Supreme Uprising Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Will He Come?


“It is rumored that the number one beauty of the three big golden clans, who is already over 50, is still…”

Fat Xue hadn’t even finished speaking, when he suddenly felt a power bind his body. Although he was a second-grade martial master, which meant that he wasn’t weak by any means, he still couldn’t budge.

He felt as if some sort of formless binds were crushing him, making it hard for him to breathe.

Although Ling Yubing and Chu Yuan were startled to see Fat Xue being restricted by this formless pressure, the two of them decided not to speak up.

The telekinetic abilities of a telekinesis master might not be very effective on someone of the same rank, but they were effective against people of a lower rank.

Fat Xue was currently being crushed beyond any doubt.

Teacher Xie, who had naturally sensed this change, turned to glance at Fat Xue, who looked as though he was trapped in a ball as he made threatening gestures. Teacher Xie didn’t say a word. He just pretended he hadn’t seen a thing and minded his own business.

This plain fellow deserves some punishment.

About half an hour later, Fat Xue’s punishment was over. When Luo Yunyang retracted his mind power, Fat Xue scurried back to his seat and kept his mouth shut.

When they returned to the 13 Eastern Cities, Luo Yunyang and the others received a very warm welcome. However, what made Luo Yunyang really displeased was that the majority of the people welcoming him were women, perhaps due to the news that had spread from the West.

When Fat Xue saw this, he really wanted to remark on his friend’s popularity among girls. However, when he recalled the punishment Luo Yunyang had inflicted on him, he shut his mouth tactfully.

Luo Yunyang was resting quietly in a hotel in Shen’du, when his communication device started ringing.

“Boss Luo, help!” The message was only three words long, but the sender was Xiong Ben.

Xiong Ben was an outspoken man from the Royal Forest Military. Some time ago, he and Luo Yunyang had crashed their way through Zu Long’s tomb, so he could be considered a fan of Luo Yunyang’s who got along with him really well.

Isn’t he from the Royal Forest Military?

Although Shen’du was quiet that night, splendid lights were still glowing brightly in the distance, where countless residents were celebrating Luo Yunyang and the other martialists’ success. Meanwhile, Xiong Ben was lying in a shrubbery.

On his back was a small 12-year-old girl, who was lying on him weakly. The little girl’s face was pale, but although there was pain and discomfort written all over it, the girl still didn’t make a sound.

“It’s alright. Let me know if you feel uncomfortable.” The normally carefree Xiong Ben showed a hint of tenderness.

“I’m alright, Uncle Xiong,” the little girl said softly.

“He he… You aren’t a Royal Forest crack trooper for no reason, Xiong Ben. You actually managed to escape our numerous tries to kill you.” A black-clothed man with a cold voice appeared mysteriously, stepping in front of a large rock.

Xiong Ben’s expression became grave when he saw the man. “Qin Tieshou!”

“You hurt the Koi Guard brothers, yet you still want to run?” Qin Tieshou glared at Xiong Ben as he spoke in an icy tone.

“Yes, the Koi Guard is so great!” Xiong Ben’s tone was full of fury. “You people wouldn’t even let a little girl live, you…”

“We can’t let this little girl live. Her father betrayed the 13 Eastern Cities. Who knows how much trouble he’s caused us? You must be aware of the value of that item.”

Although Xiong Ben knew that the little girl’s father had already been branded as a criminal, when he heard Qin Tieshou’s words, he felt like his chest was about to explode.

“You are no fool, Qin Tieshou. Don’t tell me that you can’t see that this is all a part of a plan? Don’t tell me that you don’t know who is pulling the strings?”

“Don’t get carried away, Xiong Ben. This is just wishful thinking. This matter has already been settled. He will not be able to change anything.” Qin Tieshou pointed his finger at the little girl. “Even though her father is dead, he is still a traitor in other people’s eyes! You will become the accomplice of a traitor! People like you are criminals that conspire against the Da Alliance!”

Xiong Ben’s spirits dropped to an all-time low. As a military man, Xiong Ben wasn’t afraid of death. When he thought that he had actually become a traitor though, he felt extremely indignant.

The word traitor was something Xiong Ben had never imagined would be associated with him. However, the current situation made him sense that there was an extremely high possibility that he would be branded as one.

Qin Tieshou was one of the 10 senior colonels of the Koi Guard, so his words were simply

I can’t die! Whatever happens, I mustn’t die!

Xiong Ben couldn’t help but recall a propaganda poster he had seen and the message he had sent out.

The State Scholars had helped the 13 Eastern Cities win a crucial victory. All of this seemed very distant to Xiong Ben, though. All a person like him could do was watch those people from a distance.

Will he come?

“You are helpless now, Xiong Ben. No one will come and save you. The least I can do is leave your corpse intact!” Qin Tieshou’s voice was chilly.

“Why won’t anyone come and save him?” Just as Xiong Ben raised his last remaining weapon, which was a short dagger, he suddenly heard a faint voice.

Pure ecstacy dawned on Xiong Ben’s face when he heard this familiar voice.

