Supreme Uprising Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Forceful Breakthrough

Three cups of wine, three gifts!

When Luo Yunyang decided to leave Lu Qubing's simple home, Lu Qubing walked him to the door personally.

Although he was just being polite, Luo Yunyang could clearly sense over 100 sets of eyes watching them as Lu Qubing walked him out.

When Lu Qubing walked back in, there was another person in the room. This person didn't seem to fit inside Lu Qubing's room, which rarely saw visitors.

The visitor was too tall and big, so Lu Qubing's room seemed really small in comparison.

"Have you made a decision?" the visitor asked after taking a sip of wine.

Lu Qubing nodded, but didn't say anything else.

"The Nie Family just passed on the news. Nie Xin is dead!" the visitor added.

Lu Qubing's expression was calm as he said softly, "His death might not be a bad thing. I never expected his family to actually take such firm action, though. Luo Yunyang said that Nie Xin would be able to live for at least another month."

"That kid will definitely face some inconveniences!" The built man chuckled despite the fact that his face was serious.

"Actually, this is nothing. I had already decided to let him go to the Iron Blood Fort. Nie Xin's death was unnecessary," Lu Qubing replied calmly.

"The Iron Blood Fort? That place is full of..."

Lu Qubing waved his hands around dismissively. "If he doesn't go to the Iron Blood Fort and learn through experience, how will he be able to take over my position? You know that I won't be able to hang on for much longer!"

A short silence enveloped the room before the tall man chuckled. "You are a scourge. You probably still have a few more years to go."

"If I do go, burn my body along with this house!" Lu Qubing instructed in an unconstrained tone.

Luo Yunyang hadn't heard the news of Nie Xin's death. After leaving Lu Qubing's residence, he had immediately headed to the Rising Dragon Army's encampment in Shen'du.

This base occupied more than 25 square kilometers, so Luo Yunyang was given a cultivation room about the size of a basketball court.

As soon as he sent away the attendant who had received him, Luo Yunyang started his routine cultivation of the Ape-Dragon Cultivation Chart, the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity, as well as his Mind Telekinesis.

After all this was over, he took out the Golden Body Fruit that was kept in the bottle. Although he didn't know how long this fruit had been preserved for, when he took it out, it still seemed to maintain its fresh smell.

Lu Qubing hadn't mentioned any requirements for using the Golden Body Fruit. Luo Yunyang trusted Lu Qubing deeply, so he swallowed the Golden Body Fruit without any hesitation.

Back when he had used the Golden Body Fluid, he had suffered great pain. However, the process was not complicated this time.

Although it wasn't painless, this was a sort of pain that Luo Yunyang could stand. His outer skin became even more concentrated before a layer of old skin eventually fell off.

An hour later, Luo Yunyang felt the last trace of medicinal effect wear off. He took a deep breath and moved his body.

Layers of golden rays surged forward from his muscles and flesh. This radiance made Luo Yunyang look like a golden sculpture.

The Golden Body Fruit had helped his defensive prowess improve greatly. According to Luo Yunyang's estimations, the Golden Body Fruit had more than doubled his defensive capabilities.

He quickly opened the attribute regulator in his mind and saw that his Golden Body sub attribute had increased quite a bit.

Power: 185 (Fire: 46, Ice: 45, Wood: 85)

Speed: 19

Mind: 65

Constitution: 151 (Golden Body: 81, Fire: 5, Ice: 5)

Although his Constitution hadn't increased a lot, the increase in his Golden Body sub attribute was great. It had actually hit 81 points!

One Golden Body Fluid alone had been really effective. Lu Qubing had only had one such fruit, but could there perhaps be even more within the Sky High Military?

Luo Yunyang had originally not considered his Golden Body very important. However, his battle with Alice had made him realize its significance.

Powerful defensive capabilities might not be of much use most of the time, when he crushed ordinary opponents, but it had a miraculous effect in a life-and-death situation.

When it came to a showdown between powerhouses, only the survivor was able to have the last laugh.

After he validated the effects of his Golden Body, Luo Yunyang didn't stop immediately. He still had something he wanted to do. He wanted to become a martial grandmaster!

Despite his cultivation of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, Luo Yunyang was still far from the realm of a martial grandmaster. However, his wood-based powers had improved very quickly. Back when he had absorbed the energy of the Divine Blood, he had faintly felt as if he was about to rip apart the chain and lock wrapped around his body.

Becoming a martial grandmaster was a huge feat for a martialist. If awakening a source core determined how one's life would go, then becoming a martial grandmaster was the most important step in one's lifetime.

Although Luo Yunyang was very confident in his own ability to become a martial grandmaster, his confrontation with the Sky High Tiger King had made him realize that this was the most important thing he had to do right now.

After obtaining the Ravenous Wolf's Divine Blood, getting that mysterious wood from Lu Qubing and acquiring his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang believed that he had accumulated enough resources to...

The energy left within the Divine Blood was only half what it had originally been. Based on his estimation of the Ravenous Wolf's usage of the Divine Blood, Luo Yunyang believed that the amount he had absorbed had already surpassed the amount the Ravenous Wolf had used.

However, he still hadn't become a martial grandmaster.

Luo Yunyang used the Youthful Emperor's Secret Art Of Longevity once more and started to maniacally absorb the energy within the Divine Blood. Unlike the previous times, he was now prepared to completely absorb all the energy within the Divine Blood.

The turbulent energy, which was full of vitality, kept flowing into Luo Yunyang's body. That green source core of his absorbed the energy frantically and converted it into his own power.

10 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour...

Luo Yunyang didn't know how long he had been absorbing, but he eventually discovered that the energy the Divine Blood was able to provide was decreasing.

After a fizzing sound, the stone formed from the Divine Blood burst in Luo Yunyang's hands. As the rock shattered, all the energy contained within it surged into Luo Yunyang's body.

Luo Yunyang, who could use his internal vision, sensed that his green source core had grown from a tiny speck to roughly the size of a ping pong ball. A nebula-like vortex had also formed all around the source core.

This vortex could only revolve within his body.

Although Luo Yunyang could sense the existence of the outside world, he simply had no way of connecting with it.