Supreme Uprising Chapter 145

Chapter 145: The Source Beast Core

Many boxes were arranged neatly inside this inconspicuous iron cupboard. Unlike the iron cupboard, each of these boxes had been made using the finest metal alloys.

"Earth Dragon Source Beast Core!"

The instant Luo Yunyang's gaze swept across the items, the words on a box caught his attention. Was that the core of a source beast? Was there actually a source beast core inside?

Even in Shen'du, one could still see colossal source beasts behind the space barrier on the mountains. If there was a fold in the space barrier, larger source beasts would block the sun with their spread wings.

Although the space barrier still existed, the threat that source beasts posed to humanity had not eased up.

Humanity had always viewed source beasts as its biggest enemy, yet Luo Yunyang had never actually seen a source beast, let alone a source beast core.

"Is this real?" he asked seriously as he picked up the box.

"Of course it's real!" Lu Qubing took the box out of Luo Yunyang's hands and opened it with a click. An earthen-yellow rock about the size of a fist was lying inside.

Although it was not polished, when Luo Yunyang saw its spiritual power, he sensed the majestic power within it.

If his current source power was worth one dayuan, then the Earth Dragon source core before him was worth 10,000!

"Back then, a tiny crack formed on a plateau and this Earth Dragon Source Beast charged out through it."

Lu Qubing's voice was level, yet as Luo Yunyang listened to him, he could hear his tragic sorrow.

"A city we had fortified was turned into ruins in less than five minutes. We lost 13 martial grandmasters in an effort to slaughter this source beast!"

Martial grandmasters enjoyed an extraordinary status in the Da Alliance. One could imagine how powerful source beasts were, if one source beast had killed 13 martial grandmasters.

Luo Yunyang didn't make a sound. Although Lu Qubing's description of this battle had been very simple, Luo Yunyang could tell how terrible it had actually been.

"The source power of a source beast is really tremendous. We have no way of harnessing it, so all we can do is keep it as treasure."

When Luo Yunyang picked up the box with the source core, he calculated that it weighed no less than 50 kilos. He glanced at the green cupboard before returning the source core to Lu Qubing.

He was the Rising Dragon Army's Viceroy, so all the items he hoarded were naturally extraordinary. Although his other belongings weren't as shocking as the source core of the Earth Dragon, they weren't shabby either.

After he went through all his treasure, Luo Yunyang pondered the issue for a bit. Then, he chose three items.

A bright smile appeared on Lu Qubing's face when he saw Luo Yunyang's choices. The man sighed deeply.

"I am really pleased with your selection. Although these aren't the best items I own, they all suit you really well!"

As he spoke, Lu Qubing picked up a circular disk that was about a foot wide. "These disks were left behind by a deceased friend of mine who was also a telekinesis master. When people get old, they tend to reminisce about the past!" Lu Qubing waved his hands around dismissively. "Never mind! You are also a telekinesis master, so I will pass on to you some of the cultivation insight my friend left behind!"

Lu Qubing walked over to a bookshelf and picked up a hardcover notebook. "This is a diary of his cultivation experiences. You can have it," he said. "Oh, I forgot. These disks are called Buddha disks. There are actually some mechanisms hidden inside them. According to my friend, whenever he reached his limits, he would split them into nine disks and control them all in the air at once!"

Buddha disks?

The main reason Luo Yunyang had chosen these treasured disks was his perception. He believed that if he controlled these disks with his mind power, they would be even more powerful than his throwing knives.

However, he hadn't considered the strong mind power that he would need in order to control them. This was going to be a difficult task.

The current sum of his Attribute Points had already hit 400.

Although Luo Yunyang believed that he could split one disk into nine, he felt a chill in his heart as he imagined doing it.

"Thank you, Viceroy, I will not shame these treasured disks." Luo Yunyang accepted the diary solemnly.

Lu Qubing pondered this for a bit before he pointed to the second item Luo Yunyang had chosen and said, "I found this item in a demolished daoist temple before the apocalypse. Although I'm not very clear about its use, the powerful vitality contained within it will complement the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity!"

Luo Yunyang smiled. The second item he had chosen was a rather ordinary block of wood. However, Luo Yunyang could sense the incomparably powerful vitality within it.

The green source core within his body wanted to swallow this vitality.

However, Luo Yunyang didn't know what this wood was. When he had absorbed the Divine Blood, his wood-based powers had increased very quickly, so one could say that he had reached a crossroads.

Once he got past this crossroads, he would be able to become a martial grandmaster.

Lu Qubing's eyes landed on the third item, which was a golden bottle that contained a golden fruit about the size of a fist.

"This is the Golden Body Fruit, which grows in the area where the Golden Body Fluid is produced," Lu Qubing said as he eyed the fruit in the bottle. "After eating it, even an ordinary person is able to acquire a Golden Body, so even a first-grade martial master's attack is not able to deal much damage to them!"

Golden Body Fruit? Luo Yunyang glanced at Lu Qubing, who chuckled. "This item isn't really of much use to me. I don't need Golden Body Fruit to withstand a first-grade martial master's attack. You take it!"

Luo Yunyang had already tried all sorts of possible means to improve his Golden Body Attribute, so he naturally felt overjoyed to acquire the Golden Body Fruit.

"Thank you, Viceroy!" he said sincerely before he asked in confusion, "Are there any other treasured items similar to the Golden Body Fruit in the world?"

"Why, you wouldn't be satisfied even after eating the Golden Body Fruit?" Lu Qubing glanced around him before he said solemnly, "Although the apocalypse threw our lives into chaos and increased our chances of falling apart at any moment, according to biology experts, opportunity and risk come hand in hand. The apocalypse allowed many organisms to evolve and created immense opportunities."

"Just the energy contained in the food that we eat has increased at least 10 times ever since the apocalypse. There are even some rare resources in certain special places!"

"The factors that are able to improve strength and Qi will continue to slowly increase at Base 7. The future is long, but will we really be able to hold on?"

Lu Qubing's expression was kind of sorrowful. It was obvious that the man who carried the entire Rising Dragon Army on his shoulders was a little pessimistic about this matter.