part in that expedition and made it back alive had been the Ravenous Wolf.

Back then, the Ravenous Wolf had suffered some serious injuries. Although he had refused to mention anything about the expedition, Tosun and the others believed that their comrades had been mercilessly slaughtered by him.

From that time onwards, the Ravenous Wolf had started becoming stronger. In the end, he had become a martial grandmaster during an operation in the 13 Eastern Cities.

If this boundless vitality was absorbed, it would provide massive benefits to the cultivator in question. When Luo Yunyang sensed that boundless vital energy, his wood-based source core started to pulse rapidly, just like a starving child that had just seen its favorite snack.

Luo Yunyang paused for a second to think. Then, he used his mind power to keep probing that green rock. As he penetrated it, Luo Yunyang felt like he had trespassed into a huge ocean made out of an inexhaustible vital energy.

A minute later, he realized that his mind power could not proceed any deeper. Luo Yunyang, who knew that this green rock wasn't ordinary, didn't hesitate. He immediately used his attribute regulator to raise his Mind Attribute even higher.

Mind Attribute: 200, 260, 300!

A mind power of 300 Attribute Points could be considered pretty extreme. When his Mind Attribute hit 300, Luo Yunyang felt a vortex form in his mind.

There was something muddled and unknown about this vortex as it condensed slowly. Luo Yunyang simply had no way of condensing it.

The reason was the green rock. Luo Yunyang didn't pay too much attention to that condensing vortex, as his mind kept probing that rock.

When he had broken through several layers of barriers, Luo Yunyang opened his eyes wide. An image had suddenly appeared in his mind.

The image was a drop of green blood that fell to the earth. The instant the drop landed, it created a crater with a 100-meter diameter in the ground. Then, there was nothing...

Just green blood and inexhaustible vitality!

Although Luo Yunyang still couldn't determine the origin of this blood, he quickly used the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity on the green rock.

The attributes were identical, so when Luo Yunyang activated that technique, wave after wave of green power surged frantically into his body.

This power, which was full of vitality, seemed much purer. It was also filled with even more vital energy than the source power produced from the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity.

As this power swarmed in, the green source core started to get bigger. In the blink of an eye, it had already doubled in size.

As he absorbed the power of the green rock, Luo Yunyang was very tense. The stone that had formed from that drop of blood was very special. Although Luo Yunyang had used his mind power to probe it and absorb the energy inside it, this didn't mean that it couldn't contain anything else.

Thus, in order to avoid getting hurt while trying to gain an advantage, Luo Yunyang paid close attention out of fear that a problem might arise.

Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened while he was cultivating the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity. This pure boundless power made Luo Yunyang feel as though he was full of an immense vital energy.

The green rock had already shrunk a little. As Luo Yunyang used his internal vision to view his green wood-based source core, he realized that it had grown at least 10 times in size compared to his previous cultivation.

There were many differences between the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart and the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity. Prior to that day, Luo Yunyang's cultivation had focused on the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, so his cultivation of the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity hadn't been enough and the power of his wood-based source core had made very little progress.

However, this green rock had allowed Luo Yunyang's source core to swell up considerably.

Power: 175 (Fire: 46, Ice: 45, Wood: 75)

Speed: 19

Mind: 65

Constitution: 121 (Golden Body: 22, Fire: 5, Ice: 5)

When he saw the changes on his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang got a big scare.

He had only absorbed one 10th of the power of that green rock, yet his wood-based source core had made a lot of progress. It was no wonder that the Ravenous Wolf had been able to use the green rock to become a martial grandmaster.

Whom exactly did this drop of blood belong to, though? And why had it allowed him to make so much progress?

As Luo Yunyang contemplated this, a thought popped up in his mind. He had always thought that god-grade powerhouses, such as Martial God Luo Kai, had already reached the apex of cultivation, yet now he felt that his views had been really ignorant.

Three days later, Luo Yunyang was sitting in a plane heading back to the 13 Eastern Cities.

Compared to their journey there, this time there were even more escort aircrafts and the majority of the people on the plane were in a celebratory mood.

Luo Yunyang was pondering over the techniques of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart with his eyes shut. Meanwhile, Fat Xue and Ling Yubing kept gesticulating at him.

"One billion dayuan! Just for one night!"

Fat Xue took the juice the flight attendant handed him. He couldn't help himself any longer. "Brother, are you aware that you have already been elected the most valuable man in the world?" he teased.

Luo Yunyang's face darkened. Suddenly, the image he had seen before he had boarded the plane appeared in his mind.

At least 10,000 people had used clothes to form eight big words in the parking lot outside the airport. These eight words had made Luo Yunyang want to kill someone.