Supreme Uprising Chapter 150

Chapter 150 What Will You Do If I Tear It Down?

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“Did you hear? Shen Yulang flipped out and beat up Zheng Yunwei. Dang, I heard that he’s going to pick a fight with Qin Shang as well!”

“Did you knock your head or something? How could that be possible? How could Shen Yulang beat up Zheng Yunwei?” a boy in Qitian Martial Academy training attire asked his companion in disbelief. Suddenly, he stopped talking with a grunt.

He had just seen that impossible scenario unfold before him.

Shen Yulang and an unfamiliar boy were heading straight for the practice room where Qin Shang was. The fatty kicked the door to Qin Shang’s practice room open.

Although practice rooms were public at the Qitian Martial Academy, nobody used the best, most luxurious practice room for cultivation purposes.

That practice room belonged only to Qin Shang.

When the door was kicked open, a 16-year-old girl came running out with tears in her eyes. Behind the girl was a topless guy, who roared at Shen Yulang furiously, “Damn you! You are asking for it!”

In the past, whenever Shen Yulang saw Qin Shang, he would apologize cautiously. However, Luo Yunyang was standing behind him this time.

Shen Yulang, who had just vented his many grievances, felt the impulse to slaughter anyone that walked up to him.

Therefore, he aimed a resounding slap at Qin Shang’s face without hesitation.

Although Qin Shang was a low-level, third-grade martial master, his cultivation base was still that of a martial master.

At the Qitian Martial Academy, any student that could become a martial master basically ruled over everyone else. Even the Academy’s teachers didn’t make things difficult for martial masters.

Qin Shang’s lips curled into a cold grin as he watched Shen Yulang’s palm fly towards him. How could he use this trashy method against him? He had to be insane!

As he was about to raise his hand and strike back, he suddenly realized that his arm felt like it was bound. He simply couldn’t move it.

Although his body wanted to evade the hit, it seemed like he couldn’t do it.

Just as he thought to himself that things weren’t looking good, a slap struck the side of his face.

“You… How dare you hit me!” Qin Sheng bellowed. His first reaction was to cover his precious face. Damn it! He had never been shamed this way in front of so many people!

As he was about to explode, a second slap landed on the other side of his face.

“Beat this scoundrel to death, Brother! He… he doesn’t deserve to live!” the girl who had come running out of the practice room wailed angrily as she stood trembling on the sidelines.

Without further ado, Shen Yulang’s palms clenched to fists and he started raining blows down on Qin Shang’s body.

Shen Yulang was already a second-grade martialist. Although there was quite a gap between him and a third-grade martial master, his punches alone were able to give the other guy a bloody nose and a swollen face.

“I will kill you! I will kill your entire family! I’ll make you regret this!” A biting roar echoed out of Qin Shang’s mouth. This was the first time he had been beaten up like a villain.

Someone had hit his face in front of a crowd!

Although he was a martial master, he wasn’t able to resist this beating in the slightest. This made him feel extremely humiliated.

As he spoke, Shen Yulang unleashed yet another barrage of punches and kicks. Pleased, he proclaimed loudly, “This is for trying to bully others!”

Shen Yulang put all the strength in his body in each punch, making his fists draw blood. This time around, he really gave it his all. All the people watching the spectacle had odd expressions on their faces.

Shen Yulang had been a rather unremarkable person at the Qitian Martial Academy. If he hadn’t gotten in Qin Shang’s way and been taught a lesson by his lackeys, nobody would even have remembered him.

However, this student was actually beating up the first son of the Qin Family, one of the most powerful families in the entire Chang’an City.

Qin Shang was beaten up rather cruelly.

A martial master like him would normally be way better than his opponent, who was only a martialist. Everyone watching didn’t dare make a single move. However, there were still some people who left quickly to call for help.

Luo Yunyang watched indifferently as Shen Yulang vented his frustration. He just stood on the sidelines silently and started to think.

“Stop, Shen Yulang! Where did you get the courage to beat up a fellow student? Stop it right now! Go to the isolation chamber!” a middle-aged man shouted at the wild Shen Yulang as he rushed over hastily.

When the bystanders watching this spectacle heard the middle-aged man’s shouts, none of them dared make a sound. They were afraid that, if they made any noise, the man would grab them.

Even Shen Yulang stopped immediately.

“Dean He, catch him! I want to break his bones and flay him! I want to bury him alive!” Qin Shang howled loudly the moment he saw the middle-aged man, who seemed like a savior to him.

The man glanced at the bruised, beaten Qin Shang and shouted loudly once again, “The lot of you, take Qin Shang to the Academy’s infirmary immediately. Use the best medicine! As for Shen Yulang… Detain him!”

“Dean He, Qin Shang was bullying others. Shen Yulang came to my rescue. You shouldn’t punish him!” The girl who had come running out when Shen Yulang had kicked open the door suddenly stepped forward bravely and tried to help Shen Yulang.

“Nonsense! I can see that you and Shen Yulang have conspired to plot against Qin Shang. Bring her to the isolation chamber as well. I have to interrogate her properly.” There was a flicker in the middle-aged man’s eyes as he glanced at the other students around him. “How many of you saw them beating up Qin Shang? Follow me to bear witness!”

Dean He’s pressuring gaze made most of the students lower their heads. A few students who were on good terms with Qin Shang stepped forward without delay.

“Shen Yulang attacked Senior Qin Shang sneakily. I saw Senior Qin Shang trying to heal Li Li before Shen Yulang attacked him.”

“I saw it too! Senior Qin Shang endured the beating without retaliating. Otherwise, how could Shen Yulang even hope to match Senior Qin Shang’s strength?”

“I saw it too!”

In just a moment, at least 10 students had started speaking. Their lively tone made it seem as if they were speaking out for justice.

Shen Yulang’s chubby body was shaking and the girl, whose name was Li Li, seemed to be at a loss. Although the other students didn’t speak up, judging from their expressions, they just weren’t able to.

“Continue! You were doing fine. Why did you stop?” Luo Yunyang said calmly, glancing at Shen Yulang.

Shen Yulang, who had been shaking with anger, finally came back to his senses. He now felt even more furious than before. He was just about to strike, when Dean He shouted loudly, “Let’s see if you dare!”

“Words cannot be taken back! I said so, so now he has to do it!” Luo Yunyang stared at Dean He as he said indifferently, “If you are still dissatisfied after this, I shall tear down this entire trashy school of yours!”