Supreme Uprising Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Unfit


Luo Yunyang’s aura was rising. Right now, his entire mind was focused on the God Slayer.

His ice and fire source power, which was double what it had been when he had slain the Ravenous Wolf, had also formed an immense vortex that was ready to follow the God Slayer’s attack.


“Hold it!”

“Stop right there!”

At practically the same time, three loud shouts resounded through the hall. Three figures rushed in like a flash of lightning right afterwards. Although they were not all equally tall, each of them emitted a valiant aura.

“What are you trying to do, Old Tiger?” an old man in a Royal Forest uniform shouted loudly at the Tiger King.

The Sky High Tiger King’s eyes were wide open. In his raised left hand was a convergence of his strongest attack. He simply didn’t have the time to talk right now!

One of the other two old men was Teacher Xie. When he glanced at Luo Yunyang, who was grasping the God Slayer, he said, “Stand down, Yunyang!”

Silhouettes rushed over from every direction as everyone’s eyes turned to Luo Yunyang and the Tiger King.

“The Sky High Leopard King has arrived!”

“The Sky High Battle Emperor has arrived as well. Damn, something big is about to happen!”

“Something big is about to happen? This is already a big deal!”

A bunch of astonishingly powerful individuals rushed over one after the other. Their arrival made the atmosphere extremely heavy.

However, everyone’s focus was still on Luo Yunyang and the Sky High Tiger King.

“Calm down and speak nicely, Old Tiger. Don’t do anything yet,” a strong man who had a good relationship with the Sky High Tiger King said.

The Sky High Tiger King appeared solemn. Although he wanted to dispel his technique, he simply wasn’t able to stop it right now.

Luo Yunyang’s ancient spear gave him a premonition. The moment I shrink back even the slightest bit, calamity will follow.

“Stand down, Yunyang! Dispel your technique first!” Teacher Xie’s expression was extremely grave as he stood in front of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t follow Teacher Xie’s instructions. Instead, he said indifferently, “He just asked me to kneel. I will only dispel my technique if he takes back his words!”

The Sky High Tiger King’s expression turned really ugly. He was a general of the Sky High Military and a martial grandmaster, so he was on a very high pedestal. Asking someone to kneel was an order that was always on the tip of his tongue. Of course, he wasn’t hot-headed by any means. He would usually consider who his target was before he ordered them to kneel.

However, an originally small matter had been blown completely out of proportion that day. The man now felt too awkward to stop half-way in front of so many spectators.

“Everyone move away! I want to see how this kid’s strike will affect me!” the Sky High Tiger King shouted loudly.

The angry man gave off a majestic aura. Most of the people present could sense a domineering intensity coming from his aura.

Unfortunately, this sort of intensity didn’t scare Luo Yunyang, who clutched the God Slayer in his hand as his own aura kept rising.

All the elite martialists who had attended the banquet quickly dispersed. Although they wished to know exactly what the outcome would be, preserving their own lives was more important than watching this spectacle.

Every martialist present knew that a martialist’s aura was extremely important. Once this aura reached its peak, it would become a roaring tide that no one would be able to block.

Many people were looking at Teacher Xie. They clearly believed that he would be able to keep Luo Yunyang in check.

Teacher Xie had a headache. According to his understanding of Luo Yunyang, the moment he made a decision, no one, including him, would be able to change his mind.

“Your words were kind of hurtful, Old Tiger. How about you apologize to Luo Yunyang?”

The Tiger King nearly exploded when Teacher Xie blurted out these words. “How could I ever apologize to a younger martialist?” he said with a snort. “If you have a death wish, then I shall grant it. Your body will be buried here tonight!”

As the Tiger King spoke, a silvery-white Qi started to gush out of his body. This Qi fused with the air in a 10-meter radius around the Tiger King and formed a massive white tiger that roared above the Tiger King’s head.

After the formation of this ferocious tiger, the Tiger King’s aura intensified. Xiong Ben, who was standing behind Luo Yunyang, felt his entire body start to tremble.

He really had no way of describing his emotions as he faced this shocking sight.

Unfortunately, making the Sky High Tiger King apologize was not something most people could achieve.

“Everyone stand down!” a faint voice yelled before two figures walked over. One of them, who was wearing a military uniform without any insignia, had a resolute attitude as he walked forward.

The moment Luo Yunyang saw him, he felt that the man was like a large, bottomless abyss.

However, he also felt a kind of ease and comfort. Although this was the first time he had seen this man, when he recalled some information he had acquired, Luo Yunyang was able to determine who he was.

“Apologize for your words, Tiger King!” the man said in a tranquil tone as he looked the Sky High Tiger King in the eye.

As a general of the Sky High Military and a martial grandmaster, the Sky High Tiger King was very much like the lord of a region. Asking him to apologize to someone was simply inconceivable.

When he heard the man’s words though, the Sky High Tiger King seemed to hesitate. Then, he glanced over at the other man.

The man, who was tall and broad, sensed the Tiger King’s gaze and immediately chided, “Didn’t you hear what Viceroy Lu just said? Or perhaps you want me to repeat it? Don’t act indignant. Although he hasn’t used this strike yet, if he does use it, the one who will end up dead will be you!” the man said icily as he watched the Sky High Tiger King’s expression change.

“Let’s not talk anymore. This alone is a good enough reason for you to apologize.”

Although Viceroy Lu was a slim man with a pale face, his slender body seemed to contain an immeasurable strength.

He was the Rising Dragon Army’s Viceroy, Lu Qubing!

The Sky High Tiger King stared at Luo Yunyang, who was still holding the child on his back. Although he was extremely indignant, there was a part of him that didn’t doubt what the man had just said.

He might feel displeased that he wouldn’t be able to block Luo Yunyang’s attack, but he eventually let his dauntless aura dissipate by half.

He didn’t wish to die yet after all!

“I apologize. My words were out of line!” The Sky High Tiger King stared at Luo Yunyang as he hissed out each word slowly.

After hearing the Tiger King’s clearly insincere apology, Luo Yunyang said indifferently, “If you want to stand up for others, you must consider your own strength first!”