Supreme Uprising Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The Qitian Martial Academy

The coach that travelled from the airport to Chang'an was packed. The majority of the passengers looked extremely tired. The flight from Shen'du to Chang'an had been long, and the dangers that occurred from time to time made it feel even more unbearable.

Compared to all these passengers, who were mostly successful people, Luo Yunyang appeared rather unremarkable.

People hadn't forgotten how he looked yet, so Luo Yunyang had employed some mild mind techniques to disguise himself.

"Appearance-Changing Technique!"

Luo Yunyang needed no drugs or mask. All he had to do was use his mind power to seem like a delicate, ordinary young man to the other passengers.

"Damn, Luo Yunyang from Chang'an City was really great this time. He obtained so many supplies at once. Our living conditions will improve greatly in the future!" a rather tall, fat man said loudly.

His words immediately caught the attention of the other passengers. There were even some people that gave him a thumbs-up and chimed in.

"Indeed, I watched the last match as well. Alice used her three-minute unbeaten state, yet she was still defeated by our telekinesis master!"

"Luo Yunyang is a great person!"

"Damn, I grew up close to where Luo Yunyang and his family used to live. I never expected that my village would actually produce such a hero."

Luo Yunyang had already heard enough praising words, so he didn't pay any heed to them. Instead, he was thinking about the transformation of the Buddha disk.

The Buddha disk didn't just consist of nine disks. When Luo Yunyang had disassembled it, he had discovered that there were actually 81 disks.

He didn't know how the owner of the Buddha disk had created this killing machine. The disk was thin as a cicada's wings and sharp beyond comparison. If one manipulated it using telekinesis, it could break through most people's defences.

According to the previous owner's account, Luo Yunyang's cultivation had already allowed him to control five flying disks at once.

When he adjusted his Mind Attribute, Luo Yunyang was confident that he would be able to control nine disks at once.

"I heard that Luo Yunyang's mother works at a bank in Chang'an. I shall go and look for her. I want to ask her about her experiences and how she managed to raise such a son."

"Forget about it. This kid has innate talent. Innate talent! Understand? What could you hope to achieve by grooming your kid just like him in the future?"

As the bus moved along, people kept talking about Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang gazed dully outside as he waited for the vehicle to enter Chang'an City.

"We have arrived at the Qitian Martial Academy!" a pretty attendant announced gently when the vehicle was about five kilometers away from the outskirts of Chang'an City. As soon as she made this announcement, two tall, big martialists stood up and headed for the exit.

The Qitian Martial Academy...

There had been a period in Luo Yunyang's life when the Qitian Martial Academy had acted as a huge motivation for him.

Before he had acquired the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang's way of thinking had been simple. He'd had only one option. In order to change his life, he'd had to get into the Qitian Martial Academy.

When he had enrolled at the Rising Dragon Army, the Qitian Martial Academy had started getting further and further away.

Luo Yunyang instinctively got out of the bus. He stared at the wide main gate of the Qitian Martial Academy before he strode in.

It was noon and the classes were over for the day, so there were many people walking around. Luo Yunyang blended into the crowd of neatly-dressed, proud young students easily.

Shen Yulang is currently attending the Qitian Martial Academy. I wonder how he's doing... This thought popped into Luo Yunyang's mind as he walked through the large gates of the Qitian Martial Academy.

Which class did Shen Yulang belong to?

"Hey, there! May I know which class Shen Yulang is in?" Luo Yunyang asked a random student that walked by.

The student, who turned around quickly, was a slender girl with long hair. Although she was a student at the Qitian Martial Academy, she looked very delicate. She was actually walking as unhurriedly as a sloth.

Even though Luo Yunyang had gotten accustomed to being surrounded by beautiful girls in Mei'ya City, he still found this girl beautiful.

"Just be honest. If you want to hit on a beautiful girl, then stop using excuses!" a mocking voice said, ringing out right next to Luo Yunyang's ear.

Luo Yunyang suddenly realized that the girl had a companion. Although her friend wasn't tall, when her thick lips opened slightly, sharp, unkind words flowed out.

Luo Yunyang was speechless. His popularity among women had always been dazzling, yet also heavily laden with forbidden fruit that he wasn't able to avoid. He had unexpectedly been caught in a tangle with a strange girl. How hilarious!

Although this was what he was thinking, he didn't want to lower himself to the girl's level. He had been reminiscing about the past absent-mindedly, so when he had asked a random person for information, he hadn't expected them to actually be a beautiful girl.

If he didn't wish to talk to her, then he could just find a different target.

When Luo Yunyang turned away to leave, the delicate girl rebuked her companion and said gently, "Please don't take offense. Her mouth might be rather provocative, but she has a good heart. We are in the same class as Shen Yulang. You can just follow us!"

Luo Yunyang nodded. He had coincidentally ran into Shen Yulang's classmates, so it wouldn't be so hard to locate him now. He didn't know if his friend had a communication device, but if he memorized Shen Yulang's number, finding him would be easier in the future.

As he followed the two girls, Luo Yunyang took note of the surroundings of the Qitian Martial Academy.

"Hey, what are you staring at our behinds for? Stop!" The short-haired girl suddenly turned around and berated Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at the girl, feeling really bored. He was just looking for a friend. Why did she have to act like a nagging mother?

"Shut up before I get angry and shut your mouth myself!" Luo Yunyang said icily.

The short-haired girl, who was usually a firecracker, felt her body shudder and an indescribable fear fill her heart as she faced Luo Yunyang's aura.

This fear made her shut her mouth in humiliation.

"Aren't you being a little unreasonable? Hey, do you want to know something? Your little fat friend is a hero who saved a damsel in distress. How extraordinary!"

Luo Yunyang's expression changed when he heard the short-haired girl's words. He stared at her as he asked, "What do you mean by that? You better make yourself clear."

"You will be able to ask Shen Yulang soon. This matter can't be explained properly so quickly," the delicate-looking girl said softly.

By then, a five-story school building had appeared before Luo Yunyang. He was able to sense Shen Yulang's aura among the throngs of people coming and going.

However, his friend's aura didn't seem to be doing well.

"What is there that you can't explain properly? You just don't want to offend someone you cannot afford to!" The short-haired girl scoffed. "Your fat friend has a good heart, but he should really be more careful when it comes to his status. I heard that someone argued with him a week ago and broke one of his arms, which caused our class to..."

As the short-haired girl was speaking, she realized that Luo Yunyang had disappeared. When she followed her companion's eyes, she saw Luo Yunyang's silhouette entering the classroom in an eerie manner.