Supreme Uprising Chapter 141

Chapter 141 The Sky High Tiger King


“What the f*ck is going on?” Fat Xue, who had been chatting excitedly with a few well-dressed ladies about his experience in Mei’ya, was left stunned by this sudden turn of events.

As someone from a powerful, outstanding background, he had received all sorts of information when he had returned to Shen’du.

Fat Xue had already found out about the leaked prescription. The hidden truth behind this issue wasn’t something he hadn’t expected.

However, he hadn’t expected that Luo Yunyang would actually use these sort of methods.

Fat Xue had no time to overthink. He just rushed over to Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, Chu Yuan, Ling Yubing and Wei Zhongxing rushed over as well.

They were all really close to Luo Yunyang after all.

When he reached Nie Xin, Luo Yunyang raised his hand and used telekinesis to lift Nie Xin from the floor and pull him over.

His hand clutched Nie Xin’s throat right away.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to use his source power to kill Nie Xin, his green source core suddenly shuddered and an absorbing force started to form in his hand.

When he had been cultivating the Youthful Emperor’s Secret Art Of Longevity, Luo Yunyang had only absorbed the vital energy of trees. This art hadn’t been very effective on animals.

However, an abundant absorbing force had actually formed within his green source core this time.

Luo Yunyang used this absorbing force without hesitation. When he did, a wave of source power and vital energy rushed frantically into his body.

This source power wasn’t very strong, yet Luo Yunyang could sense that its energy was diverse.

It seemed like it wouldn’t be very useful if it was absorbed by his wood-based source core. When Luo Yunyang hesitated for a second, his ice and fire-based source cores automatically produced a vortex that engulfed this wave of source power.

“Stop!” a middle-aged man in his 40s shouted angrily at Luo Yunyang as he rushed over anxiously.

Although the man was only a second-grade martial master, judging by his appearance, he had to be someone with an important status.

“Are you speaking to me?” Based on the worry written on his face, Luo Yunyang could guess that this man had some sort of relationship with Nie Xin.

When he glared icily at him for an instant, the man was wrapped up in a powerful wave of mind power.

The man found it difficult to breathe while he was enveloped in Luo Yunyang’s mind power. Although he was a second-grade martial master, Luo Yunyang’s improved Mind Attribute had widened the gap between them. Luo Yunyang was a telekinesis master, so his Mind Attribute could hit 300 points.

“I I…”

“Don’t do it, Yunyang. There will be hell to pay if you kill him!” Fat Xue warned him loudly. He was the first one to rush over to him.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Fat Xue as he said indifferently, “So what if I do?”

Fat Xue paused for a bit, before he said in an extremely grave tone, “His family includes several martial grandmasters. If you kill him, the consequences will be severe.”

Luo Yunyang stared at the suffering Nie Xin as he said coldly, “Are there martial grandmasters in your family?”

“My father is a martial grandmaster, and so is my third uncle. My family includes two martial grandmasters!” Nie Xin shouted hysterically. “If you have to know, my third uncle is actually the disciple of a Martial God!”

The large hall was so silent that one could practically hear a pin drop. Everyone’s eyes were on Luo Yunyang.

They all knew very well that the situation had spiralled out of control, so there would certainly be some consequences.

The Nie Family included two martial grandmasters, and Nie Xin’s third uncle was the disciple of a Martial God. This fact alone made most of the people present feel an immense pressure.

They all thought about what they would do if they found themselves in a similar situation.

Luo Yunyang’s palms landed on Nie Xin’s face. Moments later, Nie Xin’s face looked like a swollen pig’s head.

“It is said that dragons birth dragons, phoenixes birth phoenixes, and the offspring of rats burrow in the dirt. If your father is a martial grandmaster, then why aren’t you one? Does your father consider you a failure? How can a piece of trash like you dare threaten me? I thought you loved breaking other people’s limbs. Today, I shall break your limbs. Consider this my way of helping your father discipline his unfilial son!”

When he finished speaking, Luo Yunyang thrust his palm at Nie Xin, smashing him onto the marble floor.

The instant he landed, Nie Xin felt his tendons snap. His scream, which sounded like a pig being slaughtered, resounded throughout the hall.

Suddenly, numerous figures rushed over from all directions. An old man in his 50s walked over quickly. The old man, who was very imposing, seemed to have an immense oppressive aura.

This new arrival made everyone go silent again.

“It’s the Sky High Tiger King!” someone cried out in alarm.

Seven out of the Eight Eastern Militaries were dispatched everywhere. Only the Sky High Military oversaw Shen’du, as it had been the strongest among the eight militaries ever since they had all been established.

The tall, built old man, who looked like a fierce tiger, walked amid a flurry of shouts until he was 30 meters away.

The old man shot Luo Yunyang an icy stare. “You have to learn your place! Kneel!”

A form of aura was exuded from the old man as he spoke. Luo Yunyang felt like he wasn’t facing a man, but a fierce tiger that was snarling at him.

When the guests felt this crushing aura, most of them backed away quickly. Even Chu Yuan’s expression had turned ghastly.

Although she was a capable person, a martial grandmaster could assimilate their blood and vital energy with the sky and earth, so she naturally couldn’t resist this sort of power.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t afraid of the pressure of the Tiger King. His Mind Attribute had already hit 300 points, so this mental suppression wasn’t very effective on him.

Liu Xiaoyu, who was still in Luo Yunyang’s arms, turned pale. Luo Yunyang used some of his mind power to shield her from this pressure while he used his free hand to pick up the metal spear strapped to his back.

It was the ancient spear called God Slayer!

The instant Luo Yunyang used his ice and fire source cores, the God Slayer stirred up as though it was welcoming some old friends.

As the ancient spear vibrated, the murderous aura it produced started to converge on Luo Yunyang’s body.

If Luo Yunyang was a drawn bow, then the God Slayer he held in his hand would be an arrow ready to shoot out at any moment.

The Sky High Tiger King’s expression immediately became ugly. Although his aura was strong, he could sense a similar killing intent coming from Luo Yunyang.

He hadn’t really thought much about the fact that Luo Yunyang had killed the Ravenous Wolf. He hadn’t really considered that a brand new martial grandmaster would be that strong.

However, this unceasing murderous aura made him feel an immense threat and fear for his own life.

If he wasn’t able to dodge that spear, his body would be buried there!