Supreme Uprising Chapter 149

Chapter 149 You Can Beat Him Till You Are Satisfied

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Shen Yulang still had fat cheeks and a big belly, but his eyes no longer had that spirited glow they used to. On the contrary, his face now seemed haggard and sallow.

“You ruined my clothes, kid. When will you pay me back? Unless you plan on avoiding it?” A young man who looked like a hooligan pinched Shen Yulang’s cheek as he mocked him.

“Backing out of a debt isn’t a good idea, Shen Yulang. You wouldn’t even be safe at school anymore. Even if you left Qitian Martial Academy, you still wouldn’t be able to run. I have already made inquiries about your home address.”

The guy’s eyes were glowing like an eagle’s watching its prey. “You are from Donglu Town. He he… That place is nothing like Chang’an. Nobody would be surprised if it was destroyed by a dire beast.”

“You… You are all too much. I’m not someone who is easily bullied. I… I also have people to back me up!”

Every word that came out of that guy’s mouth was beyond rude. Although Shen Yulang should have gotten angry long ago, he had tried controlling his emotions and putting on an indifferent front. However, when the guy mentioned his home, he couldn’t sit still any longer. This undisguised threat had really offended him!

“Ha ha! Did you guys hear this? This kid says that he has supporters to back him up. I’m soooo scared… Ha ha ha!” The hooligan-like guy kept teasing Shen Yulang and rapping his knuckles against his forehead. “I’m so scared that I’m about to wet my pants! Who are your supporters? Did they come crawling out of your mother’s womb? Let me see what sort of abilities they have that allow them to back up someone from the Qitian Martial Academy.”

Shen Yulang took a deep breath. Just as he was about to go berserk, a gentle voice was heard saying, “You asked to see me?”

When he heard this voice, Shen Yulang turned his head around abruptly and saw Luo Yunyang standing aside quietly, just like he always had.

“Yunyang! You… What are you doing here, you brat?” Shen Yulang cried out in astonishment when he saw Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang seemed like an ordinary young man to everyone else. The faces of the two female students who had walked over with him fell. They hadn’t expected that this young man would actually cause trouble!

“I was passing by, so I decided to pay you a visit. I didn’t expect that you would have actually been in trouble.” Luo Yunyang glanced at Shen Yulang before he said rather coldly, “Why didn’t you look for me? Would you have handled this silently by yourself if I didn’t happen to pass by?”

“You are my leader. If I was unable to handle this, I would have come looking for you! I wouldn’t have kept this from you, even if you didn’t come visit me. I was planning on heading over to your house tomorrow,” Shen Yulang said as he scratched his head stupidly.

Luo Yunyang laughed. Then, he turned his eyes to the other guy, who was about to step forward, and said indifferently, “Let’s beat them up! Let me see whether you have made any progress after all these days at the Qitian Martial Academy!”

“You won’t even ask for an explanation?” Shen Yulang squirmed.

“Do we need a reason to beat someone up?” Luo Yunyang flexed his wrist like a ruffian.

Shen Yulang felt dumbfounded as he recalled his friend’s status. Although he knew that his own cultivation base wouldn’t have been high enough to defeat these people, now that Luo Yunyang was there, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Damn it, daddy has beared with you for a long time! Now the time has come for me to beat you all up till your mothers can’t recognize you anymore!” Shen Yulang snarled, waving his fists around.

He had endured this for far too long already.

“Ha ha! Bring it on, fatty! If you can, then step right up! Seeing you flip out like this today made daddy finally feel like you are a man!” The hooligan-like guy roared with laughter. “I just don’t know whether you will be able to beat daddy up.”

While he was speaking, Shen Yulang rushed over, using the Qitian Martial Academy’s most basic technique, the Void-Shattering Fists.

The other guy could avoid this technique with his eyes closed. However, just as he was about to grab this opportunity and beat the fatty into oblivion, he suddenly felt like 1,000 kilos of force were pressing down on his body.

This pressure made his movements 10 times slower.

Being slow could cause a martialist to die. By the time the guy raised his arms slowly, Shen Yulang’s fist had already smashed hard into his face and sent him flying into the air.

“Ah!” one of the guy’s loyal followers shouted in surprise when his brother was sent flying.

Shen Yulang’s classmates were even more astonished.

This group, which had approached Shen Yulang with bad intentions, was composed by Qitian Martial Academy’s most tyrannical bullies. However, they were also older students who had been cultivating for three years, so one of them alone could defeat the entire class.

None of them had expected that the quiet Shen Yulang would actually beat their leader, who had dared Shen Yulang to beat them up!

While they were all dumbstruck, Shen Yulang rushed towards them.

As everyone was staring in space blankly, Shen Yulang pushed them down to the floor. When they tried to struggle up to their feet, they felt the same formless pressure.

After a wave of slaps, every single one of the seven hooligan-like students had a swollen face. Shen Yulang, who had previously appeared dejected, was now beaming happily.

“Was this fatty just a tiger disguising himself as a pig?” the short-haired girl whispered to her delicate-looking friend.

“Probably not.” The delicate girl shook her head. “Although I don’t really know what happened, Shen Yulang would never act this way.”

Shen Yulang used this opportunity to hit the hooligan lying on the ground once again before turning to Luo Yunyang. “How refreshing! This had been an unlucky year for me so far. I spilled a basin of water while taking a bath. Then I…”

He had spilled a basin of water while taking a bath? Luo Yunyang, who knew that the matter couldn’t have been so simple, stared intently at Shen Yulang.

“Damn it! God-f*cking-damn it! After I spilled the water, I coincidentally came across the son of a b*tch from the Qin Family. He had stopped the most beautiful girl of our school and was confessing his love for her. You know me, Big Brother…”

Thanks to a basin of water, he had been given a chance to become a hero and save a damsel in distress. As Luo Yunyang studied the fat parts of Shen Yulang’s chubby body, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Did you really become a damsel-saving hero?”

“I still have a long way to go!” Shen Yulang said honestly.

“Let’s go and find that fellow!” Luo Yunyang waved at him and walked with large strides towards the exit. “This time, you can beat him until you are satisfied.”

Although Shen Yulang hesitated slightly as he watched Luo Yunyang stride out of the classroom, his excitement was soon evident on his face. He had been tormented a lot during the past month, yet now he had the chance to set things right. How could he pass that up?

As Luo Yunyang and Shen Yulang stepped out of the classroom, Shen Yulang’s classmates followed them.

Although they didn’t know whether Shen Yulang would succeed in getting revenge, they definitely wouldn’t miss this spectacle.