Supreme Uprising Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Walking Out Of The Dazzling Lights


The boisterous party was filled with young men and women decked out in gorgeous clothes. Nie Xin was sitting in a corner, watching the elegantly dressed guests.

There were quite a lot of people that he knew there, so every time their eyes met his, they would pay their respects to him.

Nie Xin would just nod his head faintly.

He wasn’t the guest of honor at this banquet. The protagonists were the group of people who had returned victorious. His family had actually advised him not to attend this banquet.

Although he knew why they had done so, Nie Xin hadn’t paid attention to their request. Instead, he had come over.

His forebear had already told him that the matter had ended there and wouldn’t be pursued any further.

He might have lost, but he still wanted to attend the party. He wanted these people to know that he could not be broken. Besides, he had only lost a few of his subordinates during this incident. He hadn’t really suffered a great loss.

The most dazzling guest of honor had yet to arrive at the party.

Nie Xin wasn’t going to provoke him, at least not face-to-face. However, in a sense, his presence there was already a form of provocation.

So what if Luo Yunyang was a State Scholar of the 13 Eastern Cities? What would he be able to do?

As Nie Xin thought about Luo Yunyang seeing him, yet having to act like he hadn’t seen him, he felt like laughing.

His foolish younger brother hadn’t been able to get it. When he had heard the news, he had stayed at home and continued to train diligently. This was really

Nie Xin shook his head as he thought about his foolish brother. Then, he swirled his glass of fine liquor and walked over to a young man who was trying to flirt with a woman in red clothes.

The man was dressed immaculately in fine apparel. He bent his head over to whisper something to the woman, who giggled foolishly.

“How come you came, Xiao Long?” Nie Xin grinned as he called out to the man.

When the man saw Nie Xin, he froze for a second. Then, he smiled slowly. “Brother Nie! I actually didn’t want to come, but my father insisted! Ha ha!”

The man called Xiao Long felt a little displeased. Most people called him Young Master Long, but he personally liked it best when they called him Master Long.

However, whenever Nie Xin saw him, he would address him Xiao Long and always grin arrogantly, as if he was indirectly trying to make things difficult for him by pushing him off his high pedestal. Damn it, daddy is here. This is not the right time for young people like you to riot!

“Why hasn’t the main guest of honor appeared yet, Xiao Long?” Nie Xin asked unenthusiastically.

Xiao Long gave him a faint smile before he said, “I heard that he went out, but will be returning soon. He is a little strong-willed, but he is really popular. My old man says that I mustn’t provoke Luo Yunyang no matter what. I never ever go against my old man’s orders. Ha ha ha!”

Xiao Long’s words made Nie Xin’s expression change. He suddenly laughed. “Yeah, fortune is ephemeral. Now is his time to shine! He is already soaring with success! However, after this phase, he will inevitably…”

Xiao Long chuckled, but didn’t say anything. He knew what Nie Xin was thinking. He had also heard about Nie Xin’s issue, so he was secretly taking delight in his misfortune.

There was really nothing else he could say about this matter, besides comment on the strength of the Nie Family.

“The latest resource allocation has allowed the 13 Eastern Cities to expel many years of stale air. Come on, everyone. Let us raise our glasses and celebrate this victory!” said a middle-aged man. Although his clothes were rather ordinary, he gave off a dignified vibe.

Just as the guests in the hall were raising their wine glasses to make a toast, the huge steel doors were suddenly pushed open and numerous lights shone out of them.

A young man stepped in through the large doors. He was dressed casually, so his attire seemed a little inappropriate for the occasion. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the shabbily dressed little girl he was holding in his arms.

Even more peculiar was the big man following behind the young man. The big man’s clothes were even more inappropriate for the occasion.

Nie Xin raised his eyebrows at this unexpected sight. He had recognized the person who had just stepped in. This fellow had caused him a lot of trouble.

“Next, let us welcome the man who provided this outstanding service, State Scholar Luo Yunyang!” Although the host was surprised for a moment when he saw Luo Yunyang, he quickly recovered and introduced him.

Thunderous applause was suddenly heard, accompanied by fervent cheering.

“Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang!”

Luo Yunyang strode steadily through the cheering crowd. His eyes found his target in no time.

He strode over to that person without hesitation. Everyone watching felt as though his body was exuding some sort of power that pushed them aside.

Nie Xin suddenly felt a little flustered. He had no idea why this son of a b*tch was walking straight towards him. Damn it! A wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were stacked against him, so his first thought was to hurry up and hide.

However, when he considered the consequences of hiding, Nie Xin steeled his resolve. Hadn’t his old man said that this matter had been settled? Although he believed his father, he still wondered what Luo Yunyang could do to him.

The little girl that Luo Yunyang was carrying was most likely the little girl whose limbs he had ordered his men to break. What could Luo Yunyang do, though? Interrogate Nie Xin? If he did, Nie Xin wouldn’t answer his questions. He would at most receive a small admonishing from Luo Yunyang.

How would he react to a scolding? Would he stamp his feet in fury, would he

As Nie Xin was squirming with unease, Luo Yunyang walked up to him and hissed venomously, “You must be Nie Xin!”

“Ha ha! I didn’t expect State Scholar Luo to actually have heard of me. That’s right, I am Nie Xin. It’s a pleasure to meet you, State Scholar Luo!”

Nie Xin gave a crisp, hearty laugh and put on an extremely cordial expression. He even offered his hand to Luo Yunyang.

However, as he extended his hand to shake Luo Yunyang’s, Luo Yunyang bellowed unceremoniously, “Scum!”

He didn’t hold back at all. His abuse was plain and direct.

Nie Xin could feel his blood start to boil the moment that he was insulted. He had never been humiliated this way in front of so many people!

“What are you saying, Luo Yunyang? Who do you think you are? How dare you speak this way to me, you Don’t think that just because you…”

Nie Xin flew into a rage out of humiliation. His face was flushed with shame as he pointed at Luo Yunyang. He needed to shower him with an equal torrent of abuse.

However, before he could even finish speaking, Luo Yunyang had already made his move. His fist struck out in the blink of an eye and sent Nie Xin flying.

Nie Xin was like a sack that landed heavily on the ground. The whole hall was completely silent as countless eyes were watching Luo Yunyang closely.

Although they didn’t dare believe that everything that had just happened was real, Nie Xin had indeed been sent flying!