Qin Tieshou snorted. “Sir, the Koi Guard is currently apprehending two traitors. It is best that you don’t interfere, or…”

“Or what?” Luo Yunyang asked cooly, standing 10 meters away.

Qin Tieshou’s expression became ugly. He had already recognized who Luo Yunyang was. As one of the 10 senior colonels of the Koi Guard, his words usually carried a lot of weight.

However, the man he was facing was no ordinary person.

He was the Rising Dragon Army’s Ninth Honorary Delegate, an Unparalleled State Scholar, and, based on the information he had just received, he had recently killed a martial grandmaster.

This incident touched upon an unwritten arrangement between the 17 Western Cities and the 13 Eastern Cities, which was why the 17 Western Cities had remained silent on this matter despite suffering a huge loss.

Why is he here?

Shouldn’t he be attending a banquet and getting praised and complimented by countless people?

“Greetings, State Scholar Luo.” Qin Tieshou took a deep breath before he walked over to Luo Yunyang quickly and said seriously, “The Koi Guard is acting on orders. Our superiors have ordered us to handle this case. Please do not make things difficult for us. Otherwise, it will be difficult to report this to the Viceroy!”

“Kneel!” Luo Yunyang spat out icily. Qin Tieshou’s expression turned really ugly.

Although he felt that the disparity between him and Luo Yunyang was very big, he had to save his dignity.

How could he not be angry? Luo Yunyang had asked him to kneel as soon as he had arrived. Just as he was about to show him his unyielding spirit, he felt a wave of pressure crush down on his body.

He simply had no way of resisting this force, so he knelt down on the ground right away.

Luo Yunyang was a telekinesis master!

Qin Tieshou suddenly remembered Luo Yunyang’s other identity. He was a telekinesis master who had used the Mindstorm to defeat Alice.

“I never thought that you would really come, Boss Luo!” Xiong Ben was unable to keep his emotions in check anymore.

Luo Yunyang flashed a smile at him before he appeared in front of him in a flash. Before Xiong Ben could react, Luo Yunyang’s fists had smashed hard into his body.

Xiong Ben’s huge body was immediately sent flying away and the little girl in his arms landed in Luo Yunyang’s hands.

“You are a bad person. Why did you hit Uncle Xiong, you” Although the little girl was crying, she was unable to move.

When she fell into his arms, Luo Yunyang’s face darkened. He could sense that the little girl had many broken bones. Actually, the tendons in her arms and legs had all snapped.

This was even worse than dying.

“Ha ha ha Thank you, Boss Luo! Your punch made me recover quite a bit. Damn, I wonder how many people in the Da Alliance would like to receive a beating from you!”

Xiong Ben got to his feet and ran over to Luo Yunyang quickly. He felt much more vigorous and spirited as he stood next to him.

“Who is she?” Luo Yunyang’s expression was chilly. He had a vague idea about the identity of this girl, but he still seeked a confirmation.

Xiong Ben’s smile disappeared completely. He fell silent for a bit before he said, “Her name is Xiaoyu. She is Old Liu’s daughter. When I ran into her on the streets, she had already been beaten up.”

Luo Yunyang glared at Qin Tieshou. His dense killing intent made Qin Tieshou feel as if he was about to explode.

“This girl’s father is a traitor. We were doing our job. You can’t just listen to one side of the story!” Qin Tieshou gesticulated frantically as he tried to explain. Before he was done, his body was already sent smashing into a huge tree in the distance.

The tree snapped and Qin Tieshou was left in a daze from the collision.

“Where is Nie Xin?” Luo Yunyang asked indifferently.

Qin Tieshou’s heart shuddered violently. When Luo Yunyang spat out that name, he realized right away that he already knew the whole story.

“I I…”

“You only get two chances. You just wasted one. You must know that I don’t really need much of a reason to kill you.” Luo Yunyang’s hands were behind his back as he carried the little girl, and his voice was as calm as ever, yet the killing intent in it couldn’t be hidden.

What would happen if he got killed by a martial grandmaster? Qin Tieshou didn’t dare think about it. Someone like Luo Yunyang, whose future was limitless, could kill a martial grandmaster. However, the people behind him wouldn’t dare make Luo Yunyang pay with his life.

Worst-case scenario, he would just be tasked to complete some kind of mission as punishment.

“Nie Xin is currently at your celebratory banquet!” As soon as Qin Tieshou said this, he felt like he was about to collapse.

This feeling was partly caused by fear and partly by the pressure on his body, which was dissipating. He suddenly felt as if his entire body had gone soft.

“Trash!” The instant this word entered Qin Tieshou’s mind, he felt as though a violent storm had been brewing in his mind. Something similar to a tornado that completely disintegrated his every thought into fragments.

“Let’s go!” Luo Yunyang, who was carrying Liu Xiaoyu, took the lead and walked forward.

Xiong Ben glanced at the imbecile-like Qin Tieshou and scratched his head before catching up with Luo Yunyang. He suddenly seemed to think of something. “Boss Luo, don’t tell me you are…” he blurted out.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. He just strode forward without looking back!