Supreme Uprising Chapter 152

Chapter 152: The Divine Six-Star Fruit

Stalks of purple bamboo grew in the bamboo forest on the western side of the Qitian Martial Academy. Each stalk of bamboo was like a long spear, and the layers of bamboo leaves created a dense, stifling atmosphere.

If the sixth factor there was measured, the quantity would actually be comparable to the one at Base 7.

Inside the bamboo forest sat two middle-aged men. Between them was a pot of tea that emitted a cloud of smoke.

"New geniuses emerge every year!" the soldier-like, middle-aged man on the main seat said as he lifted his cup. "Challenging the Sky High Tiger King was rather ballsy."

Although the man seated across from him had a calm demeanor, when he heard these words, a flicker of loathing appeared in his eyes. "He is also arrogant, vicious and merciless!"

"I'm afraid that you don't know this, but Nie Xin has died. Do you know how he died? His entire life force was extracted from his body and he was left for dead! So young, yet so vicious... People like him don't live long!"

When the soldier-like, middle-aged man didn't reply, the other man added, "He still hasn't become a martial grandmaster!"

"A martial grandmaster state isn't easy to achieve." The middle-aged man sighed deeply before he asked, "The Nie Family won't let this go, right?"

"Definitely not. The martial grandmaster of the Nie Family was about to act, but Lu Qubing pressured him into standing back," the mild middle-aged man added dully. "The Nie Family has already offered a reward for Luo Yunyang's capture."

The soldier-like man's expression suddenly changed. The gaze he shot at his guest was a little cold.

He had obviously already guessed the reason behind the man's visit.

There wasn't even the slightest hint of fear in his guest's expression as he picked up his cup and sipped his tea nonchalantly.

"Did you really come over here just to have some tea?"

"Smart as always!" the calm man said with a laugh. "This time, I've come to persuade you into taking action."

"Don't you know what sort of person Luo Yunyang is? Let's not even mention his rising reputation. He is practically a hero in the 13 Eastern Cities. If Lu Qubing is there, I cannot afford to provoke him." The soldier-like man's voice sounded like a faint warning.

"I know, Brother Qi!" his guest smiled. "Although you haven't become a martial grandmaster yet, you must know that the entire Da Alliance was founded to fight the invasion of the source beasts."

"Even though there are some people in the 13 Eastern CIties who wholeheartedly want to uphold the alliance, their word carries no weight throughout the 13 Eastern Cities when it comes to certain things, such as the Martial God Mountain!"

When the soldier-like man heard the words 'Martial God Mountain', a glimmer of excitement and reverence appeared in his eyes.

Thanks to his status, he was respected throughout the 13 Eastern Cities. However, when he heard about the Martial God Mountain, the admiration he felt was sincere.

The other man continued talking calmly. "The reward is a Divine Six-Star Fruit and a ship ticket! If we join forces, you can have the Divine Six-Star Fruit and I'll get the ticket."

As the president of the Qitian Martial Academy, Qi Yunhao ranked 3rd on the Earth List. When he heard about the Divine Six-Star Fruit, his eyes glowed brightly.

"What are you saying? Is there really a Divine Six-Star Fruit? How is that possible? The Divine Six-Star Fruit appeared before the first apocalypse. How can there still be one now?" Qi Yunhao struggled to control his emotions. The Divine Six-Star Fruit was clearly extremely appealing to him.

"There aren't any more pre-apocalyptic Divine Six-Star Fruits. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any current ones." The man continued insipidly. "I'm afraid that a second apocalypse will take place soon."

"The previous one left our world ravaged. We still don't know what state we'll be in after the second apocalypse strikes! Perhaps the waves of source beasts that arrive will be able to destroy everything! That's why I have to get hold of an Ark Plan ship ticket."

Qi Yunhao took a deep breath before he said, "If there is really a Divine Six-Star Fruit on the table, then I will do it. If I have to give up everything I have achieved, then so be it!"

"Who can guarantee that the Nie Family has a Divine Six-Star Fruit, though?"

The calm man smiled faintly as he said, "I can guarantee it. The divine tree on the Martial God Mountain has produced 30 fruits. I have seen it with my own eyes, Brother Qi."

Qi Yunhao picked up his tea cup and took a sip. "The Martial God's disciple is indeed generous. I'll do it!"

"Ha ha ha! You are Brother Qi, indeed. If you had survived the apocalypse, then your achievements would have been even greater."

Qi Yunhao waved his hands around dismissively. "I'm only doing this for my own sake. The world has undergone some massive changes. How could one survive without becoming a martial grandmaster?"

"Although the Ark Plan is good, I am not ready to leave yet. I live alone, so my greatest pursuit lies in my own progress."

"I know that Luo Yunyang will die unjustly, but this is a kill-or-be-killed situation! That is the way of our world!"

The calm man nodded and said, "We have to act fast. Based on what I know, the 13 Shadow Wolves have already made their move. They want the Divine Six-Star Fruit for themselves."

While the two men were talking, Qi Yunhao's communication device suddenly started ringing. Although the middle-aged man didn't wish to be disturbed now, when he saw the number, he accepted the call.

"What's the matter?" Qi Yunhao didn't conceal his displeasure. He was actually like a god at the Qitian Martial Academy.

He was the core that everyone revolved around.

"Someone is causing trouble at the academy, President. Dean... Dean He has gotten injured," a bald middle-aged man who had appeared on the communication device's display said hurriedly.

When the screen cut to the practice room, the situation before Qi Yunhao's eyes was clear as day.

A cold glint flickered across his eyes as he saw He Mingwu lie on the ground, unable to move.

He had a very clear understanding of He Mingwu's cultivation base. Although he didn't think very highly of that suck-up, one still needed the master's permission in order to beat their dog! The Qitian Martial Academy and Qi Yunhao's dignity were on the line. If Qi Yunhao sat by idly and watched as somebody beat up his subordinate and deputy, then there would be no need to keep the Qitian Martial Academy up and running.

"Who is this?" Qi Yunhao asked suspiciously when he saw the calm, composed young man on the display.

Meanwhile, the man beside Qi Yunhao paused. Although he had not intended on getting involved in this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

There was a frenzied glow in his eyes now. Although he watched the scene through the display, he still exclaimed, "That's an Appearance-Changing Technique! This person is a telekinesis master. I'm not surprised that he dared cause trouble over there!"

Qi Yunhao snorted. He'd never liked telekinesis masters, so when he heard that a telekinesis master was causing trouble at the academy, he stood up immediately.

"That's not right. That's Luo Yunyang!" the calm man exclaimed, looking pleasantly surprised.