Supreme Uprising Chapter 151

Chapter 151: A Fist That Defeats 10,000 Techniques

As the dean of the Qitian Martial Academy, He Mingwu was a rather prominent figure in Chang'an City. Even the Consul of Chang'an City would greet him with a smile when they happened to cross paths.

However, he hadn't expected that the Qitian Martial Academy, which was He Mingwu's domain, would actually be tarnished by an unknown young man.

The young man had even threatened to tear down the Qitian Martial Academy!

This rampant unbridleness made He Mingwu really angry. He was the sort of man who would rather die than be humiliated. How could this young fellow make threats there?

"Who are you? How dare you behave atrociously at my academy!" He Mingwu pointed at Luo Yunyang as he bellowed furiously.

The two girls who had led Luo Yunyang to Shen Yulang were speechless. They hadn't expected that this fellow would actually be so silly.

Beating Qin Shang was not a big deal, but offending Dean He was!

"It's better if you don't know who I am!" Luo Yunyang folded his arms before he sized He Mingwu up and gestured with one hand. "I shall give you a chance to get away. I am a magnanimous person, but you better write off whatever just happened. Otherwise, you might end up wetting your pants!"

"Seize this deranged man!" He Mingwu roared when he saw that this young fellow became even more unbridled instead of showing some restraint.

As soon as he barked out these instructions, two martial masters rushed forward.

They were both teachers at the Qitian Martial Academy and trusted aides of He Mingwu, so when they saw their master become enraged, they rushed forward right away.

The two of them coordinated smoothly. One of them walked over and tried to grab Luo Yunyang's right hand, while the other one aimed at Luo Yunyang's left hand.

Luo Yunyang was able to sense four to five variations in the techniques the two men used.

An ordinary person would have no means of avoiding them, but unfortunately, the two martial masters had encountered Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang despised these sort of toadies that worked as accomplices for a villain, so he naturally wasn't polite. He just brandished his fists as he faced the two martial masters.

Grins formed on the faces of the two martial masters when they saw Luo Yunyang's hands. This young man was courting death!

The two of them were experts at capturing enemies and had worked together for many years. If this young fellow intended to take both of them on at once, then he had to have a really good sense of humor!

As the two of them were secretly snickering, Luo Yunyang's fists suddenly appeared before their eyes.

Before they could even think of how to evade the blow, Luo Yunyang's fists had already smashed into their faces and sent them flying.

Even though Luo Yunyang hadn't used any of his source powers, his strength was still more than enough to blow them away.

Everyone watching the fight was shocked, including He Mingwu, who had a clear understanding of the cultivation bases of his two subordinates. Although there was still a big gap between the two of them and He Mingwu, even if he tried, he wouldn't be able to beat both of them with just one strike.

Although this outcome had been caused in part due to his subordinates' arrogance, a martial master's reactions were still extremely quick. Even though the two men had underestimated their enemy at first, they should have still been able to redeem themselves quickly.

Would He Mingwu be able to beat this young man?

Never mind. Heroes knew when to bow and submit. Why would he go looking for trouble? As He Mingwu thought about this, the notion to surrender became stronger. Suddenly, he said calmly, "Based on the way you move, it seems like you are also someone with a high status. Aren't you afraid of making a fool of yourself by coming to the Qitian Martial Academy and causing trouble?"

Luo Yunyang moved a step closer to He Mingwu before he said disapprovingly, "Didn't you want to have me seized? Come on, come on... I shall grant you your request. Do it!"


He Mingwu had a slightly embarrassed expression on his face. As the Dean of the Qitian Martial Academy, it wasn't easy for him to stoop so low. Still, he had reached a compromise that would turn a big problem into a small one and a trivial matter into nothing. However, he hadn't expected that this fellow would be so shameless as to goad him into taking action!

He Mingwu's heart was filled with rage as he cursed Luo Yunyang silently. He was itching to walk up to him and give him a couple of slaps. Why was he so goddamn impudent?

Luo Yunyang's previous actions had made He Mingwu somewhat apprehensive. He believed that if he acted rashly, his odds of victory wouldn't be very high.

Who the hell was this unreasonable, irritating fellow? Regardless of who he was, He Mingwu wouldn't be kind to him that day!

"You asked for it, kid. Don't blame me for bullying the young!" He Mingwu took a deep breath, leapt up and charged towards Luo Yunyang. The instant his legs touched the ground, he sent 36 kicks in Luo Yunyang's direction.

Each of these 36 kicks contained a trace of water-based source power, so they were like a billowing tidal wave about to drown Luo Yunyang.

"It's Dean He's Raging-Wave Kick!" someone shouted excitedly.

The waves formed by the convergence of water shadows made the spectators feel like they were watching a stormy tide beating against the shore. Many people found this sight frightening.

Just as a number of people felt worried for Luo Yunyang, the boundless tidal wave suddenly vanished completely. All that was left behind was a fist.

A fist that belonged to Luo Yunyang!

This fist struck He Mingwu in the pit of his stomach and sent the first-rate martial master of the Qitian Martial Academy flying.

This time, Luo Yunyang didn't show any mercy. When He Mingwu hit the ground, Luo Yunyang's ice-based source power froze him into place.

Qin Shang and his comrades stared with open mouths as they watched everything happen. Never in their wildest dreams had they expected that the dean who backed them up would actually be beaten by this fellow in one move.

Luo Yunyang looked at the rigid He Mingyu on the floor as he dusted his hands with a satisfied smile. If he hadn't become a martial grandmaster, he would still have been able to defeat his opponent with one blow. However, he might have had to use a lot more effort and force.

Ever since his breakthrough, everything felt extremely sensitive. Luo Yunyang had been able to find quite a few loopholes in He Mingwu's technique the moment he had used it.

The sight of He Mingwu on the ground made everyone in the practice room go silent. Practically everyone was looking at Luo Yunyang in fear.

There were even some people who were recalling his words.

"So what if I tear down this trashy martial academy of yours?"

Just moments ago, everyone had believed that Luo Yunyang was nothing more than a deranged man shooting his mouth off. However, now that he had beaten so many people, they had no choice but to acknowledge his ability.

He Mingwu was finally able to move again after spitting out a mouthful of blood. "Hurry up and find the president. Someone is causing trouble at the Qitian Martial Academy!" he shouted angrily.

His words immediately woke up a lot of people, who found the words 'academy president' reassuring.

The strongest person at the Qitian Martial Academy wasn't He Mingwu, but the academy president, who ranked 3rd on the Earth List.

Although the academy president had not become a martial grandmaster yet, most people believed that he could rival a few weaker martial grandmasters.

Some people even used the term 'semi-martial grandmaster' to describe the academy president.

"You rank 10th on the Earth List, Yunyang. The academy president ranks 3rd. Are you sure you are up to this?" Shen Yulang whispered after quickly walking over to Luo Yunyang.

The president ranked 3rd on the Earth List?

Although Luo Yunyang had heard Teacher Xie speak about the Divine List, the Sky List and the Earth List, he didn't really have a clear understanding of the abilities the people on these lists possessed.

He had only gone to the Qitian Martial Academy to pay a visit to Shen Yulang, yet he was actually about to meet the 3rd in rank person on the Earth List. This was something Luo Yunyang had not expected.

Now that he was a martial grandmaster, he probably wouldn't be on the Earth List any longer.

"It's fine, he's just the 3rd in rank person on the Earth List." Luo Yunyang waved his hands around dismissively. "If this matter isn't handled today, I'll just take you away from this rotten place. It's not like you've made any good memories here!"

When Shen Yulang recalled his bitter experiences there, he nodded his head slowly. "Alright, I'll follow your lead."